You asked it!

Hard to believe I am STILL not done answering your questions.
Okay, it's not really that hard to believe considering how long it takes me to get anything done! {grin}

So here we go...
a few more of your questions, answered!

Q: can you tell if your girls might be mirror-image twins or not?

A: I don't think so.... but we're not 100% sure. We thought their hair was parting in different directions but it didn't stay like that.

Q: You seem to be a supermom to me... Is your house ever messy? Are you ever behind with dishes? or laundry? or clutter?

A: Messy... YES
overflowing dishes... YES
piles and piles of laundry.... YES
clutter... YES

and that's OKAY! We {as in all of us} try to keep the house picked up and our {own} spaces neat and organized. But with all the motion going on in a house of eight it is IMPOSSIBLE to have to completely picked up all the time.

Q: How do you keep your energy up? Is it from your diet? And, if you do need a little extra push, what do you eat/drink/do?

A: Honestly, I am amazed that I DO have any energy left sometimes. Especially with my obvious lack of sleep! I KNOW -- because I can tell a difference when I don't eat well and take my vitamins -- that my diet DOES keep me going. And not just going but feeling GOOD.

When I am feeling run down I will go get a big glass of luke warm water, a handful of nuts and sit down for a few minutes. Nuts and fruit are great "pick me ups"... apples and peanut butter, banana and peanut butter or trail mix {sometimes with chocolate chips}

Q: I was wondering if your parents raised you similarly to how you are raising your kids (natural, no vaccines, etc)? If not, how do they feel about your lifestyle choices?

A: Ummmm... not really. I remember eating lucky charms, canned Campbell vegetable soup, hydrogenated peanut butter, cow milk, bagels and cream cheese, boxed foods, ect. We didn't eat a lot of junk food but it was definitely SAD {standard American diet}.

During my adolescent years my parents started becoming increasingly interested in healthier eating. I was already vegetarian and interested in a healthier lifestyle.

My parents are very supportive of the choices Paul and I make for our family. I think they would agree with me when I say they've learned quite a bit from me and have made changes in their own eating and lifestyle that has been very beneficial for them. I know my mom has said before that she wishes she had known what I know now about vaccines because she would have made different choices for me and my brothers. The same with soy, msg & dairy.

I hope my time spent learning has benefited more than just myself and my family... I think it has!

Whew! Only a few more to go!

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  1. I was raised the same way (received all the vaccines, took antibiotics frequently, ate a SAD diet) and I'm sure I'll spend the rest of my life trying to reverse the effects. I'm thankful I know better now so my kids don't have to start out their little lives with a bunch of junk filling their bodies.

    Thanks for sharing...I always enjoy these "you asked it" posts! :)


  2. Thank you for sharing these questions and answers. Even though I didn't ask the questions, I always enjoy reading the answers. I am interested in reading more about your "diet" since I have terribly low energy and only one child. God bless you for the energy you do have.

  3. A friend told me about your blog.....she is raising 7 children and enjoys reading about your life. First off, I completely respect the way you live your life and raise your children, but I did want to make a point about something. I am a product of the so-called "SAD" diet and I am extremely healthy. I just completed my 4th triathlon, work out almost every day, am raising 3 healthy kids under the age of 8 and enjoying life. Don't get me wrong, my kids don't eat Lucky Charms or McDonalds every day but we do enjoy these types of things. We also eat processed food on occasion AND milk AND cheese BUT we also eat tons of fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. I am a firm believer in enjoying things in moderation and I do not believe that enjoying Fruit Loops on occasion will hurt my children. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you are preaching that it will (I haven't read enough of your blog) but I do think it's important for people to realize that they can be healthy while still enjoying these types of things. My friend did tell me that you are great about being sure that people realize that what works for your family is just that and nothing more. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful family.

  4. Thanks for answering my question! Can't wait to read the rest of the Q&A's

  5. I always enjoy reading the answers, thank you.

  6. I love reading the Q & A's! I have a couple of questions...
    Are you still doing the no shampoo thing?
    Do you make your own hummus?

    We are moving to Minot, ND in July. I LOVE ND and can't wait to get back to the midwest.

    Thank you for your posts. You are so real.

  7. Love the Q & A! I have a question....
    What kind of vehicle do you haul around all of those prcious Kiddos in? We are ready to expand our family again, and I need ideas on larger vehicles!
    Thanks Brittany

  8. Q&A's are always fun :). Hope you all are having a great week!

  9. Your family is beautiful, and obviously loving and full of life and fun. Please tell me, what kind of evidence would you need to consider changing your mind about vaccinations? This is a serious question presented, I hope, in a non confrontational way.

  10. Interesting about the SAD diet remark, since campbells soup and lucky charms are about the last things I would use to characterize the American diet...I would stick with Apple pie :) But seriously, what I think defines the American diet (from what I've seen in traveling) is the amazing variety of food we eat. The access we have to just about every fruit and veggie, regardless of what is in season to us. And the fact that we eat the food of so many other nations...mmmm like the vietnamese pho I am eating right now.

    As for the vaccines, from talking with people that hold these practically religious views, I think the only thing that would change the opinion (other than one of their children contracting a preventable disease, which actually doesn't always change their views believe it or not!), would be to be a fly on the wall during an outbreak of an infectious disease in history that wiped out entire towns...or maybe watch Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. That's what I thought of today when my two month old got his polio vax. Not vaxing is a trend, and we all know what happens to trends.

    What really perplexes me about "natural living", is that there are 115 known elements on Earth. Everything on Earth is made up of 115 components. Why is it that when man advances his lifespan and quality of life with these 115 elements (with sunscreen, fluoride, vaccines for example), it is not considered natural? Are we, and our ability to use our brains to invent, problem solve, and advance our species, not "natural"?

    Maybe it is because I live in a very healthy area of the country, but I just don't see the SAD thing like you. Most people take good care of themselves and strive to be healthy.

    The one criticism I do have for us as a nation is the AMOUNT of food we eat, certainly not the quality.

  11. I love these closer glimpses into your life... Thanks! ;)

  12. I'm glad your mom didn't "know" what you know about vaccines, because you might not have survived to write this blog or produce those sweet children.

  13. To MAMA 2 THREE. I have a Honda MDX and I have twins and a singleton plus we are expecting triplets. It has heaps of room, can seat up to 8 or the seats fold into the floor. Was expensive but absolutely worth it. I had a BMW prior to that and really wanted the X5 but it just didn't compare in the features. Hope that helps. I find it really interesting what cars people have with multiples.

  14. Michelle M in KY9/25/09, 9:03 AM

    Do you have previous posts about vaccines? My husband and I have twins as well, and also a singleton. We've struggled with this decision about the pros and cons of vaccines for some time now. I was just wondering your take on it and what research you've done. Would love to read it.

  15. To Michelle M in KY:
    My suggestion would be to watch this video by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny called: "Vaccines: The risks, the benefits, the choices."

    It was a couple of hours, but walked through each vaccine and gave a ton of helpful info.
    Here is the link to watch it on google video:


    It really helped us make our decision (which was to discontinue vaccinations though that is not necessarily what she advocates. Her goal is to empower you with information so your decision is not based on fear but on facts.) She used to the head of an ER and very pro vax but has changed her position with all her research.

    Best of luck!


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