plugged back into the Matrix

***I DID NOT WRITE THIS and I do not believe all doctors are idiots, or have hatred or contempt for them. This was written by Mike Adams and he can come across crude, condescending & bitter sometimes... I just found so many of the points too good to not share. It is NOT my way or the highway... just throwing more info out there. I do not think I am always right. I am always learning***

(NaturalNews) If you talk to many people about health, medications, toxic chemicals and food, you'll quickly come to realize that most people have very little knowledge of reality in these areas. And yet, ignorance is often bliss because these people can just wolf down a cheeseburger, get vaccine shots, drink fluoridated water and take all sorts of toxic chemical medications without even a hint of concern (that is, until a few years later when all the toxic build-up starts to kill them).

So as a public service to those individuals who might want to rid their minds of any knowledge of true health and live their lives as members of the ignorant masses (a la being "plugged back into the Matrix"), I've put together a mind wiping recipe that you can freely use to join the ranks of all the doctors, journalists, politicians and consumers who think there's nothing wrong with exposing yourself to an unlimited number of toxic chemicals from multiple sources.

Just follow these simple directions and your mind will be wiped clean in no time:

Step 1:
Stand in front of a mirror, with your hands placed calmly at your side.

Step 2:
Look into the reflection and focus on your own eyes. Take three deep breaths to eliminate any tension.

Step 3:
Repeat the following mantras three times each:

"America has the best health care in the world."

"The FDA is my friend."

"Synthetic chemicals are good for me."

"Pharmaceuticals are priced in a fair way that helps drug companies afford to find new cures."

"Food comes from factories, not dirt."

"Food and drug corporations are looking out for my best interests."

"Vaccines protect me from evil germs."

"Fluoride is good for me."

"If we all would just buy more products that donate money to the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon cancer research fund, a cure for cancer would be readily found. (The only reason cancer hasn't been cured yet is because not enough people go shopping.)"

"The more pharmaceuticals I take, the healthier I will get."

"The human body only needs calories, not nutrition, to survive."

"My genes are faulty and I was born deficient in patented chemicals. These chemical imbalances must be corrected through pharmaceutical intervention."

"The sun is my enemy. I must fear it at all times."

"Dead, cooked foods are nutritional equivalent to live foods."

"There is no such thing as a dangerous ingredient in personal care products. If chemicals were dangerous, the FDA would never allow them to be used."

"My purpose in life is to conform to the wishes of authority figures."

"The planet is able to absorb an unlimited amount of pollution from human activity. There is no cause for concern."

"Global warming is a hoax. Human activity has no effect on the climate."

"Man has conquered nature. We no longer need to concern ourselves with learning from or protecting nature. Whatever we need can be invented in a lab."

"The way to prosperity requires the use of genetically-modified foods and patented seed technologies controlled by caring, compassionate corporations like Monsanto."

"Pregnancy is a disease requiring immediate medical intervention. Childbirth is an unnatural and traumatic experience necessitating urgent hospital care."

"Drug ads are a good source of information about health."

"Doctors are well informed about how to stay healthy."

"Medical schools teach doctors how to care for fellow human beings."

"Medical journals print only reliable, scientifically-validated information that can be counted on to be true. It's peer-reviewed, after all."

"Any surgery suggested by a surgeon must be medically necessary; otherwise he would not have suggested it."

"The foods I choose to eat have no effect whatsoever on my health outcome. Sickness or health is determined solely by luck or genes."

Step 4:
Repeat these mantra until you have convinced yourself they are absolutely true. You now qualify to be a conventional doctor or a medical journal editor.

Step 5:
Now that your mind is wiped clean, turn on the television and refill the empty spaces in your brain with TV programming. Pay special attention to the commercials, which will provide valuable information that you can really trust!

Those are the five simple steps. You are now ready to rejoin mainstream society where you can eat meals with your family without any hesitation about what's actually in the food. You can now shop for cosmetics at Wal-Mart, or eat beef jerky purchased at a Quick-Mart. You can eat cheeseburgers and milkshakes. No more worries!

Plug yourself back into the Matrix, and live out the rest of your life in a comfortable state of ignorant bliss. You will find lots of support from family and friends, by the way, who will greatly enjoy watching you become just as obese and diseased as they are!

By the way, after you've wiped your mind clean, don't forget to register to vote!


  1. No thanks, not for me!!!!


  2. i am the only one of my friends who is apprehensive about vaccines. They all think that it is foolishness to not vaccinate and it is so fun to be the minority in the majority when we have these discussions. Especially since I am in a school of public health where every one is about prevention and vaccines equal nobody being sick anymore!! ha!!

  3. This is the way of true. I have been ridiculed, made to look uneducated by doctors and even a speech pathologist at U of M. Because I fought the "medical way" of helping my child who they said had autism. I spent hours searching alternative help with my son. After much research and prayer I found a doctor that helped my son by detoxifying his body. He had three times the amount of mercury in his body and a huge amount of yeast in his intestines. Im happy to say that after two months into the "diet" My son started saying his first words, and not just words he was talking in sentences (he was 3 1/2 and still didnt talk) He was potty trained within a couple weeks and he is absolutely fine now!!

    Before that, I was like most of americans. My son always got his shots on time. We ate starchy, non organic food. Ate nothing healthy at all. He drank milk constantly.

    We now eat organically, drink rice milk, try to eat the best way possible.

    Thank you for being outspoken. I hope that more people will start understanding what is going on in our country.

  4. Too Funny. But all too true.... that is how most of my family members and friends think.

  5. I love it!! That is so true, and so gross

  6. Brittany- I love that you make people think about things that they would normally not. Even thought I don't agree with everything you have here - I always look up the things that I do not know much about so it gets me thinking for sure.

    Thanks for a great blog- I am not sure how you do it with 6. We have 5 - last two 5 month old twin girls and I never have time.


  7. Wait, you mean my lifestyle is totally invalid and harmful? Oh no, I wondered why I was sick all the time! LOL! That is totally must have just posted this, I can't wait to see all the "sheeple" comments that come rolling in later! :-)

    (I'll bet you a million bucks that certain memebers of my family would read that and go, "so? what's wrong with that? we should listen to people who know what they're talking about!")

  8. Or how 'bout adding these thoughts to your list: Mark 16:18 - "they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". or Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

    Just a thought. I can't stand the demonic stuff that some people want us to believe.

  9. Thank you for that post! Amen and Amen!

  10. seriously, no vaccines at all? Sorry, no can do. I've been to too many places where people are dying of diseases we no longer worry about in this country. I can agree with everything else you wrote, except for that.

    And, I'm not so sure making people feel stupid about their choices is the best way to convince them to change.

  11. I just recently found your blog. I get the humor in this post but would love more facts! I am new to all of this and would love to learn "why"????? There are so many sites on the internet... where do I begin??? Thanks for all you have brought to light so far!!!
    -Mary Ellen

  12. just found the Natural News link!!!!! sorry, I am a bit slow...

  13. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  14. yeah, i just spent $204 on ten little pills for my son. no joke. we do have crappy insurance that only kicked in $40 which would have made 10 little pills $244!! ummm that is almost $25 a pill!!
    that's like a nite out on the town!!
    better believe i'll be rationing them out. and he better flippin have a serious migraine if he wants to have one!
    i bet if everyone had crappy insurance like we do (joy of being self employed) more people would scream at the high cost of health care. i'm not sayin we need gov't controlled care. notonyourlife!! but if we knew how much everything cost, we could at least shop it around!
    good post.

  15. Don't forget that the only reason you and others can choose to not vaccinate is because most people do.

  16. my husband is a doctor...he is NOT filling others with ignorance. I am very sorry you have such a chip on your shoulder for people who are educated in the medical field. Vaccinations have saved MANY lives, we raise our own meat to eat, which are full of nutrients our bodies NEED, we eat fresh foods from our garden. I think you are a bit smug and small minded! No wonder you were hit by negative posters during your daughters hospital give off such a negative vibe when it comes to modern medicine. I do NOT agree with every thing doctors may recommend, but I do know that they are on YOUR side, and a competent doctor, such as my husband will work WITH you.


  17. wow

    alot of information to take in and it seems very harsh to me. Maybe because I like milk. alot. lol.

    But you have alot of good points :)

  18. Wonderful posting. It's amazing how just a few statements from "the other side" can anger people so much. The hold the medical community has on the public is pretty astounding sometimes. Not all doctors are bad but most of them in my experience are arrogant and that arrogance can lead to ignorance. There is a lot more information out there than what the mainstream has to say, that's for sure!!

  19. Good post. I agree with a lot of your positions, but certainly not all of them. It would be nice if everyone would do their research, though!

  20. i think that vaccines can be very useful when it comes to certain diseases

    i know many, many doctors and nurses who are doing a wonderful job talking to, working with people

    i think it's not not "neither" "nor", it's "and" /"too"

    the world is not black and white, it's colourful, so are people, opinions, work, education....

    and it's all about compromises, don't you think? changes aren't made radical revolution, but with constant education.


  21. Interesting thoughts, but you really should do more research. Try living in a third world country (take your pick) where ALL adults have multiple missing teeth and many die from simple oral infections. Then you may be grateful for the fluoride in our water. Fluoridated water has saved millions of lives and revolutionized our quality of living, especially for the poor.

  22. I agree with the sentiment and this is my personal family philosopy, so no argument there.

    However, I do think the presentation is a bit divisive and condescending, you know what I mean? I think just about everyone does the best they can with the information that they have and presenting serious information like this is not very nice or helpful. There are real and intelligent reasons for choosing either of the 2 'sides' you present.

    I'm sure you didn't mean for it to come off in a negative way, but I think it does.

  23. Oh, and I don't disagree with all of your points here specifically, just the culmination of all the negativity and paranoia. It is over the top and just plain incorrect.

  24. Gosh I hope that your kids never need a transplant or get cancer...hard to beat without visiting a (gulp) doctor!

    For someone who takes a million vitamins and eats "healthy" and your family sure are sick A LOT!!!

    I'll pass.

  25. "Don't forget that the only reason you and others can choose to not vaccinate is because most people do."

    Well said!!!

  26. Just wait until your kids' mouths are FILLED with cavities. Flouride is not poison. You are very ignorant.

    You tell us not to believe what we read in medical journals, yet you believe what you read from quacks! I'll take the medically trained doctor.

  27. my goodness, this article by Mike Adams comes across very condecending and slightly pathelogical and bitter. keep in mind anyone can find any article or statistics to back up their own personal beliefs.

    i am sorry, but it seems like you have been hurt in the past concerning healthcare. i wish that you didnt have to experience whatever you experienced, but i have put money down that there are SOOOO many wonderful and caring Doctors out there that outnumber the bad ones.
    Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  28. Wow, wow ,wow. Why does it seem like your way or the highway lately on your blog?! I understand that it is *your* blog and *your* thoughts, but they way you present your information is terrible. The sarcasm and arrogance is just horrible. So, what, are we stupid for trusting medical professionals? I suppose my MD who professes a love of a healthy lifestyle and speaks to me regarding alternative therapies is an idiot. You are painting with an awfully big brush. Oh, well, I guess the rest of us ignorant folk who don't prescribe to your lifestyle are just dumb and have done no research whatsoever.

    For the record, I've been reading your blog for quite some time and have enjoyed hearing about your family. I don't mind hearing about your healthy lifestyle at all, but when words like ignorant thrown around when readers like myself don't necessarily agree with you I have to say, "I'm done".
    I understand that you are not here to please anyone but yourself, but I have to say your writing lately is really alienating a good number of your readers who have supported you in the past.

    Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!


  29. My 1st comment didn't show up, so I'll just try it again.

    A reality check is needed here. You are just subscribing to "new" and "trendy" authority figures on the topics of modern medicine and food. A lot of these trends will be debunked just like soy.

    I don't worry about people like you not vaccinating because truthfully you don't strike me as the world traveler type. I just don't want my kids to be quarantined and miss school because they are exposed to a child who was exposed to a horrible disease overseas. That is what angers me. America does have the best healthcare in the world. Have you ever been to another country?

    We (scientists) are largely responsible for many terrible diseases being erradicated, the lifespan of humans nearly quadruopling, and the overall quality of life reaching new horizons with each generations.

    But I most certainly won't be holding my breathe for any gratitude from the hippies :)

    I live really close to Boulder, CO, which is the mecca for people like you. I bet if you moved there you would be back in the Matrix because you wouldn't be so unique.

    I am not hiding behind an anonymous, but I am openly defending logic and reality. I am SO sick of all of this latest "health" trendiness. It is ridiculous.

  30. This is extreme and very arrogant and condescending in many ways. I know you probably didn't mean to sound that way. So..if you were diagnosed with cancer or your child you would allow them to die instead of doing chemo and/or radiation? Just because you choose this natural way that costs lots of money doesn't mean you will never get cancer or some other disease. Sin entered the world and that is when death did, too. I love your blog Brittany, but this is too far out!

  31. I love your information and would like to know more about how you eat and what vitamins you take!!! And more importantly WHY? Do you have any book suggestions? I'm still on the edge of my seat for the cheese post!!!!!!!

  32. well, I'm glad to find out that you didn't write this... however, you did post it.

    Give your readers more credit, huh? I'm pretty sure we're intelligent enough to make decisions for our families without being called member of the Matrix or "sheeple" as one of your other readers insinuated.

    Posting an article where the author talks down to his audience doesn't exactly warm the heart.

  33. Wow, lots of anonymous comments today, Britt! And it seems that lots of them are really taking this post personally. Chill out, people! Some of y'all are being just as chip-laden and condescending as you're accusing her.

  34. After reading the other comments, I'm a little hesitant to add my own two cents...but obviously not hesitant enough to stop myself.

    Look, this world is not black and white. It is filled to the brim with colors and shades of grey, and as a result there are multitudes of choices that work best for one person or family, but do not work at all for another. And I trust that whatever decisions you make with the best of your family in mind...are the right decisions for you, are the best decisions for your family, the end. I readily accept that I am not qualified to make those choices for you or your family, just as I believe that neither you nor this other writer are qualified to make those choices for me or my family.

    Now. That said.

    I personally disagree with the man who wrote this article. I will not say that it is condescending or anything like that, as I am unfamiliar with his writing and his intentions, but I will say that I do tend to look at articles such as this as inherently wrong because they refuse to consider the many shades of grey in the picture.

    It's just, well, generalizations never stack up, you know? I don't fit into stereotypes and generalizations very well, and I don't think that anyone does. I feel that this article makes many a claim, many a generalization, without much support or background information at all. And since I doubt that every entity mentioned herein fits exceedingly well into the generalizations made, just as you and I may not fit into generalizations made about women or mothers or whatever, I have come to the conclusion that I am not one to agree with him.

    Whew. Long-winded, I am =)

    Keep making your choices, and I'll keep making mine. I just hope that articles like this, people like this writer, don't judge me for making decisions that are the best and healthiest for my family even as they may not be the best or healthiest for yours. There are so many, many factors that go into the choices I will cast, some of which people like this writer will never be privy to, just as there are many factors of your decisions which I will never know. And for that reason, there, I'm extending you the courtesy of not passing judgement on you for posting this or prescribing to the lifestyle you do. And after all, that's what I think some of the previous commenters seem most upset about, that they feel this shows that you are not extending the same courtesy to them.

    I assume you are.

    Gosh, look at me sounding insane. Outside of that, this was interesting to read at the very least.

  35. ignorance is bliss

  36. I want to add some thoughts to the "shades of gray" comment above. While it's important for us to follow our convictions and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, we can't look at health as an all-or-nothing thing, you know? The article you posted indirectly addresses the habits of an obese person. Does buying an occasional box of Oreos make one an unhealthy person? The unhealthiness (is that a word?) comes into play when we become obsessed with food, and in a way I think overly health-conscious individuals may have an obsession problem, too. I'm certainly not putting that tag on you, but I know there are people out there who are like that.

    I'm thinking maybe my comments are more toward the author of this article. I'd love to find out more of his thoughts.

  37. hey brittany, i'm glad you posted this. i am just now (in the last 6 months) learning many of these things as well. it all started when our family moved to a smaller town w/ more focus on the local farmer than we were used to. upon our move we were also blessed to meet teresa holler. she has guided & encouraged our family so much. (she wrote the book "holler for your health" slowly and step by step we are making changes for our family to be healthier. i love that you have another source with much of the same advice.
    and i know you meant no harm by this. i always look forward to reading about your family & health choices. thanks for sharing.

  38. You use cloth? I am JUST making the switch - and my daughter is 8 months! Ha! Better late than never, right? I am interested in what you have to say about them as well as the kind you use. I'll be waiting... patiently. :)

  39. I follow Natural News too, and found this article both entertaining and thought-provoking! :)

    I knew I shouldn't have read the other comments first, because that one sentence was all I was going to say, but now...

    Did people not read the first paragraph, where you explain that you are NOT the author of that article???

    Do you (the negative commenters) really presume to call Mr. Adams arrogant, when you are so arrogant to say that America has the BEST healthcare in the world? Certainly, there are many people in other parts of the world that would be lucky to have the health care we have, but that doesn't change the fact that the system is seriously messed up! We go to our doctors and they throw drugs at everything, rather than getting to the root causes of our troubles.

    We live in a culture that is plagued by a "fix my troubles now" attitude, a "magic pill" addiction, so to speak. And that attitude pervades our health care as well. I go to the doctor and say I have a fever, a cough, and lots of stuff coming out my nose. Then they will give me a prescription for an antibiotic, because waiting to see if my own immune system will take care of it is too much of an inconvenience, and they will prescribe cough supressant and decongestant, so my own immune system doesn't have to inconvenience me with its methods of healing. It's all about making us "feel better" in the shortest amount of time possible.

    That's not ALWAYS bad, of course there are situations when medical interventions are necessary and certainly know that from the events of your past year or so!... My point is, the ATTITUDE that places a priority on what will make us feel better over what is actually good for us in the long run is damaging. But that attitude is so ingrained into our heads that it takes a long, slow process of opening our eyes to be able to see it.

    I hope the pissed-off commenters take the time to read a few more articles from Natural News, and especially to read Mike Adams' personal story. We don't all need to agree, but there is no need not to try to understand.

    Sorry for the length... LOVE your blog, girl! :)

  40. I feel for anyone that has a Dr that throws medications at them. Wow..I have yet to be to one that will do that for me and my family. I find it so sad that people can't find the connection my family as with our Dr. As for Dawn... Brittney didn't add those first paragraphs until later on so that is where some comments are coming from. So many great comments on this site...both against and for what this person has written. I do really like the one that commented that we can always find an article that will support our personal beliefs. When you have to dig up information to support your beliefs..they aren't your beliefs anymore. They are someone elses...

  41. Anon- I have to agree with you- I've yet to find an MD who is willing to throw medication at me.

    Dawn- my doctor would never give medication for the common cold, it wouldn't even dawn on me to go for that.

    I just visited the Mike Adams website and after seeing what he is selling I say, "No Thanks."
    He advocates for never seeing a doctor or taking any prescriptive medicine whatsoever. Seriously? There are some shades of gray in this world. So if my child is fighting a massive infection I don't take him for an antibiotic? An appendix that's going to rupture? My child gets strep throat and all of the wonderful things that it can lead to without an antibiotic? A child with Type I diabetes? Do I need to continue? God willing, all of his children (if he has any) will stay extremely healthy and not need any intervention, I'd hate to think of the consequences.
    I will grant you that, yes, there are things we can all do to avoid being ill, but there are some things that will just *happen* and kids (and adults!) do get sick.

  42. Here's the link to Mike Adam's Health Tip page. While I do agree with some it, not ever seeing a doctor? No medication whatsoever?

  43. Wow Brittney, youv are brave posting this, it is definately confronting.... I understand that you DID NOT write this but by posting it are you supporting it? and for those of you the best medical care is in AUSTRALIA, we look after everyone and while we have waiting lists for DR's it is free and people do NOT loose their homes, maybe some people need lookd outside AMerica you know possibly the most ignorant nation in the world!

  44. I thought it was very informative and even if I do or do not agree with everything,there were some very valid thoughts for sure. Thanks for sharing

  45. I hope this is not a duplicate, my first time did not appear to show up, I must've done something wrong!

    I love visiting your blog and have had some great contacts with you! I think you are an awesome mom and have been very inspirational to many on multiple levels. But I am sorry I visited tonight. I just wanted to check on some of my friends in blogland and relax after giving everything I had to my patients today and then coming home to care for my four boys. I know that I am very tired but I feel like I have been punched in the stomach. I agree with some of the points and fight the same battles every day. I disagree with some of the points, but that's ok. I am just hurt by the overwhelming disrespect that is so discouraging to those of us who try so hard.

  46. OH my word!!! LOL.. sorry had to laugh.. but wow that soo true how doctors just seem to dose out antibotics.. we all use germ x constistly.. we no longer allow our kids to play in dirt because of "bacteria" (I've heard of some people doing this not everyone..)
    no wonder we are no longer getting healthier.. but sicker.. thanks for posting this!

  47. Love this post, would you mind if I linked to it?

    I don't understand why people are taking this post so personally. Sounds like maybe it hits too close to home for some of them.

    While I agree with most of the points, how do people not see that it's said with tongue firmly placed in cheek?

    Brittany is NOT saying that anyone should never see a doctor, or that modern medicine is uncalled for. It has a purpose--when it is *needed*.

    I'm all for making the best choices for my family, and I do not judge anyone for making different choices (am I perfect? No. I just had BK for dinner tonight actually, and as healthy as I try to be, I could still stand to lose a good 20 lbs).

    But what I *do* struggle with is ignorance. It has to be said--whatever choices you make, whether they be seen as mainstream or crunchy/alternative, do your research first, and make an informed decision. It can be said for both "sides" - don't do something just because your doctor/monkey's uncle/hottest celebrity says it's a good idea.

    In the end, it all comes down to making the best choices you can for you and your family, and being comfortable with them. There's no reason to be offended by the way someone else does things. If this post offends you, maybe you should ask yourself if you're really comfortable with the choices you're making. Otherwise, brush it off.

  48. Yes, Brooke, but the person she is posting about DOES mention on his "health tips" not to ever see a doctor or take medication, I think that's an important aspect to show as well. While I can certainly appreciate being informed about a healthy lifestyle and I really do enjoy this blog (very much) I just think we should all be informed who this guy really is.

  49. I understand you didn't write this, but you posted it. So, I am assuming you believe all this. When someone says to not visit a doctor or take medicine my red flags go up really fast. Had it not been for chemo and radiation I wouldn't be here today!

  50. I agree with Dawn, did every person with a negative comment fail to read the first paragraph? And, what has caused so many people to get so defensive and quite angry. Maybe they need a nap or the sarcasm bothered people, but the information should still be taken.

    I am quite certain that the only ones I questioned are vaccinations (I vaccinate my children), the "role of doctors" (there are amazing ones out there--I think we all would agree and medical schools/journals very important), and the flouride one. Our health care is so not the best, our environment is being compeltely taken for granted (yea! just ask Al Gore!!), we live in a society that wants a quick fix to problems and issues. Instead of talking, sharing the information, we become defensive and feel we need to convince others that they are wrong and we are right.

    Loved the one about authority figures and every single environment one! Every one!

    I hope the grouchy comments don't stop you from posting things like this. Isn't that kind of the point of blogs? To get people thinking, to have some sort of "discussion", to share new thoughts and ideas and to be okay with yourself when someone does not think like you do.


  51. Kimberly- the first paragraph was added later.

  52. Brooke, I am all for your suggestions, but do you really put physican guidance right up there with a monkey's uncle or the hottest celebrity around? I hope everyone has a doctor that will care for them with an open mind, lots of information to share, and mutual respect.

    I am just not feelin' the love tonight, folks!:)

  53. Laura, no, I don't put physician guidance up there alongside the latest celebrity fad etc, I was just trying to illustrate my point, which was--just to clarify for anyone else who was wondering--that people should think for themselves.

    I honestly wish we all had access to doctors who are interested in treating their patients with respect and an open mind and a willingness to treat the whole person, and not just the symptoms.

  54. Rebecca, Idaho3/20/09, 12:16 AM

    I just have to say that a "doctor" saved my child's life when she was born at 32 weeks.

    I wish you would realize that all those vitamins you take everyday are found in REAL food and if you would just eat a balanced diet you wouldn't have to spend so much on other sources.

    I'm sure you were glad that a doctor helped your daughter when she had RSV, I hope you know that it is a deadly virus in infants.

  55. I'm a new reader and don't have a blog myself, but really enjoy reading yours! It's a shame you're getting so many negative comments. I was sick for 22 years and I thank God everyday for learning about natural medicine. I was finally diagnosed with multiple food allergies at the age of 22. I no longer live in pain, and that discovery led me down a path of researching related things like Autism, ADHD, vaccines, cancer, artificial sweeteners, flouride, etc.

    I now know to educate myself before blindly trusting any health care provider or government agency. I am so thankful to know the truth... which is why your post did not offend me. Thank you for sharing, and I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts/information with those of us who want to learn more. This is your blog after all!

    Claire K.
    p.s. your children are lovely!

  56. Melanie & four kids3/20/09, 5:00 AM

    I love your blog - the family stories, the wonderful pictures and your optimism that shines through. What makes me visit it less and less often is the pessimistic undertone in the health news. Where is the lovely "food of the week" section? I loved it, because I think that is the way to change people's mind - to change their life step by step to the better by adding some fresh blueberrys and next time some more beans:o)
    For our family cutting out more and more food and substituting it with more and more vitamin pills doesn't work. I wan't my kids to learn that good food makes them feel good and not that health comes from bottels and powders.
    I want them to enjoy food, epecially my girls, even when this means that we eat some delicious organic cheese with crispy white bread.

    When it comes to vaccinations, I can't agree. I live in an area where a lot of people don't vacciante (due to the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf, which I mostly like). It's easy to not vaccinate when everybody around you does. Here a lot of kids get measels,..., even my friends little daughter at five month which made her stay in the hospital for long time because of an brain infection.
    If I wouldn't vaccinate, I would say "Thank you" to all the parents who do...
    I have to admit that it is easier to vaccinate, when you live in a country where the shots don't contain mercury, like in here.
    Anyway, dear Brittany please focus on what makes your bog so special: Optimism, enthusiam and humor (and the food of the week :o)))


  57. I found your post humorous -- I do agree with a lot of it. What was more interesting is the mass comments ... some really take this personally. I believe it is you blog and we all have a choice to read or not AND to agree or not! I personally prefer blogs that are real (such as yours) not just always happy fluff!!! I believe different opinions force us to think, at least if we are open minded enough too!

    Keep it real!!

  58. Hey Brittany

    I like your thought provoking posts.

    I am not as "natural" as I would like to be, or even as I used to be. Up until I had a child that needed medical intervention to save his life, and then a major medicine for a year, and ultimately a surgical procedure to correct the problem- I was no meds, very little doctors.

    But things changed and I had to roll with it. I do vaccinate (although I delay them) and when my almost 12 year old tried a hamburger for the first time at a friends house recently (and liked it) I didn't freak out.

    As moms I know we are all trying to do the best we can. I appreciate your dedication and research to natural health and allowing those of us who want to try to incorporate some of it into our lives, the ability to learn more.

    Next month we are adding one more to out family- and I feel like I am starting all over gathering info!

  59. All these comments are great! I think Brittany wants us to read and share our thoughts honestly, agree or disagree, as long as it is done with respect. I can't speak for her, but she does invite everyone to share their thoughts. If everyone agreed, there would be no "discussion". As for taking things personally, I think that just reflects the passion people have for their role or position in these issues, and that "keeps it real".

  60. Laughable. Two uneducated people pop out 6 kids and then accuse others around them of being ignorant and being a drain on the environment.

    Speaking of pharmaceuticals, there's a great one for male baldness.

  61. Wow, way to get a discussion going! I haven't ever commented before but have just been thinking about this for a day now. So- my two cents -- in a nutshell, I find it a shame that this author has painted everybody who doesn't subscribe to each of his beliefs with the same broad, angry brush.

    I am a college educated, well-read, informed mom who cloth diapers, breastfeeds, and eats organic in food categories where it seems like a good idea. I avoid processed foods, fast foods, artificial coloring and sweeteneers. I make my own cleaning products using simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. We recyle. I don't buy paper towels or disposable dishes.

    But we eat dairy and meat, we vaccinate our children, we love our pediatrician, and I happily received epidurals with both deliveries. If, once in a while, at the end of a hectic day, I resort to a box of (processed! dyed!) mac n' cheese and whatever (fresh! organic!) produce I have on hand to feed my children, I don't panic.

    I am not a mindless 'sheeple' who makes my decisions based on pharmeceutical commercials. I know where food comes from. I am concerned for the environment. I read. I research. I think.

    But according to this guy, I am ignorant and destined for disease and obesity.

    Brittany, I love reading your blog. You clearly take great care of your family and feel strongly about what you believe. You've got a real platform here for giving some good information and testimony of personal experience to back it up. But I feel like aligning yourself with a guy like this can only hurt your message!


  62. Wow, Erin, that was marvelously put. I fall into almost the same categories as you (well, I chose not to use drugs during my deliveries), and I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote. Very nice. This author sounded so angry, didn't he? I'm disappointed that this blog owner chose to align herself with this guy and, to be honest, the poster who added the "sheeple" comment lost my business as a result. She is a small business owner and some friends and I were contemplating making a rather large purchase from her. We'll find another mom to support, I'm sure. I'm getting more and more disillusioned with food fads and those who choose to live or die by them.

  63. Amber Scott3/20/09, 2:20 PM

    Hi Brittany! I'm usually a lurker on your blog but I feel the need to come out of hiding for this.

    While many people may not appreciate the sarcasm and possible "bitterness" of the article, I understand where he's coming from. One of the beautiful things about living in America is our right to ask questions and speak out when we see our society heading in the wrong direction. Its our right to search out truth and make decisions for our families regardless of what popular opinion and the media tell us. I think that was the point of the article, to make us think. Our healthcare system is fractured but in many ways its not the fault of the doctors. My cousin who is an MD tried to further his education by enrolling in a Naturopath program but hit a wall when he found out he would lose his MD status by doing so. Western medicine is wonderful when it comes to certain things (ie burn victims, transplants, emergency situations) but I truly believe that it is an individuals responsibility to research and partake in "preventative medicine". Kudos to you for taking that step. I'm sorry that people feel the need to personally attack you for this, but straying from conformity tends to make people uncomfortable. Love your blog!


  64. Interesting. I am a nurse practitioner and see that many of our medical interventions are problematic and one-sided. The commercialization of our health and illness leaves us confused and in a posistion of diminished power. We do need to realize that God has instructed us to take care of our bodies and our earth and the two are very much connected. Faith helps me know what to believe too!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!