easy like Sunday morning

It’s such a beautiful Sunny day here… but bitterly cold. It’s beautiful to look at, bummer we can’t go out!

Grayson is sick… Gavin was sick and we’re not sure about the girls. It’s very odd; their {the boys} only symptoms are a slight fever and being REALLY tired. Gavin slept for a whole day and then half of the next day… which if you know Gavin {grin} you know that’s NOT like him. Now Grayson is doing the same thing, he went to bed VERY early last night and didn’t get up until 2pm today. The girls… I’m not sure what’s up. They were up most of the night, just being fussy. Not sure what they needed or wanted. They just couldn’t sleep, I stuffed them full {grin} but that didn’t do anything. So Paul and I ended up each holding one most of the night.

So today, we’re all tired today!

I’m working on my cheese post, not finding a ton of time to work on it this weekend, but it’s for sure coming! I can’t wait to share it, really! I loved reading all of your comments… about Cheese! There were some good ones! {grin} And thank you for your concern about my children eating tuna. I am aware of it containing mercury and that is why we do not buy it. I buy salmon instead. It was a ‘treat’. Moderation is essential in life!

This is silly… but we can NOT find the van keys! They’ve been missing since Friday afternoon {last time we saw them} They were in Ozzies hands and Paul and I both remember taking them away and hiding them somewhere so he couldn’t find them… hmmmmm… so where they are nobody knows. Our son loves keys so much we are losing them trying to keep them away from him. He can find them anywhere I swear. It’s like he has some on board radar for keys. Seriously he’s going to be a race car driver or something… wouldn’t that make his daddy proud! I should do a whole post on Ozzie and his keys… {grin}

I’ve decided that I have become a little disorganized in all of the bedrest . accident . newborn twins . husband home . ect. I’ve strayed from my ‘routine’ and it’s catching up with me now. So these next few weeks I’m going to try to get some sort of new routine going on around here. As our family changes so does the routine… It just took me a little long this time to realize it! Must be the sleep deprivation!!

I think that I’m going out tonight with my dear friend Shelly and possibly a few others from mom’s group. We’ll see how the ‘sickness’ goes around here!

{my son just read the title of this post like Sponge Bob… no we don’t have cable… but yes we’ve watched sponge bob... moderation once again} grin

.Peace out.


  1. I'm hearing you on getting into a routine again...I find I don't start something since the feeling of failing at it is just as worse as not starting...gotta work on that. :)
    Husband home...workload changes...cooped up indoors....blah blah blah!

    No spare set of keys for the van I take it? PB and I each have a set of keys on our rings so there's a spare. It's ALWAYS me that loses them. I lost my phone again today...

    Hope you are able to get out tonight!

  2. Praying for you and your kiddies. It's not fun when they are sick.

  3. Hope you find the keys soon! That's no fun.........
    Look forward to the post about cheese.....One of my teachers while I was doing my last masters degree was from China and she was telling us how she discovered cheese when she first got to America. She loved it!........Many, many months later, she had gotten quite a bit larger! So she stopped eating so much!..........

    Happy Sunday.......It was snowing here.........

  4. Hope that the mysterious sickness disappears and leaves everyone else alone, and enjoy your night out!!

  5. We've had the same strange sickness floating around our house. My oldest developed a fever during the night and slept until the next day around 4:30 pm. That's all, no other symptoms and when she did wake up she was starving. The others never caught the bug so your others might be safe.

  6. Hope you all get well soon! Look in every receptacle possible for the keys. Toy bin, every trash can, diaper boxes and bags, totes, shoes, pantry, under sinks, etc. I had one like Ozzie with keys too at that age. One time we found them under the crib mattress. Silly kid lifted the mattress up and got them under there and didn't find them for a few more days. LOL I can't wait to read your post on cheese. I limit dairy around here and we do not drink milk. That stuff is bad bad bad! Mucous pot in a jug! Have a good week this week! :o)

  7. The little illness was floating around here in ohio at our house. Kiddos had fevers, and some of them complained about leg aches, they slept quite a big and are on the mend. One went to the doctor,and the Doc said it is just a virus, and that they had seen quite a few cases. I hope your little ones are feeling better quick

  8. We are in the same place as you with the organization thing, with job change. baby. surgery our home has been upturned and I have yet to figure out how to right it.

    Hope the illness passes through your home quickly (as for the title one of my favorite songs - Faith No More does an amazing cover of it - even if you don't like them you should find the song.

    Hope you had a fun ladies night!!

  9. Hope everyone feels better soon. Having sick kiddos is not fun!

  10. Wow, I hope everyone feels better soon!

    I just need found your blog and need to go and read more. I love that one of your boys' names is Ozzie! I begged my husband to let me name our youngest Ozzie but that was because way back in the day, I loved Ozzy Osbourne.. lol Is that short for something or a nickname or a blog pseudonym?

  11. Sorry to hear your little one's are not doing well. HOPE you called the pedi. and they feel better soon. As for the keys I really hope they turn up. I was stuck in the house for a week once cause my little guy hid them.

  12. What kind of moms group are you in, at your church?

  13. Hey Britt,

    Praying that all the family is healthy soon. Let me know when you ge to read that post!

    Love and Prayers,


  14. All three of my kids had it, they are fine now..it was really strange.

  15. Hi,
    I have given you an award over at my blog:


  16. Everytime I come to your blog I am amazed at how beautiful your children are!
    Don't you just love it when you hide something from the kids and you do such a good job you can't find it yourself? Happens to me all the time.

  17. Hope the kids get better and you fing your keys!

  18. We have had that happen to our keys, before, too!! Isn't that just crazy??? lol

    I am giving something away, on my site, so come join in! :)

  19. The keys thing is pretty funny, but I hope you find them again soon!

  20. ...love Lionel Richie....Easy like Sunday morning....


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