10 on 10

Did you think I forgot?
No... I'm just slow! {grin}

early morning eggs... found a twin yoke
just like the day of my accident
lovely Eliza taking her morning nap while we packed
loading up... ready to go!

spying on goofy Grayson
and handsome hubby
and happy Vance
and tired Gavin

backseat bag with toys and shoes for the girls...
shoes for Ozzie
and diapers and wipes
waiting for hubby outside chipotle
oh yum! 3 Veggie burritos, chips and guacamole
and whatever drink Paul got {grin}
It was a Road trip day!
and I found out where 10 on 10 came from... Check out more 10 on 10's here


  1. we have our own chickens and get loads of twin yolks....special aren't they??

    are you tellin' where you went??

    Susan :):)

  2. I love Chipotle's chips and guac!

  3. I love those.looks like a great trip!!! and yummy food!

  4. I love seeing pics of the older boys! We don't get to see them very often!

  5. Check out the non-nutritional value of those burritos.

  6. What a great link! Thanks!

    I think Chipotle is one of the better 'fast food' choices out there. When you leave off meat, cheese, sour cream and do light rice, extra black beans it's not that bad. do a burrito bowl and you're doing even better! Sodium really is the worst part... that and the white rice, white tortilla. Good thing I don't consume much sodium otherwise!

    thanks again for the link... Paul who LOVES chipotle will get a kick out of that!


  7. oh, I meant to add...

    it's 715 calories {which I don't worry about counting}

    26g fat - 13g being a good fat from guacamole and you could take 9g off if you skipped the tortilla - that would be LOW fat

    1730g sodium - that's high

    19g Fiber
    19g Protein

    so... not too bad! I'm sure all of the other choices around would have been MUCH worse. :)


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  9. Love me some double yolks. Yolks are the best part!

  10. We love taking road trips!!!

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  12. That sounds like a fun thing to do! I will have to join in next month maybe :)

  13. Can I ask what kind of lens you use for your camera?

  14. the only lens I have right now is a Tamron 28-75 2.8. It's a great all purpose lens. My favorite was my 50mm 1.4 prime before it broke. :(


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  16. Great pictures - I love road trips!

    The girls shoes - those are so cute!!

    love both of your hats!

  17. Just wanted to let you know I added your button to my blog! :o) Your family is beautiful!

  18. I LOVE Chipotle! And I think that all (good for you) things in moderation is the best key. It would be crazy to say that you didn't give into cravings every now and then. And I applaud you and your family for it's healthy eating habits/lifestyle. Chipotle IS one of the best options out there for "fast food" when you are away from hoome.

    Don't listen to the haters because I LOVE your blog, with all the pictures, RECIPES, and health tips (my favorite)

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  20. omg double yokes!!!! We are having our 4th child and sure enough my husband was making breakfast..cracked 2 eggs..BOTH with double yokes...the next day I was making lunch for my kiddies and I cracked a double yoke!! OY!!!!! A sign!! ahhh!! My mom was a home ec teacher and knows her food well...she said that doesn't happen very often! hahaha GREAT! We love Chipotle too...actually 3 times in the last month...can you tell what i'm craving! Normally we'd visit Chipotle about once a year! Good thing its good and cheap!

  21. Sorry, I stand by my previous post: someone is NOT a hater just because they post nutritional information. Sheesh.

  22. I did not delete any comments with nutritional information... I only deleted rude comments about my family.

    If you are referring to the chipotle nutrition comment, I did not call them a hater. And I left it up, because the link is a great resource.

    please understand that I have no problems with people disagreeing or sharing their thoughts on something. All of that can be done respectfully. But saying rude and uncalled for things about me and my family is not okay.


  23. I hope this does not sound mean or hateful, but I am curious about the amount of mexican inspired food you eat. Is it because it's eaay as a vegetarian? I LOVE the stuff, but it gets old and I am always looking for new meat-free dishes!

  24. I love chipotle. I always get the chicken burrito but was thinking the other day I should get the vegetarian one because I really like the beans and rice and could do without the chicken! :) How did you guys eat that in the car? Did the kids share those, too? I do love your blog and I am sorry for all the horrible people out there who love to make others feel bad.

  25. not mean or hateful at all!

    We eat a lot of beans, rice & veggies which lends itself to mexican type dishes... We probably eat something mexican a couple times a month.


  26. Angie,

    Paul, Grayson and myself all eat a burrito and we get a quesadilla with light cheese, added beans, rice and tomatoes for Vance, Gavin and Ozzie.

    this time we did eat in the car and I had to sweep rice off of the floor when we stopped. :) Thank goodness for rubber mats and leather seats!

    Anonymous that is blowing up my inbox... please stop. The hateful words that you have said... are beyond me. You are in my prayers.

    And other Anonymous that keeps posting... I deleted your first comment because you were rude... you told me to get a life. I published your second comment and clarified that I did not delete any nutrition comments. And I also did not call you a hater.

    This is silly. Please take some time to think about what you are saying and how it will affect others and yourself.


  27. again, keep doing what you're doing...it's a wonder that you have time to eat in the first place :). I'm getting us some chipotle tonight -- I'm a bowl kind of girl...no rice, black beans, light chicken, extra mild salsa, extra corn salsa, and lettuce...in that order, haha.

  28. We just got a Chipotle nearby and I was SO excited, we ate it Friday! Now I want it again :)
    I love all the pictures, you always have such a creative point of view! I hope next month I remember 10 on 10!

  29. oh, brittany....all this talk of food is making me hungry....breastfeeding twins means my body needs fooooood!!

    Susan xx

  30. Yum, now I want Chipotle for dinner tonight!

  31. I have never been to a Chipolte, but it sounds sooo yummy!! I really like the 10 on10 idea. I hope I can remember to do it on my blog next month. :) hee hee I forgot this month and EVEN had it written on my calendar!! lol
    Gorgeous photos - cutie kids!

  32. PS I LOOOOOVE your hat!! Where did you buy it??? :)

  33. Wow, Britt, you sure have unnecessary drama going on here.

    I just don't understand why some people are the way they are.

    What I wanted to say is:

    I love Chipotle. It sure does beat fried burgers.

    I always get the veggie burrito with guac on the side, then a bag of chips and a glass of ice water that I add lemon wedges to.

    And I love black beans. Lots of them.

    And I [heart] good people like you. And wish the not so good people didn't have such a hole in their heart making them say spiteful things

  34. Oh, and I forgot...

    The kids and I get so excited when we find twin yolks.



  35. HaHa Look at my nose in that van pic!

    I remember exactly the day in that snowy parking lot, circa; Western Colorado where, with hands clad in black "Members Only",.....

    ...I did a nose dive square into a curb.

    I had raccoon eyes til July.

    I guess it takes more than good looks and student loans to get into the club, Huh baby? And, ya know, on second thought, I guess I'll go ahead and keep my day job for a little while longer. ;)

  36. Ooh, quesadillas for the younger ones! Good idea. We took our 4 there (closest one is 40 min. away - wah!) and I decided it was a better date place than a family place for us. I shared a burrito with the toddler twins and hardly had time to take a bite for myself! I will do the quesadilla next time. Hmm, now when I can get there again? :)

    Also, I think you will be a natural at homeschooling. You obviously love to be around your kids and you enjoy learning new things. My biggest struggle is getting over my selfish desire to have time to myself and also comparing how my kids are doing to everyone else. But I love having them home. Sometimes I just wish we had a private tutor that could come and teach them for me while I did the cleaning and shopping. Oh, well. Someday I'll have all the time in the world to clean my house and I'll just want to see my kids.

  37. first off...i cannot believe ppl. why do they choose to be mean. it is a choice obviously. argh. i just get so frustrated. and then pray.
    i love chipotle. we have to drive over a half hour to get to one though. :0(
    i also love the pedipeds. they are so cute.
    i think i'm the only comment about the shoes...must be b/c i have three girlies. :0)

  38. love your blog, your talented camera shots and funny words...Bless you and your sweet family!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!