I don't want to say it...
but I must.

My baby girls are ELEVEN months old!

I could sit and whine about how I don't want them to be ELEVEN months old already.
but I won't.

Instead I'll tell you all about my ELEVEN month girls
and share these ADORABLE pictures!

{Eliza & Nolia}
.you both.

wave bye-bye backwards
stand up on your own {anywhere}
walk along tables and walls
ni-ni {night-night}
nana {banana}
maa {more}
ning-ning {nolia}
lee-lee {eliza}
brub-brub {brothers}
eat any fruit or veggie & a few beans
6 teeth with 2 more coming through still
take one long {2-3 hour} mid-morning nap
one short {1 hour} late afternoon nap
starting to drop your late nap
nurse every 3 hours
still nurse at the same time 90% of the time
occasionally drink water from sippy cup
prefer water from a regular cup
hair is growing and curling by the day
{although the curls are hard to see in photos}
bright blue eyes
softest pink lips
outgrown your yellow see kai run 6-9 month shoes
still wear your pediped 6-12 month shoes
wake up 1-2 times a night
sleep in the same crib
make each other giggle
jump and giggle like crazy at your brothers
wearing 12-18 & 18-24 month clothes
can still wear 6-12 month dresses
weigh 22 1/2 pounds
pull each others hair flowers out {but not your own}
LOVE your maracas, chickabiddy babies & sassy telephones
dance to music
ride in big girl britax carseats
have taken 2 steps without holding on
will walk while holding brothers hands
love going for stroller rides
love being worn
can still fit in the same swing {barely}
usually take 2 baths a day {after breakfast & after dinner}
crawl like this
sit-stand-lay in the exact same position sometimes
very content and smiley {at everyone}
go play with your brothers first thing in the morning
love seeing animals
love holding {pulling} moms hair... especially while nursing
go everywhere with mama
are the most beautiful, precious, adorable girls ever!

started waving bye-bye backwards first
can be a little leary of bath time
can crawl faster than Nolia
have curls one day and not the next
have super curly hair after your bath but then lots of the curls lay down
usually fall asleep first
dainty smile
have a different laugh {but I can't explain it}
dad says you giggle
have a softer yell
squirm with excitement when we drive on the gator
yourself to sleep

started saying bye-bye first
love splashing in the bath tub
have big soft ringlets all over your head {more than your sister}
and it's super curly after your bath
took your first step a few days before your sister
seem to want to walk a little more than Liza
make the most adorable puckered lips face
while saying 'ooooooooooh'
are a little harder to put to sleep at night
wide open mouth smile
have a different laugh {but I can't explain it}
dad says you belly laugh
like to yell "ahhhhh" & "eaaaaaa"

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  1. Your girls are beautiful! As a mom to a 10 month old boy, I know 1 is coming soon! I mostly love to hear about what your girls say. My son is deaf so he doesn't say anything and I love to think about where he should be and what he will be saying after his surgery! Brittany, I don't know how you got to be such a blogging queen, but you are fabulous and I enjoy reading about your family.

    God bless,

  2. My baby girl just turned 11 months yesterday! She is walking too, I love watching little one's walk!


  3. They are so adorable!

    I have always thought having identical twin girls would be fun, but you have me more convinced than ever!

  4. Oh my gosh....They are getting so big!!!! I absolutely LOVE how they say each other's names...that is the sweetest things I have ever heard!!

  5. Oh my Brittany they are so cute!

    You are so blessed and I am glad you know it.

  6. I can't get over how fast the time has flown...it seems like no time ago that you just found out you had TWO in there! :-)

    What great pics, Britt. They are beautiful, as usual!

  7. Adorable... sad they grow so quickly isn't it?

  8. They are both sooooo adorable. I'm going to do the same 'list' type-of-thing for my daughter's upcoming 1st birthday.... that is, as long as you don't mind that I stole the idea from you!!! Thank you!!!

  9. Wow, time is going so fast! They are so adorable!

  10. their curls just make me smile! oh they are too adorable for words!!

    i cannot believe it's been 11 months already. time sure does fly!

    love these posts!

  11. You are blessed.. They are so adorable and I love looking at pictures of them! 11 months old already!! Time flies!

  12. So sweet! Did I say that last time?
    Well, they are!

    Love the pictures that you took of your girls also. : )

  13. They are so amazing. I waffle back and forth on whether I would want twins or not. :) Of course, every time I visit here, I want a set! :) My baby is 11 months also, but not for much longer. He will turn 1 on the 12th (only a week away)! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a nurser who still wakes up 1 or 2 (or 3) time during the night at 11 months. I thought something was wrong. I guess 'cause this is the first time. My other babies were weaned long before now, with the exception of my first 3, but that's a long story. :) The ones that weaned early were because I was expecting the next one. Now I'm getting a long break again.

  14. Oh my you have the most beautiful little girlies....they are SO cute, by the pictures, they look like they light up the room when they smile. Enjoy them, my baby girl is 8 years and it goes by SO fast!

  15. Gosh they are cute. Ok, please tell me your secrets of sleep. My daughter is almost 11 months and takes 1 30 minute nap a day and doesn't sleep well at night either. Any tips??

  16. Your girls are SO gorgeous! :)

  17. They are precious beyond words! I'd love to see my 11 1/2 month old little man sandwiched between your cuties! :) One is coming soon for both of us... Sniff. Sniff.

  18. Oh they are just getting more adorable each day......are they still very identical?? I'm only asking because I'm a mere few months behind you & ours seem harder to tell apart the older they are getting. What do you think??

    Susan :):)

  19. Happy 11 months girls, you are beautiful.

    My baby is 15 months old and I'm with you, I don't want to say it, but I will celebrate it! Thank God for His precious gift of children.

    Kimberly - Momma of 9

  20. I can't belive it was a year ago that I was making Vance and Gavin's beds upstairs and heard the phone ring and McSarah scream! I ran down worried, but the grin on her and Sarah L's face said it all!!!
    So sad that I"ll miss their birthdays...I'll bake them mini-cakes when you come home! :-)

  21. I just found your blog. It's lovely. I have two toddlers - a 15 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. It all goes by too quickly.

  22. They are just too adorable for words! I love your blog!

  23. They speak so much! My boys had a couple of words in their vocabulary at that age, but my girlie is 9 months old and doesn't even babble. Only coos. So she'll be my baby for longer. ;)

    Your girlies got so big. They are taking on a toddler look already. The baby faces are melting away. :)

  24. They are just too sweet! I love their curls and grins and sweet cheeks! My baby turns one on Sunday. I am so sad. I don't like this growing up bit at all. It's time for another! lol

  25. They are adorable. Your pictures really catch their blue eyes.

  26. They are beautiful! Happy 11 months Ning-Ning and Lee-Lee! (So cute!)

  27. Just warms my heart to no end to see their sweet faces! I just love the photos! How do you get the photos so clear up close?? They are just beautiful!!! Happy Day!

  28. They are SO beautiful Brittany! Thank you for the update on them and their beautiful photos. I can't believe it's almost a year since they were born. Wow.

  29. they are so adorable. it is amazing how quickly the months pass by. so thankful to have the perspective to cherish each and every one....and i know you have the same. what a blessing.

  30. The Girls are so ADORABLE!!! These pictures are so great! It's hard to believe that they are 11 months old already! HaPpY 11 MoNthS!!!

  31. Oh my word, girl! How do you not just gobble them up everyday?!?! Oh wait! I bet you do! :) I thinkg they look just like you ~ I think it's high time you post a baby picture of yourself to prove it!! haha!


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