What's in our fridge

Do you want to see inside our fridge?

You know you do!

And yes... I know it's odd to take pictures of the inside of your fridge.
Ahhh, but food is so beautiful!

So... here you go!

If I could buy ALL organic I would... but that just isn't possible.

So I try to follow these rules:

If you are going to peel it -- no need to go organic
[avocados, onions, oranges, bananas, mango, kiwi, cabbage....]

Sometimes organics are just too expensive and we only buy when they are on sale...
such as bell peppers and strawberries

If I can I buy locally -- we LOVE our local farmers market!

This year we are garden sharing with 3 families as well -- no bug spray and a lot cheaper!

I talked more about dirty fruits and veggies here

WOW our fruit drawer is in need of a good soak!

We all drink a small glass of Orange juice with our minerals every other morning...

I have had that pineapple juice 3 times... and now I have 3 of the best water bottles!

See... I do use some dairy! {grin}

So how do I decide what to buy and what to skip?

Here are a few guidelines I try to follow...

Minimal ingredients -- no added oils, sugars, salts -- if possible
No added flavors
No forms of MSG
No soy
Try to buy glass
Try to buy products with minimal packaging

Relax, don't worry, have fun, and enjoy your food!

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  1. Ha, looks like someone has been reading MckMama's blog! Good info still!

  2. Can I ask why no Soy?

    We just planted a container garden for green beans, basil, tomatoes and a variety of peppers. In the garden I've got squash and cukes. Can't wait!

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  4. What a lovely fridge full of lovely food...It amazes me how pretty a fridge full of fruits and veggies can look!!!

  5. Wow, that looks a lot better than my fridge. I buy lots of vegetables and fruits then feel stupid when they go to waste. Keep the recipes coming, i can use them.

  6. Yeah, we need some more recipes!! My fave so far is the veggie chili, I love it!!

  7. Great picture of your fridge.
    I must say I have never seen Almond milk or rice milk..you have me intrigued.
    I am new here..so, why no dairy? how about soy milk?
    My fridge has fresh vegetables and fruits as well...and I am with you on the organic..some times it is just too much and with a big brood...you need to cut back sometimes..
    Although I am trying to keep it healthy all the time..
    How about snacks? anything other than fruits and veges?
    Love your blog...

  8. organics here, in the town where I live , are quite pricey....so I'm super choosy about what I buy.

    your fridge looks great, very healthy. you obviously put a lot of thought into what you feed your family. good for you!

    susan :):)

  9. ur kids will drink high pulp OJ?! wow. My kids love orange juice but wont drink it with pulp.. Im real picky with textures and thickness.. so I even water down my orange juice in the morning.. with lots of ice. :)

    Love that kind of OJ tho! just without pulp :)

  10. Yum! Yum! Much cleaner and more organized then my frig BUT we too try to but organic -- we also avoid as much plastic as possible!

  11. What a beautiful, healthy fridge! I wish I could be so healthy myself. We have about half or one third the number of produce items as you, but on my defense, it's almost time for another trip to the grocery store :)

    I find organic things so expensive so I shy away from them. How do you afford to feed your family such good (yet very pricey) foods?

    I love our farmers market too--making a trip there tomorrow!!

  12. Just got thru reading MckMama's blog. Very similar. You know each other?

  13. very similar to what mckmama posted shortly before you...interesting pics though!

  14. You should get chickens... organic, healthy, delicous and so much cheaper. Here we pay like $5 for a carton of organic eggs and I sell my organic free range eggs for $2.

  15. EH -- Yes I would LOVE to have chickens, unfortunately we can not have them here in town. I do have a friend who has chickens and sells the eggs.

    Annmarie -- you should try almond and rice milk! We LOVE them! :) And as for snacks -- besides fruit and veggies we eat a lot of dried fruits and nuts. I have an entire post on snacks coming up!

    I know almost everyone reads MckMamas blog and I know my post is 'similar'. I do know her through blogland, from way back when. It was only by chance that we both posted a similar post around the same time. I have been working on this post for a few days -- I'm slow like that!

    Happy Day everyone!


  16. Oh and why no soy? Search labels on my sidebar for "health news" and you'll find the soy post.


  17. I wish I liked all those veggies! I dont like many and my husband likes even less :( It looks so pretty in your fridge and on sandwhiches and salads but I just cant do it!

  18. I need to try and buy organic...everytime I look it seems so expensive though. Guess the health benefits wins out though.

  19. Yumm-O. I wish I had all that fruit and veggies in my fridge right now. Unfortunately, my fridge is a bit small for our family size and it's crammed full right now. Mostly leftovers. Blah.

  20. I love your blog =)!!!
    You are amazing may I add!!!
    I love your fridge =)

  21. Ohhhh I love your fridge!!! I really like grocery shopping and putting it away and organizing it...and I love looking at all the fresh produce in my fridge! Tana

  22. poor kids...they really are missing out on some NORMAL good food.

  23. That all looks delicious! That is how I grew up eating and I just spent a year in the dorms at school- it is so hard to eat the way I want there. The lack of a kitchen and being forced to buy their meal plan makes it very annoying. Your kids are so lucky to have a mama that cares so much about what they are eating! They aren't missing out on everything. You have said numerous times that you don't restrict what they eat when they are out anyhow, moderation is all.

    Give the kids an extra snuggle for me!

    -Rosey in NY

  24. Yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

  25. What a good idea to do garden sharing with other families! I am going to get together with my neighbors today and see what they think! Your fridge looks so yummy.. I too try buy organic when I can.

  26. WOW!! Your fridge looks so organized!! :)

    I grew up eating a bunch of fruit and veggies!! The good part is that I live in Germany and here fruits and veggies are affordable. Every summer when I go to the states I am shocked! Why on earth is everything healthy soooo expensive there??
    Here we buy cucumbers for 20cents, a head of lettuce for 60cents, bell peppers a kilo for 1,40 €.
    We have a market here that is open every morning. All the farmers have their little stands and I LOVE buying there. Its sooo much cheaper than in the stores.
    I wish it was that way in the states too.
    We eat salad almost every day and I eat my fruits for breakfast, in classes and as a snack in the afternoon!!

    As for annon, what is NORMAL food in your opinion???? I think everything in their fridge is normal. (except I have no clue what rice milk is, does it taste like milk?) What do you feed your kids?? I mean seriously it doesnt get any more normal than fruits and veggies. I really hope your kids (if you have any) get the chance to eat a sweet mango every now and then, or a juicy apple dipped in peanutbutter or some home made guacamole or some carrots dipped in hummus or whatever!!! hmm.. Now I am hungry!! I will have to dig into my fridge now!!!

    Great post and I loved the pictures!!
    Have you ever posted a hummus recipe? I made hummus with the thingies out of the can and it had a weird flavor. I have the dried ones and need a good recipe to make some delicious hummus!

    Have a wonderfuld ay!!

  27. I've never refrigerated my apples because I've read that you are not supposed to. Just curious why you do.

    That fridge looks SO yummy! Now what about your pantry? hee hee...

  28. I would be in hog-heaven if I could have half of those groceries in my refrigerator and it still look as nice, clean, and organized as yours does!!

  29. Awesome fridge!! I love all of these foods an strive for a cleaner diet with a huge leaning to pure veg and fruit...to anon - have you checked out the obesity rates in N. America? Seriously, white carbs, sugar laden food is NOT normal throughout the world - maybe travel a bit or read a few published papers on high fructose corn syrup (in everything NORMAL) or on the rates of heart disease in children...get educated, then blab a bit. Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

  30. you have two of my all time favorite things in your fridge right now. Cilantro and avocado. hehe We pack our fridge each week with fresh produce from our local farmer's market too. (we are lucky to have one close by). You wouldn't be proud that I also have a supply of Diet Coke in there.

  31. I was reading through some of your comments. And in response to Anonymous who posted on 5/22 at 10:39 am. If kids are brought up with organic food, that is normal to them. They aren't missing out on anything.

  32. How come all the crazies come out when Brittany posts on something that has to do with food. Are most people really disillusioned to think that fast food, processed food, sugar and white foods are actually okay to eat everyday?

    good for you Brittany for continuing to post about healthy eating. maybe some of these people who think it's crazy will give it a try and realize how wonderful it really is.


  33. Love it. And I cannot wait until my husband have a fridge that looks like that more often.

    Plus. I tried the Ezekiel bread you posted about before and LOVE IT. So thanks.

    To the readers who think that packaged food is normal... you are so foolish. :)

  34. So I may have to try some new things this summer! Your fridge, it's contents in it, look so YUMMY!

  35. Looks yummy! I love all of the fresh produce.

  36. Okay, so random but I didn't think you were supposed to refridgerate tomatoes? Do you chill them for a reason. Just wondering, not getting nasty like the anonymous people. :) This is how all our fridges should look...just wish I was more disciplined. :)

  37. Thank you for this post! I'm learning a lot from you:) keep it up!!!!!

  38. thank you so much for sharing all your food tips and ideas and recipes! I really enjoy reading about them. We have started to make some much needed changes in our eating habits so I have really learned alot from your blog and I appreciate the time you put into it! Keep the recipes and all the food info coming I do enjoy it!

  39. I love your fridge, it inspires me!

  40. Try not refrigerating your tomatoes and they will taste infinitely better. There is a certain enzyme that is halted or something like that. That's why garden tomatoes taste better than grocery store ones.

    Also, you may want to go easy on the rice 'milk' since it's really a grain. Kids don't need a whole lot of grains and well, neither do adults I guess. Good choice on the soy by the way, especially with a house full of boys! Besides, most soy now anyway is genetically modified... Yuk.

  41. that is so fun!

    what photo editing program do you use to put those words/arrows on the pictures?


  42. Y.U.M.!
    Love the post! I don't comment much on here but I have to say, in response to some of the negative comments, that I love to read things like this! We do not buy organic all the time, we drink regular milk, we eat chocolate chips cookies for a snack and sometimes we even eat the heck outta candy! ;)
    Things like this inspire me to do a better job of keeping the bad unhealthy stuff to a minimum and upping the nutrition in our diets! So THANK YOU for posting things like this!

    By the way, what grocery store do you shop at? Are you able to get a lot of this stuff there?

  43. I absolutely LOVE this entry! My husband and I are slowly trying to move into more organic foods. We've been trying not to do it too suddenly, because it'll be harder to keep up with and drastic dietary changes are more likely to aggravate my Crohn's, so it's a more gradual thing. But I've been thinking about the best way to document it so that we can see progress.

    It seriously just occurred to me that the best way might be just this. I love fridge pictures, and maybe taking a more objective look at my own fridge like this will help us on our way.


  44. Great post! Have you tried Earth Balance Buttery Spread (it's vegan)? They just came out with a soy free version and it is absolutely delish!

  45. Can I come and live in your frig? Amazing!

  46. yay for no MSG! I am allergic to it and so is my mom--we wake up miserable in the mornings if we have eaten even minute amounts of it the day before. yuck! why put that kind of poison into your body? Unfortunately it is too late for most of us... but way to raise your kids healthily from birth! they will appreciate not having developed tastes for many of the more questionable foods our society craves so much later on in their lives! it's great to see someone who feels so strongly about eating well.

  47. Just out of curiosity, what are you using the pineapple juice glass container for? Thanks


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