Happy 7 Months girls!

Happy 7 months
212 days
30 weeks
5088 hours

Each moment I fall more and more in love with you, my precious baby girls!

:you both:
sit up
sleep in the same bed
and don't' wake each other up
eat at the same time {you do not eat as well alone}
hold hands all the time {including while eating}
LOVE your piggies
have bright blue eyes
have wisps of curls
grab toys or anything within reach
smile and giggle
say mama
talk and make lots of noises
are VERY wiggly
roll from front to back and back to front
suck your thumb
cry the same {mom and dad can't tell it apart}
love my hair
get excited when you see your brothers and dad
arch your back when we are picking you up
can giggle so hard you cry
18 lbs. {it's been a few weeks since we weighed you though}
wear size Large BG diapers
wear size 12-18 month clothes {mostly}
wear 0-6 month pedipeds
are too squirmy for mom to paint your toe nails
love the supersaucer
have a super strong grip
don't fall asleep in the car every time anymore
take 3 naps a day
wake up 1-2 times a night
are on the same schedule most of the time
dress alike 90% of the time
share toys back and forth
stare into each others eyes
move in sync {amazing to watch}
stump almost everyone who tries to tell you apart
have everyone wrapped around your little fingers


have a little bit more hair
have a bigger curl on the side
blow bubbles {your noises are how we can tell you apart}
say mum-mum-mum for mama {not too often}
like my hair but not as much as your sister
suck your thumb with your hand upside down
like to sit more than your sister
have one little bottom tooth poking through


say ma-ma-ma ALL the time
say ba-ba-ba very quietly so we hear your lips pop
make a silly ahhhh sounding noise
LOVE to hold my hair to suck your thumb
you suck your thumb with your hand over your face
you pull your hat, blankets, mom's hair, anything over your face to suck your thumb
like to stand more than your sister


Happy SEVEN months to our lovely little girls!

& Ozzie

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  1. What do you say to that?!?! THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS!!! Makes me actually WANT to have one! :)

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  3. I don't think it gets any cuter than your two little ladies!!

  4. They arethe frist set of twins that make me want twins....PRECIOUS!

  5. They are so adorable! Happy 7

  6. I can't believe they are 7 months already! Too adorable.

  7. Oh my goodness, they are so CUTE! I don't know how you do it though, I would constantly worry about mixing them up. I suppose it is something only parents of identical twins can really understand. ;) These are such great posts for you all to look back on too, a digital scrapbook if you will. =)

  8. Happy 7 months girls! So CUTE and ADORABLE!!

  9. 7 months already? My how time flies. They are just beautiful!

  10. What a cute post they are so precious. I can't beleive how big they are. 18lbs wow! that is 36lbs for fun for you to carry at once. (your arms must look great!)

    Have a good day,

  11. The time has gone by so quickly!! Happy 7 months sweet girls!

  12. Those are some great pics. I love the dresses too. Happy 7 months.

  13. I just love seeing pics of your girls and hearing about what they do. I have my own little girl who is 6 1/2 months but I still love seeing your girls. It's so neat to hear what twins are like together. You are so blessed to have all your beautiful children.

    If you have time I would love to hear your take on when you choose to feed babies solids and what you prefer starting with. I'm still debating this and haven't started my little one on solids yet but have been researching a little.

  14. What a beautiful tribute for your two gorgeous girls. You are so blessed!!

  15. They are gorgeous babies!

    Happy 7 months birthday!

  16. Happy 7 months...they are beautiful!

  17. WOW, the time is going WAY too fast!!! They are super cute!

  18. Your girls are so sweet... I am trying to convince my husband for one more, I just can't stop thinking about babies. It's not really working though.

  19. Your daughters are beautiful! I have twin girls, too - 14 months now. They grow way too fast!!

    What is your favorite lentil recipe? I have been wanting to try something new.


  20. Having twins must be amazing! Thank you for sharing so much about them. They're completely adorable!

  21. I LOVE this sweet and simple post on the girls! I also LOVE the "what you think about mom" from the boys! I think they are both great ideas. God bless you and your beautiful family! Lisa

  22. I love this post! The pictures are great and it is so wonderful to hear all the things the girls are up to!

  23. These pictures are just adorable!! Love their outfits!!

  24. They are so beautiful Brittany! I'm just loving this age too :)

  25. How cute are they!

    I stopped by to tell you that I nominated you for a little blog award on my site.



  26. Love the pictures!! :) Happy 7 months little girls!!

  27. Oh my goodness, could they possibly be any cuter? I can't believe they are 7 months old already. It seems like you just had them! HaPpY 7 MoNtHs GiRlS!!

  28. this is so precious...i love reading about your babies

  29. Wow..7 months old! They are so adorable!

  30. Happy 7 months!!! They are just precious. I love your blog and love what a woderful things you post.

  31. They are such cuties. I enjoyed reading about each of them. I think it's neat how you did that.

  32. Happy 7 months to the two sweetest twins girls!


  33. so adorable. and i bet you never get tired of hearing that. they are just the preciousest!!

  34. Oh my goodness Brittany, there are absolutely precious! So beautiful!

  35. Oh, the sweetness!

    Would it weird for you to post a pic of them both eating? I understand if you wouldn't want to, I'm just so curious to know how it works, or at least explain how you hold both of them.

  36. That is super sweet! What a great memory that will be for them ;)
    I love how you mention how they are so alike, but so different! I don't disagree that they have just about everyone wrapped around their fingers! Precious! How fun when you will get that chance to paint their piggies!

  37. they are so cute and getting soooo big!! i cant believe its been 7 months!! i meant to email you the other day to see how things were going with yall (work, health, etc) hope all is well!!

  38. Congratulations on seven months - to the whole family! =)

  39. happy seven months. they are the super cutest! but i think i've already told you that. i also love that you dress them alike a lot of the time. i have three girls ((all about 15 months apart)) and dress them alike when i can, now that we've added a boy to the mix i don't know what i am going to do about matching them all!! :0) oh and we love pedipeds shoes here too.

  40. Happy 7 months girls! Adorable photos!

  41. They are just PRECIOUS! Love the pics!

  42. They are so adorable! Happy 7 months girls!

  43. they are too cute!! I can't stand it. Need a babysitter? ;)

    Hehehe, 1 More until 700 followers!!! Woohoo!! Who wouldn't want to follow you!? :D

    Have a wonderful night!
    Prayers and Love,
    Alex from CA

  44. How sweet all those things they do together. Are they identical or just very similar? Very sweet.

  45. HAPPY 7 months girlies :)

  46. GORGEOUS!!!!! I love how plump they are!!!!!!

  47. Thanks for the update on your precious duo. I loved reading all the things that are the same AND different about them. So sweet. Happy Seven Months - wow!

  48. I can NOT believe they are seven months already!? Wow. Lovely as ever!


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