Spectacular Sunset Saturday

...wouldn't you agree?!

What a great way to end a super enjoyable day!

We went to church
had potluck
had a water balloon fight
played with Ertle the Turtle
took a nap
enjoyed time with Grandma & Grandpa
gatored around the farm
took pictures
and enjoyed a spectacular sunset!

What did YOU do today?
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  1. The sunset is SO BEAUTIFUL Brittany! I worked out, took grandma to lunch, blogged, looked at books at the library, and cooked dinner! We are staying out of the TX heat today :0

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! We spent a lovely day at my inlaws today... playing outside and eating wonderfully yummy food :)

  3. Very pretty!

    I love your pictures :)

  4. That is just breath taking!

    I cleaned and organized...how exciting. :}

  5. Hey Brittany, i've never commented before, but i'm just loving your blog too much now so I have to!

    Your pics are just too gorgeous - just brilliant!

    Today I... rode my bike into the city, went shopping, changed £500 GBP into $USD & packed for 2 weeks in beautiful Wisconsin. Then I went out to lunch, came home, had a nap, got ready, went on a hen party, on to a bar came home, made up the bed with fresh linens, & logged on to your blog!


  6. very nice. we had a nice breakfast, went to church, had a picnic lunch with friends ... and hiding away from the heat :)

  7. That sunset picture is beautiful!! I got my son's one year old pictures today, went out to eat with my parents, went to the Air Show in town, and am now relaxing. Gearing up for another fun filled day tomorrow!!

  8. Beautiful sunset.

    Spent the day playing with the girls. Craziness as usual.

  9. Awesome sunset! Let's see the boys "painted the deck" with water and then we washed their Jeep. Took Daddy lunch at his job. Played with their water toy in the front yard. The boys took naps, while I made cards with my SIL and then we drove around a bit and ended up seeing Daddy again. Busy day!

  10. What awesome colors in the sunset! Today was my daughter's 5th birthday! We enjoyed and afternoon at the zoo! :)

  11. beautiful


    slept late
    went to a party
    played with friends
    ate hot dogs
    had ice cream outside
    played until the bugs attacked
    played with our train tracks
    did some puzzles
    and now we are donning our PJs brushing our teeth and saying goodnight...

    Good night

  12. I had a lovely day and did lovely things like eat tart blueberries off our two whiskey barrel blueberry bushes...and that's a lovely sunset.

  13. A fabulous ending (and shot) to a fabulous day!

  14. Glad you had a great time! I went out and enjoyed the day with my babies and siblings. Along with the dogs. We stayed at home but still had quite a bit of fun.

  15. We enjoyed a lovely day of rest with our family. Unfortunately, we completely missed church (everyone overslept), but my husband's parents, sister and BIL are in town, so we had them over for lunch and into the evening. And, just now, we made popcorn the old-fashioned way...on the stove! The sunset is beautiful!

  16. So pretty!

    We are at the beach again this weekend. We laid on the beach all day. We celebrated Caroline's 3rd birthday with my family tonight. We ate fresh fish, fresh peas, fresh corn, homemade french fries, mac and mayo, and glop (tomatoes, onions and cucumbers mixed with mayo). It was super delicious.

  17. WOW what an amazing site! We just came in from a nice bon fire with some neighbors :)

  18. Another GORGEOUS picture, Brittany!

    We had a full and wonderful day today.
    -We all slept in as we didn't get home until 3 AM. We were 2 hours away from home last night for a church service at family camp.

    -Hubby & I went to return some movies and to pick up our daughter's Sweet 16 present for next weekend. {Yay!}

    -The family went to Extreme Pita for a delicious lunch complete with garlic pita chips and hummus. {Yummy!}

    -We ran off to the pet store and fell in love with a cute black and white Boston Terrier and a soft grey kitten with blue eyes. We left with sad, sullen faces, including mine, but no animals.

    -Off to the splash pad which wasn't full of water as something was broken so we modified...playground fun and family football.

    -It was a hot day so we went to the ice cream hut to cool off with cones and slushes {sorry, yes, we had dairy - grimace} Kidding.

    -I got groceries and ended the day with a Disney movie called Princess Protection Program with 2 kids, a teenager and 2 parents topped with a fluffy cat on 1 couch.

    -After we peeled ourselves free from that tangled mess {grin} we sang "I lve you a bushel and a peck" to our 2 younger kids and are currently sittig down to mellow out just a bit, as I try to think of what I am going to teach my children's church kids on Friday.

    -I love my life as full and busy as it is...I can't wait to stay home with my kids as a part time SAHM in the fall! Praying for that to happen and we are in between amen and there it is currently.

    Whew, that's a lot

  19. Lovely picture!!

    woke up a bit late with the kids,
    had breakfast with them ,
    did some laundry,
    read and took a break (heat today was unbearable 41 degree!!)
    folded clothes
    made lunch
    played with the kids snap
    had a nap
    got bags ready for beach
    cooled down in the mediterranean sea (now that was refreshing!)
    kids played on the beach with friends,
    we had dips and drinks and watermelon,
    kids swam until 10.30pm.
    came home, everyone showered,
    me and hubby had to transfer kids in the sitting room were the aircondition is as their room was toooooooo hot!!!
    now me already up on sunday morning and kids are still sleeping on the mattress in the sitting room......... me I soon need some coffee :) have a good and blessed Sunday x

  20. I think that is one of the MOST beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen!

    Today (well, really yesterday) I had some mommy time this morning and got a pedicure. Then I went out with the kids to deliver some prints and pick up a birthday present for a party this afternoon. Photographed a 1 year olds birthday party. Came home dog tired and headed to bed!

  21. 5 months pregnant with #6 and I sanded our bedroom floor. It was HARD work, let me tell you.

    Beautiful sunset. So glad you are enjoying your vacation.


  22. That's beautiful!
    We're still enjoying time with Grandma and Grandpa too! And we had a family picnic Saturday.....got to see family I haven't seen for far too many years.....

  23. The sunset was beautiful, a true picture from up above. On Saturday I along with my dear friend Ginger that is the trips OT took the trio to a blueberry patch and spent a couple of hours picking just over 24 pounds of blueberries, then we played outside, took a bath and spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa and took a nap. We had a great day together. Daddy took care of the lawn and lunch while Mama and babies had fun:)

  24. ooh..beautiful picture!

    Church on Saturday?

    Sounds like a fun day!

    Let's see, last Saturday we were at a Family Reunion all day long in the wonderful sun, on the beach. Ate too much, watched all the kids play in the water and then around 7 pm thunderheads moved in. We had a little lightening show across the water!

    Got home around 9 pm and put the kids to bed. (they were exhausted!)

    Philip and I then sat on the porch and tried to stay cool while watching the sky some more.... : )


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