We're coming to you daddy

I {Eliza} was really fast...

and I {Nolia} was really fast too...

Mama just kept trying over and over...

the toy blocks delayed us slightly...

so you could see us wearing our I LOVE DAD onesies...

but then we went back to the game of crawling to mama...

We LOVE you daddy!

And we can't wait to crawl to you!
{I think we'll be SUPER fast by then}


These photos were taken in horrible light but the moment was perfect!

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  1. I sure wish we lived close enough to get to play with those babies! Priceless...

    Brent (Abby's dad)

  2. Aww, they are so cute! Those shirts are awesome :)

  3. i don't care about the light!! ha ha. those girls are so cute. if i lived closer, they just might disapear one night!! (and somehow end up in my house) tee hee. I can't imagine how you get anything done with them around you...i sure couldn't!! Their cuties are just too distracting!!

  4. They are so cute, I love how happy they are:)

  5. They always look so happy! I love that! Those onsies are so adorable. Who cares about lighting when you get photos like that?

  6. I am of the opinion that it's the memories that matter, not so much the perfection of the photo :)

    And those are some great memories!

    It's hard to be away from the ones you love best, isn't it? I hope that the time in between flies for ya!


  7. The light might have been "horrible" (I don't think it really was, but I'm no good w/ photography!), but the babies more than make up for it with their ADORABLE faces and chunky thighs! I just want to pick them both up and snuggle them!

  8. Now that was some sweet eye candy!~

  9. I just want to squeeze them! In a nice way!

  10. My heart just got all fluttery thinking how you have TWO of these sweet girls as your daughters. TWO. How blessed you are.


  11. I don't think they could be any cuter!! Love the thighs...precious girls!
    love and blessings from ga~erin

  12. Very cute. My youngest is always trying to crawl towards me during pictures too. Don' they know that we don't want to hold them, we want to photograph them!

  13. Beautiful!!!
    Priceless what dad had to say!!!
    Love your pictures!

  14. I love your blog!
    I just nominated you for an award. Check it out here!

  15. Oh so cute! Great pictures even if they were taken in bad light!

  16. Aw! Who cares about the lighting because those two are adorable.

  17. ADORABLE photos! You are so great at capturing adorable moments.

  18. you definately have your hands full now:) Love Eliza's long hair at the front, so cute!Those two are going to be heartbreakers,although im sure you knew that!

  19. Oh stinking cute was that post!!! Love it!

  20. Cute twins! The lighting was fine. I found you on Nan's blog "momstheword". I'm just checking out blogs & following. My blog isn't too happy tonight & I can't do much with it until some bugs are worked out. Check me out. I basically write short stories about life.

  21. Hi,

    I think the word you wanted was "onesies". There's really no such word as "onsies".

    Just keepin' it real.

  22. crazy that they are already mobile... your life is going to be a non stop party this summer chasing after them and ozzie :)

  23. Allie has that same onesie...I love it!

    And for the record I think the pictures are great!


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