oh, the curls...

they're just curls
but oh, how they make me smile
my girls are going to have my curls
and I LOVE that!


the curls are a bit hard to photograph
I think it has something to do with the girls always moving....
unless they are sleeping. {grin}
But i'll keep trying!

Until then... you can see the curls I'm talking about can't you!?!
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  1. love it!! I am hoping that my little baldy has her daddies curls!!

  2. So sweet! Just confirms I want one now!!

  3. My brother has a head of gorgeous curls that I hope my children would get. But alas my two kiddos have very straight hair.
    LOVE. the. curls.

  4. Wow, those are some serious curls for a little girl! So sweet.

  5. precious curls..can't wait to see some ringlets!
    love and blessings~erin

  6. Their hair is growing SO fast! They look like they'll be beautiful big ringlets.

    Have you ever blogged about how you care for your kid's hair? I'd love to know what brands you use for them and how often. I feel like Julia is going to be a teenager before I figure out how to care for her curls.

  7. Oh....I love curls!!!

  8. oh how cute!! Cant wait to see more :)

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  10. Pretty pretty!

    I have ringlets and uncontrollability upon my head today too. That's what happens when the degree-mark hits almost 100. Poof!!

  11. i heart curls!

    they are just such cuties!!

  12. Love baby curls! My Emmy has a mountain of them coming in. I just love to twirl my finger in her ringlets.

  13. I think it would be SOOO great if I had a curly-headed baby! Enjoy them for me, ok?!? :)

  14. Oh I see them...and they are oh.so.cute!

  15. I'm a redhead with curls (more wavy but who cares *smile) as well and I'm praying God gives me children with my head of hair! Love it!

  16. i can tell! what fun you will have with their hair as it grows :)

    my toddler has curls and they are so hard to really capture in a photo. i've been trying but she always ends up looking like a mad scientist! my hubby, son and i all have straight hair so i'm guessing her curls won't last once they are cut but is sure is sooo darling for now!!


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