You asked it!

Q: Did you have fertility help or IVF for the twins conception?

A: Nope! Identical twins are one egg that splits.

Q: Do you have stretchmarks?

A: Is that what those are? Oh yeah, I have stretchmarks... all from my first though. The other 5 have left minimal marks {on my tummy that is}. They used to really bother me, but they are so faded now...

Q: What does a post-6-babies tummy look like?

A: Aside from stretchmarks, the girls really stretched my skin out and it is not going back as nicely as I would have hoped. But they're worth it! {grin}

Q: HOW ARE YOU since the car accident??? Are you feeling like yourself again?
Q: how are you feeling since your accident? I see you are wearing both babies, is your back better or are you just not letting it stop you?

A: I am much better, thank you for asking. I DO still have daily pain in my chest... my sternum, ribs, clavicle & back are not completely healed. I am one that ignores the pain and keeps on going though. It's what I know how to do. And even if it hurts I WILL NOT miss out of wearing my babies or picking up my toddler. I have heard that it can take over a year to heal a sternum, and broken ribs will continue to go out forever. I wish the accident hadn't of happened, but it did, and it is part of my life now.

Q: whats your favorite item of clothing?

A: Oh, my palazo pants... I LOVE them. They are my friend! {grin} I also love my Tilly tanks. And no I was not paid or given anything to link to them. I simply LOVE their tanks!

Q: favorite color?

A: I LOVE color! All color! My favorite are color combos... bright green/turquoise blue, orange/hot pink, white/yellow and lots of colors in between!

Q: wolly socks: yeay or nay?

A: Socks? I don't wear socks! {gasp} I am usually wearing flip flops, flats, heels or slippers.

Q: what is your least favorite chore in/out of the house?

A: I don't mind cleaning up the kitchen... but after the 10th time of the day I'm a bit sick of it!

Q: if you could visit 1 state & 1 country which state&country would you chose and why?

A: I would love to visit Washington, it is so beautiful and I would love to meet some friends out there. {grin} I would love to travel through Ireland, the landscape is spectacular and feels so peaceful. But really... I would love to travel LOTS of places and hope to, with our children, someday.

Q: Where did you get your green dress that you posted with the baby poop on it?

A: It's a swim suit cover up from Target, but I didn't care, I just loved the color too much!

Q: You also mentioned last time you did this that you don't wash your hair for a week at a time. You've inspired me to go a few days between washings and I really like it. My hair isn't curly like yours (but it is red) and I wonder if you ever have grease or flakes to deal with.
Q: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear more about your hair care, including PRODUCTS. I have red but pin straight hair. I tried the no washing thing for a few weeks (weaned into it with every other day) and I was a big greaseball. Any advice for hair products would be wonderful.
Q: What product do you use in that gorgeous hair? I have the same type of hair as you and style too so I would love to know what you use!

A: Thank you! I actually go longer than a week {gasp}, although I did start out going a few days, then a week, then longer between washings. I do however rinse my hair in the shower and once a week I soak my hair ends in apple cider vinegar. That tip is thanks to mrs. boo radley. {grin} It can take your body a while to readjust it's oil production that causes the grease and flakes.

As for products... I use Avalon or Burts Bees Shampoo probably twice a month, potion 9 leave in conditioner once a month and apple cider vinegar once a week. I use Suave naturals mousse too. I avoid any mousse with alcohol and suave is cheap and works great. Although it doesn't rate too good on toxic levels. :(

Q: How did you and Paul meet? What's the glue that holds you together (other than kids and faith)?

A: We met in High School, he was dating my best friend. But I didn't break them up, and he didn't cheat. {grin} As for our glue...We're one! I was created as his perfect mate. We completely get each other and we enjoy a lot of the same things and truly enjoy each others company. He is my best friend and I am his.

Q: And my biggest curiosity - where do you find the time? I have two children (9 months and 3 years), a blog, and a house. Maybe I'm just lazy and you're super mom but I can't for the life of me keep up. I'm always doing laundry, dishes, changing diapers, reading stories, writing posts and my place is still a disaster. How do you do it? Do you sleep? You're the most active mom I know and you seem to have it all under control. I know that we all post the great pictures, where everyone smiles, and no one has perfect children that never back talk but yours seem so story book. Really - what's your secret!?

A: Well thanks! but I'm not super mom. I can do what I do only because of God. It is true that we post the best pictures, although I do try to keep it real. {grin} My life is sometimes messy, crazy, loud, stressful & everything in between. Where I am at in my life, with everything I am responsible for and held accountable for, I can not focus on the negative. This blog is a story book... it is our families story book.

Another one of my favorite verses that goes along with this is...

Philippians 4:8
whatever is true, whatever is worthy of respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if something is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things.

So out with the bad thoughts of stress, worry and fear. Leave those behind and focus on the good and goodness will spread.

I hope that came across right... sometimes I just can't find the right words.

Q: What does it feel like to allow your mind to focus on your children?

A: Absolutely wonderful! To just be with my kids is an amazing blessing. It's so wonderful it makes me wish that I never had anything else to do other than be with my family.

Q: how the heck are u able to look so great after 6 kids?! lol thats all I am wondering. (Im guessing chasing 6 kids around is more than enough exercise!) But anything else u do?
How on earth are you so skinny? I have two kids and work out daily and still struggle.

A: ha! Well thank you! Besides being very active with kids and housework I would like to believe that what I put in my body makes a huge impact as well.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do alone with your husband?!

A: I cherish the time we spend together just hanging out, talking, laughing and enjoying each others company. And that... we can do anywhere.

Q: Do you sew/knit/ scrapbook...basically any crafty things?

A: I love to sew although I haven't done it in a while... I used to make embellished clothing for a boutique ebay group. It was fun while it lasted but I couldn't keep up with that and being mama! I love art, I love creating art in all shapes and forms. In the house, on the wall, in what I wear, with photography, ect. I also love stained glass and would love to learn how to knit.

Q: And just for the sake of it,do you like skittles? :)

A: They're okay... I'll eat a few but I prefer chocolate. {grin}

Q: You look about my age but I'm bad with ages, you are probably younger! So my question is how old were you when you had your first son?

A: 18 1/2

Q: what is your day to day outfit?

A: some form of stretch pants {palazo, yoga, gaucho}, tank & layering sweaters. I also like flowing tops.

Q: what do you wear when going out with your husband? i know you mentioned you don't like wearing what everyone else is wearing.

A: Something fun! Wide leg pants, heels, bright funky jewelry.

Q: any favorite jewelry?

I am not a diamond girl... I LOVE pearls. I have a favorite pair of pearl earrings. Other than that and my wedding ring {which looks just like my grandmas} I love bright fun necklaces, earrings and bracelets!

Q: favorite place to vacation with AND without the kids?

A: Not sure... we could have fun anywhere!

Q: i've seen in a couple posts you've mentioned your "2 dads" did you mean your dad and your father in law?

A: If you count my father in law I actually have 3 dads. What a lucky girl I am! My mom and step dad married when I was 5.

Q: are you planning on living where you are indefinitely?

A: Ummmm, probably not!

Q: Do you really grin and giggle as much as you type it?

A: I think so! Let me ask hubby......... yes I do! {grin}

Q: I remember the last time you did this you revealed your age and I remember thinking how young you are. It amazes me that you are so strong in your convictions (especially with diet) and you're so well researched. Do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing?

A: No. I know I make mistakes and get things wrong... all the time. I am constantly learning and I hope I never stop! But I believe in what I am doing and feel confident with God on my side.

Q: Do you ever wish you could have a career?

A: I do have a career... and it is the best career in the world. God sure knew what he was doing when he planned my life! But no, I never wish I had another career.

Q: Do you worry about Ozzie not being looked after as well as you would look after him, when he goes away for weeks?

A: That is the longest Ozzie has ever been gone, and no I did not worry about him one bit. He was in his fathers very loving hands. Ozzie and Dad are very close too so I knew he would be fine.

Q: Do you worry about your husband being faithful?

A: Hmmmm... a little personal. But, I'll share. Only because I hope it will encourage some of you.

I used to worry, for no good reason, I would worry if he didn't answer his phone or if he was working late. And it was emotionally consuming, it was the devil putting fear into my heart and it wasn't right. It has taken some time but I have learned to give over that fear and know that we are meant to be together and we will always be faithful to each other.

Q: Do you ever wake up in the morning and just feel like you can't face the day with all those kids to feed and so much housework?

A: When I haven't slept good I will wake up and want to go back to sleep, but not because I feel like I can't face the day to day life. I truly do enjoy my life... and that is not something that we can do on our own. But God can give you that peace, that love and joy that we all crave. Without God I am certain I would feel like I couldn't face the day.

Okay.... round 2 complete! Many Many more to go!


  1. Hey thanks for writing this post and answering questions and being honest! I love your blog and read it daily!! :)

  2. Wow....God is so amazing, you totally touched on something that I am struggling with right now and totally "spoke to me"
    Thanks for all the Q&A

  3. I didn't think of any questions to ask but I really enjoyed reading all of them! I love the beauty of 'just being a mom' (LOL). It is the best JOB one can have! I enjoy your blog!

  4. "Well thanks! but I'm not super mom. I can do what I do only because of God."

    My already-high opinion of you just got even higher! There are so many people these days that think that everything they do and accomplish is solely their doing and they don't even pause to think that the credit doesn't go to them, it goes to The One who allowed and caused these great things to happen to and for them.

    You're a strong, wonderful, and inspirational woman. I'm so glad I found your blog! (And your kids, especially the girls, are all absolutely PRECIOUS!)

  5. Thank you Brittany for taking the time to do this for your readers! You are awesome!! Really!!!

    I tried to stop washing my hair everyday but it gets so gross that I dont feel ok with it! :( I know it would be better for my hair and skin!

    Habe a great weekend!!

  6. This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful answers with us all.

  7. You are a STUD for answering ALL those questions you receive.

    I have a shampoo/conditioner recommendation for those that asked: EO from Henry's, or
    I have thin hair that gets split ends so easily. I wash every other day, and my hair isn't greasy w/this shampoo. This is THE BEST shampoo I've ever used (and I've bought pretty much everthing from all price ranges)!

  8. You are a STUD for answering ALL those questions you receive.

    I have a shampoo/conditioner recommendation for those that asked: EO from Henry's, or
    I have thin hair that gets split ends so easily. I wash every other day, and my hair isn't greasy w/this shampoo. This is THE BEST shampoo I've ever used (and I've bought pretty much everthing from all price ranges)!

  9. Question: how do you get your babies and toddlers to sleep and sleep so long/well? do you practice gentle parenting or do your kids have to "cry it out"?

  10. I never wear socks either :)


  11. part of me wishes you were right here as i read these so i could comment with each one :)

    first off love the orange and pink thing... i live in WA so i like to think it is worth seeing ...

    this hair ends in apple cider... must take picture next time... what does that do???

  12. I can't stand wearing socks and it gets to -45 celsius here!

  13. Brittany, I admit that I was somewhat surprised to read the question regarding your husband being faithful.I am young and have only been married for 2 1/2 years, but I have already learned that marriage needs trust. My husband and I made vows to each other and when we said "as long as I have life", we meant it. I don't think a lot of people think of it that way. The Bible says to "let your yes be yes and your no be no." I'm glad to see another couple who married so young and are still together! My husband and I married when I was 19 and he was 20. People told us we were too young. We now have two boys and a baby on the way! And we couldn't be happier for the way God has blessed us! Thank you for sharing your personal answer!

  14. I hate socks and wear them only if I am skiing or going to bed with cold feet! I loved your answers and have really learned a lot from the asked it posts. Not necessarily about you, but it has made me examine myself. Sound weird? But true!

  15. Thanks for all those answers! This is fun getting to know you better!

  16. wow, your candid answers have inspired me and given me hope. Thank you.

  17. My dh and I married almost 26 years ago at the ripe old ages of 19 and 20. We have 7 children and 2 grands now. Our baby is 8 months old. The two grands are 23 months and 3 months.

  18. wow..i feel like i could've written a lot of that. thankful to hear another optimistic, Christian, young mom of several young children that loves to find joy in every situation1!!
    thanks for sharing

  19. Brittany: I am having a 300th post give-a-way this coming week for a jewelry gift certificate! Not sure if you are interested but would love to see you or others have a chance at winning!

  20. I have a question...I am sure it has been asked, but how do you discipline?

  21. Thank you! Reading your blog makes me a stronger and better mom :-)

  22. Thanks for sharing. I agree that marriage is based on trust. My hubby had a few issues while we were dating and I put him on notice quickly-if you can't trust me, you can't truly love me!! And we've never looked back-even after 13 years and 5 kids!! :) I knew, even when I told him that, we were meant to be together, I just needed him to face his fears!! Thanks for being open about everything. Can't wait for the next installment!

  23. Loved getting to know so much about you through this post.


  24. Do come to WA, someday!

    Loved reading through your Q's.
    Can relate on many!

  25. Thank you for sharing! You are an inspiration.

    Could you do a pictorial tour of your house one day - please?!!!

  26. I love reading your blog! I am Mom to 4 boys who are adults and I am pining away for another child to Mother. I need help/suggestions/someone to talk to. My life was Mothering (hands on) and homeschooling. Anyone have suggestions? No grandkids, neighbor kids are good but not the same. Adoption is not an option, I am sad and lonely, thanks for listening.

  27. I love reading your blog! I am Mom to 4 boys who are adults and I am pining away for another child to Mother. I need help/suggestions/someone to talk to. My life was Mothering (hands on) and homeschooling. Anyone have suggestions? No grandkids, neighbor kids are good but not the same. Adoption is not an option, I am sad and lonely, thanks for listening.

  28. Yeah, could you please do a pictoral tour of your house? I would love to see what it looks like!

  29. Hi Brittany! You are a brave woman to be answering some of these questions, lol. But I am enjoying it, so thank you.

    Can I make a suggestion to anonymous that posted at 7:07am today? Can I suggest home daycare? I have done that for over ten years now, in addition to raising my own three sons and homeschooling. You really are a second mother to these children, you get to love and care for them throughout the day. It is a great alternative to center care for the parents that have to or chose to work outside the home. I'm sure there are other options out there too! :-)

    April C.

  30. hi Brittany, I really love your blog!!!

    I love the tips for the hair, I almost doing the samething but using baking soda, did you try that??

    I have another question, what products do you use in your face?, you have a wonderful skin!!

  31. Hi Brittany,

    I am a follower of your blog, and I just love it! I am also a 27 year old stay-at-home mom to boys, but I only have 2... I am quite impressed with your ability to be such a great mom to 6!! Even with only having 2 boys, our lives get super hectic at times, but you are right... it is by far the best JOB in the WORLD! Thanks for being such an encouragement! Your kids are adorable!! ~Allison in NC

  32. I just wanted to thank you for your godly perspective on mommyhood. I echo your heart in being a mom, and I get so discouraged and saddened when other young mommies seem to miss the huge blessing that God has given them. It is just refreshing to read about your love for your children, your husband, and your home. Keep it up!! (Your blog has me so tempted to move my blog from xanga to blogger, simply because it would be so much easier to follow you. I really enjoy reading your posts! I am glad to have stumbled upon your site.:) )

  33. I really enjoy reading all your answers when you do these posts - you are so open and honest - quite lovely!!

    the hair - I remember you saying this awhile back(that you don't wash) I usually go three days no washing and have for years and years - but I can't make it past that . . . my head is so darn itchy at that point that I can't take it. I wonder if I just wet it and for-go the wash if I will still be itchy?

    And what does the apple cider vinegar do - what do you do - how do you soak the ends?? I'm trying to visualize it and can't figure it out? Does it help the split ends?

    I have curly hair (red - but very red), and well, it is actually not curly any longer after babies, more like a big frizzy mess!! So I must blow dry and flatten or I look like a big cotton ball! hee hee

    You and your family are amazing - in my opinion - and I think that you set a standard that many more Americans need to follow!

  34. Question: how do you talk about God to your children? Do you read them bible stories daily or does it come up during the day naturally in the converstion?
    Thanks for answering all these questions!

  35. I was wondering what kind of bath products you use on the babies and the older kids?
    I bought some California Baby products for my daughter she's 2 and i can't stand the way her hair feels after i wash it!
    I love reading your blog!

  36. I love your real-ness girl and I would be so excited if you came to Washington! Keep up the great blogging. :)

  37. I loved reading all your answers. This is a lot of work Brittany!

  38. This is my favorite post you've ever written.

    Being transparent is very becoming. :)

    Have a good day!

  39. I just want to say "thank you" for answering all those personal questions about your self and life. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog. The girls are getting go big and yellow looks incredible on them. Keep up the posting!! Thanks again.


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