the freedom to get
every boys dream

Gavin had a blast helping dad service one of the semi trucks...
it was no problem at ALL in his eyes that he has completely covered his church shirt in oil, dirt & grease.

oh BOY, oh BOY, oh dirty dirty BOY!

I could have been MAD... but just look at the joy and satisfaction on his face!
Who can be mad at that! {grin}

...But I think I am going to start setting their NICE clothes out of reach. You know... so we don't ruin EVERY piece of clothing we brought along! {grin}
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  1. I LOVE your blog!!!! My son still loves dirt and he's 14 LOL
    God bless you guys, keep blogging!

  2. That's boys for you...
    Its lovely how they dont mind being dirty compared to girls who dislike it so...

  3. dawn dish soap might get that out! my brother was the same way.

  4. not a bad plan. but you gotta love a guy who wants to look nice, no matter what he's up to!
    i remember when my mom used to put out "play clothes" as opposed to our nice clothes.
    moms, you know, are the voice of reason. we have to think of everything!!

  5. Not just boys! My little girl loves all things messy and I just try and take a deep breath, change her clothes once again,and keep on going!


    I am really enjoying your family stories,

  6. I blogged just the other day about my four year old little man cutting down trees with his dad. They love working with their dads, don't they? I am also doing a series of posts on how my family homeschools. I have 7 children ages 25 down to 9 months and two grandsons as well. We have been homeschooling since 1988 and have many more years to go, PTL!


  7. I was going to suggest trying blue Dawn dish soap too. How it rates on toxicity levels, I have no idea, but the stuff works pretty well on dirt and grease stains (any type of protein stain, really). Another trick I use is hydrogen peroxide, which works really well on blood, berry, and juice stains!

  8. Hey, you want to mail me that shirt so I can clean it for you? LOL! Love you, Gavin! xoxoxo

  9. Alright, seriously...I love these pictures!! So cute!!

  10. I'm a mom and a kindergarten teacher who LOVES dirt...good for you in sharing this FUN, educational and cheap natural resource for children! Now, just add water!

  11. These pictures are so cute! There's just something about dirt that makes little boys sooo happy! He looks like he was in his glory! I just posted a dirt/mud post on my blog about my boys too. The clean up is not always fun, but seeing how much they enjoy it makes it worth it!

  12. LOVE your blog!! You have a beautiful family! Would love for you to check out my very new blog in your "free time" ;)

    all for Him,

  13. Coooooool.....you gotta give in to the dirt don't you..... :)

  14. He luvs them dirty Hands ALL boys do LOL he's such a boy luv the smile

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    C U THEN


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