Happy 8 months girls!

: eight amazing months :

{I am unsure of who is in this picture}

.you both.

roll ALL over the place
try to pull yourself up in your crib
scoot around the room on your butt
giggle like crazy at your big brothers - especially Ozzie
grin and lunge towards dad when he walks in the door
go from sitting to all fours
love mango and avocado
sleep together
take 2 naps a day
sit and play together
roll all around your bed and end up on top of each other
lunge towards mom when I get near
fuss if you're not the first one picked up
still sleep in mom and dads room
wake up 1-2 times a night
spectacular blue eyes
red tinted eye lashes
cashmere colored hair
20 lbs.
wearing all sorts of sizes of dresses
0-6 mos pedipeds still fit
leak out of huggies at night {only brand that didn't leak for the boys}
reach your arms up when I come to pick you up
reach out and touch each other whenever you are near
LOVE walks in the stroller
are getting too heavy to babywear together
fall over while sitting because you are trying to go somewhere
are too squirmy for me to paint your toe nails
nurse at the same time
are getting hard to hold together because you are both so squirmy

say ba-ba & de-de & ma-ma
scrunched your face up in the most adorable way
hold your own hair when you are tired or nursing
try to fall off the bed as soon as we sit you down
LOVE mamas hair
discovered your love for tags
have 'just' enough hair to put a clip in
bottom 2 teeth are 1/4 way through
wear a red silk beaded bracelet
nod your head up and down
just noticed one little freckle on your ankle

love the wood stacking rings
scoot around the room more than your sister
say mum-mum
like mamas hair
occasionally hold your own hair when you are tired or nursing
lost your little curly beside your ear
have enough hair to put a clip in
make a funny throat clearing noise
bottom 2 teeth are 1/2 way through
wear a purple silk beaded bracelet

Happy EIGHT amazing months girls!
We LOVE you!


  1. They are beautiful!!! Happy 8 months girls!!!!

  2. How cute! My own "baby" is almost 8 1/2 months and does much of the same things as your girls. Plus he sucks his toes. To see a picture of that go visit my blog.

  3. i'm curious as to how you came up with the name Nolia? our next baby girl just may be a Nolia Raye (my brother's name is Nolan Ray.) Ray was my grandpa's name and i also have an Aunt Rae Anne; trying to keep with the family... if God has another girl planned for our future, i'm almost positive that would be her name! another boy would be ok too :)

  4. I love those bright blue eyes. They have the most beautiful shape. Too cute!

  5. 8 months??? Are you sure?
    They are so sweet:)

  6. So sweet!

    Pictures of the bracelets? I need to see the cute, chubby wrist with a bracelet!

    I love that you do this.

  7. Happy eight months girls...you are beautiful!

  8. Happy Birthday girls! You are so BEAUTIFUL!! 8 months and growing!

    Love and Prayers,


  9. Happy 8 months to 2 beautiful baby girls!

  10. A few questions...

    What on earth is the color 'cashmere'?

    Does Nolia have a taggie blankie?

    I want to see the little freckle on Noli's ankle!

    I see Eliza's purple bracelet do you have a picture of both the girls bracelets?

    Where are the pictures of the hair with clips in it? :)

  11. Rebekah - here are your answers :)

    What on earth is the color 'cashmere'? - Hee-hee! their hair is the color of natural un-dyed cashmere.

    Does Nolia have a taggie blankie? - not yet, we're looking for one.

    I want to see the little freckle on Noli's ankle! - Yes i must take a picture soon!

    I see Eliza's purple bracelet do you have a picture of both the girls bracelets? - I do and need to share soon.

    Where are the pictures of the hair with clips in it? :) - There is one a week back but we need to find some cute hair clips first. We're just getting into it and oh is it fun!


  12. How cute are they?! Can't believe they are 8 months!

  13. Hi Brittany...I see your girls love tags!! So do mine. I make tag blankets. I would love to make the girls some. If you want to check them out go to reeseslilpieces.blogspot.com. My email is also on there.

    Your girls are so adorable!!!

  14. Happy 8 months! It is amazing to see your girls and what they are doing. My twin girls are only a month older than yours. In case you have not tried, I use Pampers and I think they work better on girls than Huggies. Mine never leak at night. However, they are not eating during the night either...so there may not be as much to hold. But when they were still eating during the night, Pampers worked GREAT! Happy Either Months again! Your girls are beautiful!

  15. EIGHT MONTHS! What a wonderful time in your lives and how lucky you are to have a mommy who documents all the special things you can do. ;)

  16. Happy 8 months to your sweet, darling girls! I can't believe it's been that long already...

  17. I think it is Nolia in the pic you said you didnt know who it was. My I cant believe that they are eight months already. Time flies....thoughts on more?
    PS. I still have a box for them sitting, waiting to be mailed on my desk. I had mentioned before that my computer crashed and it had the email that had your addy. Not that I want to give it away but now that they have some more hair you might want to get this box from me. Have a great night.

  18. Wow, EIGHT! Doesn't seem possible. Happy 2/3 of a year, girly girls!

  19. Love those beautiful blue eyes!

  20. Beautiful girls!!!! :)

    Happy 8 monthes babes!

  21. I think the first picture is Eliza. If all the photos in this post were taken in one session, then you might be able to tell by the wisp of hair by her right ear. Nolia has a fuller lock and Eliza has a thinner one in these pics. :)

  22. oh so sweet!! my baby is right behind them- she'll be 8 mos on May 11 and I CANNOT BELIEVE how fast it goes. It just doesn't matter that you know it will because you've done it before, it just takes your breath away!

  23. Happy 8 Months girls! They are just precious!

  24. Adorable!!!! Happy 8 months!

  25. They are so adorable!!!

  26. they are gorgeous and chubby (LOVE THAT) and I see little teeth - and THOSE eyes!!!

  27. Wow. I really can't believe they are 8 months old already (sniff). You continue to inspire me with your awesome spirit and cool mothering. :)

  28. wow brittany, eight months....it's amazing how time goes SO quickly as we watch our children grow.

    susan :):)

  29. They have the most AMAZING blue eyes!!!!
    God Bless

  30. Happy eight months to the whole family! =) What beautiful joys the girls are; I cannot get over their eyes!

  31. They are so precious!! Love their beautiful blue eyes....so pretty! Have you tried Huggies Overnights? They are the BOMB!! It is the only diaper Bowen won't leak through at night! And now they make a size 4! Really enjoy your blog...so cute!
    love and blessings from ga~erin

  32. We're using Naty all natural and Reuben doesn't leak through them despite being medically fragile and having been on antibiotics solid for 2yrs (ie has NEVER had a solid poo). Give these eco diapers a try. I loathe the commercial brands that sit on landfills now

  33. You have very beautiful children! Happy 8 Months Eliza and Nolia!

  34. You would know who is who if you dressed them differently. Remember there are two of them. They are individuals.


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