My key master

If you come to our home...

and hear clink-clink-clink

you know Ozzie is near.

You might hear him call himself the key master.
And when you do hear those 2 little words come from his sweet, 2 year old mouth...
you might find it unbelievably hard to contain the giggles.

He is indeed our little key master.
He carries his keys everywhere he goes.
On his "belt Loop" as he says.

Ozzie can let his imagination run wild when he has keys in hand.
He talks of going to work and going to the store to buy food.
He talks of racing cars and working on engines.
He talks of broken beamers, racing talons, mommas van and daddies Benz.

He has more than enough keys...
but he always wants more.
So watch your keys if you come on over to visit! {grin}

Oh how I love our little key master! I sometimes sit and wonder what will become of his love for keys. Will he become a race car driver? Will he become a locksmith? Or will his toddlerhood fascination of keys fade away as he becomes a big boy?

Who knows! But whatever happens... we will never forget our little key master and his love for keys!
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  1. Adorable! I love the imaginations of 2 year olds!

  2. Very cute...You always wonder what they will become. You write so well and the pictures are perfect to go along with your writing.

  3. How adorable is that. He has a great imagination and it sounds like you really nurture and encourage that. Kids are so adorable! They make me laugh.

  4. So sweet!

  5. Adorable...I will definatly just type with my keys (grin)!

  6. Your little Key Master is adorable! I just love to learn about childrens own unique personalities, and things that make them truly THEM. So cute!

  7. How sweet! My nephew who is now 13 LOVED Keys when he was about the same age. He grew out of it.. just as he did his Train phase and everything else as he matured in to a young man.... cherish it!

  8. So cute! My son too, has a fascination with keys and locking things up and opening things with his keys! I just *love* it :) and treasure these imaginative days.

    Jessica Woodford

  9. my daughter loves our keys so much that this time around with the boys, I have kept them away. Now if only I could find our phone... :)

  10. That is so sweet!! Our 2-year-old has a love of phones. He has about a dozen deceased cell phones that he's collected from various friends & family who are willing to part with theirs. And we even keep a few charged just for the noises ;) It's definitely an imagination booster.

  11. It's so cool that he has something he loves so much!

    I, too, wonder what will become of his love for keys.

  12. Someday he will find his perfect mate, the Gate Keeper! (Does that show my age, really?)

  13. What a sweety... I love that age.

  14. Adorable! Caleb loves to play with keys too....I love to sit and watch his imagination at work.

  15. That's cute! Entertainment for hours....

  16. I love it!
    I was very surprised to see him sharing his keys with other kids at group the other day!

  17. That is too funny! What a cutie he is!

  18. He is too adorable! My son loves keys, too. He's starting to carry them around everywhere. I absolutely love your blog. Will be back again!

  19. That is so funny. The last time you posted about his keys I think that I wrote and told you about our very own "Key boy" Our Hayden is 5 and has had a genuine love for keys since he was tiny. He begs to go to a "Key store" when he is good, and he even asked Santa for a key this past Christmas! For his 3rd birthday he had a Key party, where I did all the decorations with keys and signs that said "Unlock your imagination" (it was also at a childrens it fit perfectly) I even made his a cake that was a giant key chain with lots of little key cakes hanging off of it. It was fun.


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