...that is what was missing from my salad.

oh how I LOVE avocado!

So many of you know me... so well....
I DO have a deep love for Avocado and hummus.

Your guesses were great!
Amy... what is Hemp Seed Nut?
I have never seen that before... maybe I should google it! {grin}

So what was on my salad?
homegrown garden spinach
broccoli sprouts
yellow pepper
grape tomatoes
olive oil

today's salad was the same except red pepper instead of yellow and added my beloved avocado!


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  1. do you make your own hummus?

  2. I love, love, love avocado! I could eat a whole avocado in one sitting...yummy!

  3. I have a love/love relationship with Avacado as well, that's why it was my guess :)
    That salad sounds exactly like something I make myself for lunch. YUM~O! Except i've never heard of Brocolli Sprouts(i've had Alfalfa Sprouts though)

  4. I LOVE avocado, but have developed an allergy to it! It started with just having a really itchy mouth when I ate it around the time I was pregnant with my 1st- by the time I was pregnant with my 4th it had progressed to HORRIBLE stomach pain when I ate it so now I avoid it like the plague- so sad!!

  5. isnt there cucumber on there?

  6. ah yes Elisha, there is cucumber... i'll be adding that to the list now! {grin}


  7. oh yummy ~ thanks for the picture. i'm having a late lunch and have all of those yummy salad ingredients on hand. delicious!

  8. You know we're a match made in heaven, girl!! That is MY kind of salad!!! And I was just Tweeting earlier that I was feeding mashed avocado to Stellan.

    Love ya! Sorry I hardly comment anymore, but YOU are still one of my reads!!!!!!

  9. What kind of hummus do you buy?

    There are SO many different kinds... with garlic, red pepper, dried tomatoes, etc...


  10. I heart avocado too. :)

    With the exception of the tomatoes, I think I could actually eat this salad without worry of an allergic reaction, thanks!

  11. I had forgotton my love for avocados untill we had a modified fast as the beginning of the year and we were allowed fresh fruits and veggies on certain days and i picked them up. I now get get enough!a little pepper, a little lemon juice and yum!

    I love hummus as well but never tried it on a salad, I'll have to try that

  12. hey brittany - do you use hummus as your dressing or is there dressing also? that salad looks yummy!!!


  13. Just wondering if you have any good books you read or could recommend in your quest for healthy eating. I have just started to buy organic and would be curious to know where some of your rationale comes from. Thanks for your help!

  14. Me love Aguacate, (remember the word?)
    I have 4 trees of delicious Aguacates(avocado) ;-)

  15. oh Brittany, I was talking with my mother just this afternoon about really focussing on eating well...she is suffering a bit with digestive issues! Your salad, as simple as it is....is positively inspirational....

    I'm going to tell her about it :)

    {I would LOVE an avocado tree!! we have mango but it's still too young for fruit}

  16. OMG..I found another avacado lover. I could actually make a meal out of them daily. I can remember growing up in the 60's and my dad cutting one in half, sprinkling salt & pepper and trying to get my sister and myself to take a bite. We would wrinkle up our noses and take a bite. We grew to love them and it was a special bonding time with our dad over a simple avacado!

  17. my mouth just started to water! No one else in my house will eat this stuff though!!


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