last week...

last week my fridge looked like this...

today it is near empty...
and all I really want to eat is a HUGE hummus, avocado, grape tomato, pepper, cucumber and cabbage salad!
Talking about it isn't helping....
either is the meal planning I am doing right now...
Hubby is going to Trader Joes today and I'll go to the local grocery tomorrow.
If you are obsessed with Hummus like me, you should try out the hummus at Trader Joes! You can buy a large container for $2.99... I can barely make it for that. Plus they freeze great! We buy 8-10 at a time and freeze them.

Man, that Scottish oatmeal REALLY didn't fill me up, guess i'll have to eat a few Hershey kisses! {grin}

- Off to finish meal planning, changing diapers, play 'cooking cookies' with GW and hopefully during nap time work on the big 'giveaway' post!

:::oh and I almost forgot:::
The 'mystery' picture... it was taken on our way home from our little trip recently. I was sitting the passenger seat playing with my camera and highlighting letters on the sideview mirror when cars headlights would come up behind us. I do get bored when the kids are all asleep. Ha!

I had intended on linking up all those who guessed correctly but a blow out diaper is calling my name... I might come back later and add them up!


  1. What exactly is hummus? I try anything but I'm skeptical about the hummus. But since you and MckMama talk about it I need the encouragment to try it!

    I would've never guess what the 'mystery picture' was!

  2. Oh, How i miss Trader Joe's!!!We lived in So.CA until a year and a half ago and we went there so much. Now we live in Northern Florida and there is no Trader Joe's. Our closest one is 5 hours away in Atlanta and we have made trips there to stock up on all our favorites. You just can not beat their prices even when factoring in Gas.

    I was so close with my Lisence plate guess but not right on.

  3. Just found your blog through Google Reader. Love it!

    I, too, miss Trader Joe's! Like Kristin, I am transplanted in Florida (but the Central area). a native Californian I spent the first 12 years of my marriage in the California desert, Palm Springs area. Trader Joe's was such a wonderful shopping experience!

    If you're in So. Cal, feel free to post as many pictures as possible!


  4. That sounds so good!! I actually have hummus in my fridge. I may have to go have a snack!

  5. Thanks for the Trader Joes tip on hummus......I haven't had any for awhile, but now I'm thinking I need to pick some up......Have to find a time to stop by Trader Joes!

  6. Hummus is a staple in our house. My middle fella calls it yummy tummus, and eats it by the cup.

  7. I LOVE Trader Joes. I don't get there as much as I would like but it's great. I do like their hummus too and I'm not a huge hummas fan, but I will eat it if it's from there. I hope you get your fix soon.

  8. I know what you mean about the fridge...seriously...I think little elves come and eat all the food during the night. I know it can't be my kids that are eating it all! I fill the fridge one day and within a couple of days there are empty shelves!
    I love hummus and have thought about making my own but I may save myself the trouble and just buy some :)
    The pictures of the girls are so cute...during diaper free time do they ever leave you any surprises? Lucy usually leaves me a puddle on the floor within seconds of having her diaper off :)
    Just some random the way...some people don't have anything better to do than bring other people down...for crying out loud...maybe they should focus on their own lives and not verbally smack down innocent bystanders.

  9. Trader Joe's is really just the best!

  10. Love Trader Joe's! We finally got one up here last year. I never thought to freeze hummus - I'll have to give it a try.

  11. I LOVE Trader Joe's hummus too! And I like that you can get a lot of different flavors there. I never thought about freezing hummus...what a great idea:) Thanks!

  12. 1) Wishing we had a Trader Joe's here, too.

    2) Hummus is yummy and so good for your health, too.

    3) Regarding the "haters", Staci is spot on. But, they keep coming back and leaving hate mail because they thrive off the reaction of those involved.

    4) My suggestions--
    Totally disregard any hate mail and simply delete it, do not even discuss it any further. Period.

    Pray for the offender. They obviously do not want to change and you cannot do it for them. But God can! ;-0

    Brittany, do not let these folks take up any more of your time.

    Have a great day and love on those sweet kiddos,

  13. Oh, I love Hummus. My husband spent a year in the Middle East, and it has become a staple in our family.

    The closest recipe to the real authentic thing, actually comes from Betty Crocker. Strange right?

    And your veggies look delicious!

  14. TJ's horseradish hummus is sooo yummy!!! :) Any of it is, but the horseradish stuff is our favorite.

    I'm trying to get my act together and try to make it myself, have yet to do it though!

    Hope you get your hummus fix soon :)

  15. Mmmmm... Hershey's Kisses. I mean mmmm... hummus.

  16. Hey! I have most of that stuff at my should come over for lunch! :-)
    Hm, do I know anything about that BIG giveaway post?? *wink*

  17. Hey, all of you who want to freeze your hummus from TJ's- I do that, and one time a container fell out of the freezer and totally shattered and I had to throw it away! :-( I still freeze it, I just don't put it in the door of my freezer! :-)

  18. Hi Brittany - I noticed your avocados in the fridge, do you keep them their to help ripen them? Often the avocados at TJ's are hard as rocks.


    P.S. Love your blog

  19. I have never had Hummus, I love all things veggie, and I guess Hummus is a good veggie dip. I guess I will have to try some. Our closest Trader Joes, is about 2 hours away. I will have to see what I can find locally and give it a try. I hope it is yummy.
    Have a Terrific Day! and thanks for sharing with us.

  20. I used to like hummus until I learned what it's made of. I refuse to eat chick peas (MAJOR TEXTURE ISSUES), but am starting to think I should to get some for the kids to try. We were just discussing hummus at school on Tuesday. :)

  21. Ok, that salad sounds divine. Do you use the hummus as your dressing? I wish we had a Trader Joes here. I would LOVE to get that much hummus for such a great price.

  22. I buy Trader Joe's hummus nearly every time I'm there. Love it, love it, love it. I dip baby carrots in it usually, but I'm going to try using it as a sandwich spread. The garlic one would be awesome for that!

    MamaBear has the same feeling about chick peas (or garbanzo beans) as my husband does. He calls them "potato bug heads" and refuses to eat them.

  23. Hey Brittany. I love your blog and all of your great living ideas.

    I would love love love (and I think others would to) some tips (or examples) of different natural/organic/local things you do in your house and with your food to live "green". I know you have said things here and there throughout your blog, but I would love hearing more and seeing what we can do as well to live better/cleaner/healthier lives!
    You talk about foods you don't eat, but they are scattered throughout posts and I just recently started following you. I would really enjoy a list all together of foods you don't eat and why.
    I mean - it's not like you have 6 kids to take care of. I'm sure you have all the time in the world to put together a post like this! HA! But seriously - if you have the time, I would love more info! :)

  24. Not to make you jealous- but I'm sitting here enjoying some delish homemade (by hubby) hummus as I read your post. ;) Do you usually have any kids in tow when you go to the store or are you able to "escape" by yourself?

  25. I am still in love with your blog, but haven't commented in a while. But I wanted you to know I shared your poem on my blog. I still don't have all this blog stuff figured out, so I don't know if I linked back correctly or not, but my blog is

    I love your blog and you have a beautiful family! I can't believe how quickly the girls are growing! God bless you and your family!

  26. hi there, Been a while since my last comment, but I say don't even read them, I have different views to you on Vancinations (well I think that is it..) but you know I keep reading (and love to) because motherhood is a journey and if I stop learning I am fearful my children will suffer for it, so others opinions and 'ways' help me make the right choice for my family... that said, Please post that salad recipe, I know there are kids in your life but I AM HUNGRY!!!!! please it sounds so good.... oh and a hommus recipe would be kinda nice too. Take care

  27. I LOVE the Hannah's hummus at Costco. It's really cheap and it's fantastic. I don't think it's organic, but it's great hummus.

  28. You are so healthy!!!! You make me strive to be more!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!