You asked it! Part 3

Q: if you don't drink milk or dairy and no soy either.. what do you give your kids to drink after they are done breastfeeding when they recommend whole milk for brain development?

A: I nurse our babies until they are 18-20 months. They have all weaned themselves at that age. So by that age we are not replacing breast milk for another milk drink. One of the reasons whole milk is recommended for BRAIN development is because of the fat content. We do try to keep our children on a high{er} fat diet by feeding them plenty of high fat foods -- such as -- avocado, salmon, coconut milk & nuts {including peanut butter, almond milk, almond butter}.

What do our kids drink? WATER and a few times a week they drink orange juice with clarks minerals. As a special treat we sometimes buy bolthouse farms green goodness juice. But really, our kids primarily drink water, water, water!

Q: And, I don't drink soy milk either, and I have a reason, I'm curious if it's the same reason (it inhibits the body from absorbing minerals)

A: There are SO many reasons why we don't eat soy and yes that is one of them.
click here to read what I've said before about soy.
click here to read a great article on soy.

What are your thoughts on drinking water (filtration, etc.)? What does your family drink/buy for water?

A: Drinking good water is ESSENTIAL. If you want to be healthy you NEED to drink good water. There is a lot of information out there about what is the best water... but it's all debatable... at a certain point. We try to avoid bottled water, for many reasons... environment, quality, toxic plastic, ect. BUT good 'ole city water is nothing to be excited about. AND you have to consider pure water for more than just drinking. We have a whole house carbon filtration system. It wasn't exactly cheap, but a worthy investment 8 years ago... and it's still going strong! Carbon cleans out your basic worries and such, but it doesn't clean out fluoride, pharmaceuticals and pathogens that attach themselves to the chlorine {that is killed by the carbon but leaves the pathogens}. So... we're ALMOST there, but not quite. Part of the reason we haven't purchased another water system specifically for our drinking water is for 2 reasons -- 1 cost and 2 we didn't know which one was best.

So here is where we are at... we believe Reverse Osmosis water is the best choice, but with a catch. RO basically removes EVERYTHING from the water, even the GOOD minerals that our bodies CRAVE. You can do one of two things... you could add minerals to your water in various forms. You can buy liquid minerals at your local health food store or you can buy our favorite, Clarks Minerals, that you can add to juice like I mentioned above. So basically you are getting really clean water with NO bad but you're losing some GOOD too. I know i've read some very helpful information on Dr. Mercola's site.

Q: also what supplements do you give your kids and in what form?

A: We give our kids the liquid clarks minerals mentioned above, and Mannatech mannabears and glycobears. Although because of cost we are currently NOT giving them those vitamins and upping their clarks because it's a bit more cost effective. When we are able I will FOR SURE buy more Mannatech vitamins for them. We also give them echinachia when needed and let them chew on fresh cone flowers throughout the summer/fall.

Q: I would be curious to know any books or resources you have used that have really shaped your views on healthy living. I am trying to go that way myself! Thanks!!

A: Talking and sharing with others about health is a GREAT resource. I talk with my husband, my friends, my family, my chiropractor, the dude at the health food store. Anyone, the MORE information you learn the better equipt you are to make confident healthy choices.
Aside from that, here are a few sites that I have learned a great deal from. I will say this again take what you can and keep learning, don't believe 100% of what you read, make your own educated decisions.
Books that I read from again and again -- Foods that Harm, Foods that heal -- Food as medicine -- What would Jesus eat -- Infection Protection --

Q: I'm also wondering about eating a balanced diet. As silly as it sounds, I can't figure out how to make a meal plan with a balanced, healthy diet. I'm sure you have some wonderful ideas!

A: Healthy and balanced are very different. You can eat red pepper and hummus all day, everyday, and even though they are both healthy you will NOT be eating optimally.

Here is how we break it down --
3 -- FRUIT
4 -- GRAIN

That is our order of importance. Here is a sample breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks with 1-2-3-4 priorities in mind.

BREAKFAST -- 2 egg, 1/2 yellow pepper, 1/2 Roma tomato, 1/3 c. shredded carrot, 1 green onion - either omelet style or scrambled. 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 Ezekiel English muffin topped with almond or peanut butter and agave nectar.

SNACK -- almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, raisins, dried mango mix {and for fun we'll add chocolate chips too}

LUNCH -- Red pepper, cucumber, carrots, grape tomatoes with hummus. Smashed pinto beans and avocado with tortilla chips.

SNACK -- apples and peanut butter

DINNER -- beans and rice {in some form -- curried, chili, ect.} cauliflower, broccoli

DESSERT/SNACK -- strawberries with non dairy mango sorbet

Hope that helps!

Q: I would like to know why you cook with grape seed oil. Thanks.
Q: what cooking oils do you use, and why? i know you do not use vegetable oil...what about olive oil? how do you know which oil to substitute in a recipe that calls for one you don't use?

A: Anything we saute or cook above 200-250 degrees we use grapeseed or coconut oil. Why? Because these oils have a higher heat tolerance than olive oil. Olive oil starts to decompose around 200-250 degrees, breaking down in nutrients and releasing possibly harmful chemicals.
Here is a link that talks a little more about it --

As for substituting -- I do it all the time and have yet to run into a problem.

Q: In the nicest possible way, without eating dairy how do you guys get enough calcium?

A: There is more calcium in a serving of broccoli than there is in a glass of milk. Any green leafy vegetable is full of calcium -- so eat lots of those and you'll do fine! {grin} We also have Standard
Process Calcium Lactate on hand and use it when we feel we need a little extra.

Q: What would be your top ten snacks for lunchboxes on a budget? I'm am always trying to cut out unhealthy food from my children's diet. Sometimes my mind goes blank and we need to get the creative flow happening.

A: Oh this is a fun question!
1 veggies and hummus
2 apples and peanut butter
3 dried fruit and nuts {raw, unsweetened, unsulfered -- from Trader Joes}
4 chips, avocado and salsa
5 frozen fruit, granola, coconut milk & agave nectar {although that sounds messy in a lunchbox!}
6 wasa crackers, cream cheese or soft goat cheese, topped with tom, onion, sprouts, cucumber, pepper -- whatever you'd like. We use shredded carrots sometimes too.
7 Ezekiel bread, nut butter, honey - agave nectar or fruit spread
8 can of garbanzo beans or black beans -- plain or add tomato, cucumber, avocado, onion cilantro, oil, balsamic vinegar. The boys have fun adding different thing.
9 pita bread, hummus sandwich -- add onion, sprouts, shredded carrots, tom, cucumber, ect...
10 hard boiled eggs or egg salad sandwich

Now I'm HUNGRY! What a great place to end.... Which one shall I have?!? {grin}

Fun Fun again huh! If I have passed your question already, don't worry, I'm working out of order. I was trying to group them together with similar questions. Lots more to come!


  1. i love all of the healthy info and great snack ideas!!! can't wait to read more :)


  2. Hummus and hard boiled eggs are the two most-requested protein snacks in our house. I'm always making both.

  3. I love all of your healthy eating ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions...

  5. So much information! Thanks!

  6. I wish I had been raised eating healthy. As a result of NOT being raised that way, I am a horribly picky eater, and as a result of THAT, my kids are picky too. I wish I ate EVERYTHING like my hubby. If I had realized how much damage I was doing to them, I would have fed them SO many different, healthy things! I've been trying to be open lately to new things, but it's really hard for me-I gag so easily when I don't like the flavor of something! And since it's so hard for me to try new things, it's very hard to make the kids do so. But, we ARE trying-and I will keep introducing new things till we can find a good balance.

  7. Hi ya, just in case you might not know it - dried fruit is choc full of sulphur!

  8. Some great information and more yummy ideas to try! Thanks so much! ;)

  9. I know you have already talked alot about NOT washing your hair everyday, I would like to start doing it but here is where I get confused. Are you still getting it wet in the shower every day or Not really, also I'm a runner and run almost everyday therfore I have very sweaty hair that needs to be washed should I just rinse it out or do you have any good suggestions for that.

    thank you

  10. New to your blog... so you may have answered this a hundred times!!! Are you vegetarian? Didn't see any meat on your food things.

    And... The milk stuff is so confusing. We had 2 boys and then just had a girl 18 months ago. Worried about the hormones (especially for my girl), we have been using organic milk. Tried soy milk once... then heard it was terrible for the kids. Are now being told organic is "not safe enough". Conflicting info has me wondering what in the world can I feed my kids? What's your take on milk?

    Love your blog.

  11. Anonyomous -- we buy unsweetened and unsulfured dried fruit from trader joes.


  12. Really loving this You Asked It series...

  13. I'll be bookmarking this page so I can refer to it before my next trip to the health food store. We're out of vitamins for the kids, but will have to research clarks.

    I didn't know that about reverse osmosis water - that's what we put in our refillable bottles. Thanks for the information!

    It's good to hear that we're getting enough calcium in spinach and broccoli. Everyone asks about our calcium intake...

    Thank you for taking the time to compile all of this Brittany!


    p.s. I never replied to your last conflicts with those dates - come on over!

  14. First of all, I love your blog. I admire all your knowledge about healthy eating. I am a nursing mom to my 2 month old. Recently he battled the flu virus and I lost a ton of milk supply due to his shrinking tummy. Now his appetite is back but my supply isn't =( He has lost 1.5+ pounds and has one week to gain six ounces or they will hospitalize him. I have talked to a naturalpathic doctor and lactation consultant but I respect your opinion and would deeply appreciate any advice. I just posted on our situation, thanks in advance for ANY help?! You are supermom-like it or not, ha!!

  15. I never really appreciated the cone flowers in our yard - my husband loves them. He keeps telling me "they're echinachia" to try to sell me on them. I did not know that you could let kids just eat them and they would get the same benefits! Hmmm....maybe I'll quit complaining now!

  16. yeah!!!! I've been waiting for you you to answer my question. I'm printing it out and putting it straight on the fridge. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Bec

  17. one more question i thought of if you have the time....curious to know what your thoughts are on vaccines?

  18. Thanks for these q and a posts. I am really enjoying the info.

  19. We purchase our water from a "water store" and we get "ozonated" water. What are your takes on that, versus regular filtered?

    AND, as one who has struggled with my complexion my entire life, and envies YOURS (in the nicest possible way!) :) - do you think your veggie diet helps with skin issues? Or are you just naturally blessed? :)

  20. Hi, I've been a reader for a while now, but I think this is my first comment. I just wanted to say that I think your an amazing woman. Definitely someone to look up to. I wished I could be half the person, wife, and mother you are. I am going through some hard struggles right now, parenting, marriage, religion etc. etc. I'm a real mess on the inside. I often look to your blog for encouragement and hope for myself. You're lucky or maybe you could call it gifted, or blessed or whatever...not many people have what you have...TRUE HAPPINESS.

    Oh, I did want to ask you a question. I'm a "photographer" notice the quotations...I hate when people contact me and say "I LOVE your pictures what kind of camera do you have?" or I'll here "If I had a nice camera I could take photos like that too." What!!! are you kidding me? I don't consider myself a professional at ALL, and I have spent YEARS trying to learn all about photography. Anyway, I know they don't really understand, but I was wondering if you get comments like that too, and if so what is your answer? Do you just politely tell them your camera and go on? That is what I do, but on the inside I wish I could add, the camera is great, but it doesn't choose my subjects nor does it pick my settings when it's on manual. haha,

    Sorry, I didn't mean for this to be so long.

  21. my kids have never had milk either. I breastfed all my children and they never went to a bottle or to cow's milk. Our ped. has never had any concern over this issue AT ALL. Just feed your children healthy foods and it won't be an issue- just like you!!!!!!

  22. Hi Brittany. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy your take on life. I do have one question though, and if you don't have time to answer, that's OK. Was your husband always a vegetarian? If not, how did you ever convince him to give up meat?! My hubby would probably shrivel up and die, he's such a meat lover. If a meal doesn't have meat, it's not a real meal to him. I'd love to eat even LESS meat.

    Anyway, just wanted to de-lurk :)

  23. Love you blog- read it all the time for great ideas. You're a WONDERFUL mommy - your kids are so lucky!! OK - now, a question, could you share your Egg Salad recipe? I need a healthy one! Thanks a bunch :-)


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