Ozzie today...

The little things... they are easily forgotten.

but the little things are too important to forget

the little things that make us smile or laugh

the little things that we think we won't forget

but we will unless we write them down.

Today... Ozzie...

you love keys, everyones and every type

When I say it's time to go you get super excited and say "FIND THE MAN KEYS" "START THE MAN"
it's simply adorable!

you are always ready with shoes on, you were born ready to go!

you talk about racing cars, you call dads car a race car

you ride around in your cozy coop car with your keys

you sniff the air and say "smell dad's car" when it's running.
{it smells like ethanol}

you must wear pants with pockets so you have a place for your keys
you've gone so far that you don't even want to wear pj's most nights. you want to sleep in clean jeans.

you sing EIEIO and there are only Tigers and Cows on your farm

everything is big right now... your big, your car is big, your shoes are big...

you call your brothers "the guys"

when I ask you how old you are you say "three"

you look for trucks when we're driving and call them out when you find them.

you have a favorite motorcycle that you keep in the bathtub... you always want it to take a bath

you say "what the heck" and it's really cute even though heck seems a little weird coming out of such a small mouth

you count 3-2-1 when someone isn't doing what you asked them to do {not all the time but sometime}

you say "not funny" if we laugh at something you're doing

you say "I'm serious"

you call Grayson - sim-sim, Vance - mance, Gavin - Davin, Eliza -Iza, Nolia - Noli

you used to call Nana - nan nan and Papa - pop pop but you call them Nana & Papa now

you love nuts, espeically honey seasame cashews

you love eggs and oatmeal for breakfast

your favorite book is happy baby

you sleep with your blankie, super monkey, froggie and fuzzy monkey and KEYS

you love staying the night with nana or papa

when we say we're going to do something and you are excited you say "TODAY!?" "YEAH!"

Since I've been rocking the girls to sleep, you ask me to rock you to sleep too... it's precious
you say "rockin a babies to seep" "rock a Ozzie to seep"

when it's time to come inside you start walking in circles and say "i'm just walkin' a wound"

you say "i love this part" about books or games
mom and dad pick ozzie up and kiss your -cheek, arm, leg, belly, ect and say "I love this part"

before bed and nap we sing "oh where are where could your blankie be, oh where oh where could it be" while we're looking for it {even if mom knows where it is}

you ask mom to sing dinkie-doo

you say tigers scare you

we saw some big horses pulling a carriage by our house the other day and you called them dianosours

you rode your bike down the back steps and said it was fun, you forehead it black and blue.

you can count to 9

you can say your full name

you love to read about animals and make their noises

you can climb out of our crib and come get in mom and dads bed in the middle of the night.
{with your blankie and keys}


love you little Z

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  1. what a lovely post. remind me again, how old is Ozzie?

  2. Very very sweet! I need to start working on my post for my daughter!! Her birthday is coming up on monday!! :)

  3. Ozzie sounds like a very sweet and funny boy!

  4. such a cutie patootie! he's 2 right?

  5. is he really 3? the time went so fast! what a great post loved it.

  6. to cute. Love that i'm just walkin' a wound" part.

  7. It is so great that you write these things down. His little personality sounds just adorable!

    I remember when my daughter said, "what the heck" the first time. It was hilarious!

  8. Totally adorable as the "man van" is :) Can't believe he can count to nine...WOW!

  9. Such a sweet post about the handsome little guy!

  10. What a cute post about Ozzie - and I love the picture!! I really need to start doing this for my boys!!

  11. So fun!! What a great idea to write just what they like... they grow soo fast!

    I think it's cute that Ozzie carries KEYS... my daughter (2 yrs old) carries an old cellphone!! She loves "joans"!! LOL My son carried around his sister's tea set spoons!!


  12. I just love this post!! What a wonderful idea, to just write down everything like that. It will be so nice to look back on this. I wish I would have done this with my older boys at that age.

    The "rockin a babies to seep" "rock a Ozzie to seep" is just too cute!! What a sweetie he is! I just love the picture too!

  13. I just LOVE your blog! Such amazing pictures of your adorable kids! You have inspired me to spend more time writing down the small, magic stuff of my kids more often - the things you think you could never ever forget, but then you do. Thank you for taking the time to share your sweet family!

  14. Oh what sweet, sweet sayings! It's so much fun to go back and read later on. When my 4 year old was about Ozzie's age she used to say "Amellow-Mellow" for Marshmallow. Just remembering those little things is very special indeed!

  15. Isn't this the best age? He sounds a lot like my 2 1/2 year old!

  16. Aw! What a great post about such a GREAT boy! He IS wonderful! I need to do one of these about Mylo. :)

  17. My little girl says "what the heck" too. And I totally agree with you...a little more that I would like to hear, but it is so cute coming out of her little mouth.

  18. What a sweet post about your little Z!

    I need to remember to write down the little things about my kids more often.


  19. I love you too, Z!!! :-) You can ride in "shelly's car" anytime!

  20. Is Ozzie a nickname for anything longer?

  21. I have a key boy too. Our Hayden, now 5, has been into keys for what seems like forever now. His 3rd birthday was an actual "key Party" (and no not the crazy kind for swingers of the 60's) I made him a big key ring cake with lots of little key shaped cakes hanging off of it. He still prefers keys to any other toy ever!

  22. that was Way too sweet. what a funny and adorable little guy! what a great personality. i don't have any kidos but LOVE them so it's so fun to read about others. you describe things so wonderfully, i feel like i've met him and am in love. what a lucky woman you are!


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