these shoes

{many} of you have asked about Ozzie's shoes....

and since these shoes have 'got to be' my FAVORITE shoes Ozzie has {ever} worn.

I thought they deserved an entire post of their own....

and since I recently took these pictures of Ozzie walking in his shoes.

...Just because I ADORE them {on Ozzie} that much! {grin}

{so} where did the shoes come from?

the same place as these adorable yellow shoes of the girls

...See Kai Run

After 4 boys and tons of shoes I can honestly say...

these {shoes} ROCK!

Ozzie has worn them EVERYWHERE
...they've been muddy
...wading in the water
...scuffed through gravel through the mud

AND they STILL look practically new!

Okay, I'll get off my shoe soapbox...
I'm just sayin' WE LOVE See Kai Run shoes!

and considering how many of you asked about Ozzie's shoes...
I think you LOVE them too! {grin}


oh... and just a little {helpful} tip
if you go to SEE KAI RUN
at the bottom of the page you can sign up for their email list...
and then you'll get to see their newest styles first AND their special sales! {grin}
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  1. I would recognize See Kai Run anywhere, I think....I love, love, LOVE them......I was so sad when TigerBoy grew out of them....he didn't stay in toddler boy sizes very long, tall and big feet that he is.......

    They are the best!

  2. I knew they were See Kai Run shoes at 1st site. I have quite a few pairs of See Kai Run shoes for my little one. You are right, they do hold up VERY well! Have to be my favorite shoes.

  3. Cooper has those exact same shoes. He has worn them everywhere and gets compliments everywhere we go. I was so disappointed when we lost one half of the pair a couple of weeks ago.

  4. I have 3 pairs of see kai run shoes that were Calebs.

    1 sandal. The sandals held up better than the shoes. My boys both drag their toes when they walk.. and Caleb wore a big hole into the front of one set of his shoes :( my fav set 2.. so those i tossed.. the other set are really scuffed up (they were a cream color). But the brown sandals look adorable as ever...

    Taite wears them now and calls them his "David Shoes" HAHA because they look like the sandals David wore in the David and goliath movie they have.

  5. you know I love me some feet/shoes photos! I have not commented for a while ( bean issues haha) but wanted to say I hope all is going ok for you and your family, and that I think you are an awesome mummy and photographer(of course)... LOVED the girls walking shots! AMAZING:)

  6. Those are darn cute..wish I had a baby or little one to wear them..

  7. So cute! :) It's awesome to find something sooo good looking, that actually does it's job too! Yay for shoes!

  8. Awww...Z...miss that little guy. :)

  9. Those are great. Did you see the ones called Eliza? We may have to try them.

    It is nice to see you posting again. Hope that things are looking up for you guys.Keeping you in our prayers.

  10. We love See Kai Run shoes. They were the only shoes my Ella could feet her extra yummy fat feet into. Love. Love.. Love them.


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