Happy 6 months girls!

My dear girls,

You are officially over half a year old... oh so bittersweet. I love watching you grow and become little ladies, but I know I will miss your newborn-ness. I felt like I wasn't able to really enjoy and soak everything in when you were first born. I hoped that you would stay little as long as you could, that you wouldn't sit at 4-5 months, crawl at 6 months, & walk at 9 months like your brothers. God knew I needed you to stay little a while longer. {grin}

You are both so full of beautiful life...
your little grin and baby blue eyes have put us all under a spell. You couldn't be more loved! Your brothers absolutely adore you... and watching you light up when they walk in the room or look your way is unbelievable precious!

.You both.

grab at toys, paper, cups, or anything near you
curl your toes and jump with excitement in your super saucer
push off the back of the van seat with your little feet
talk up a storm to everyone who will listen
have a curl by your ear
are trying to sit up
love your thumb
still sleep in the same bed
take toys from each other
hold hands all the time
suck each others thumb/fingers
wake up 1-2 times a night
stare deep into each others eyes
wear size Large bum genius diapers
have outgrown all your 6 month clothes
nurse at the same time
have an absolutely precious belly laugh
are in love with your piggies... and each others piggies
have gorgeous blue eyes
love for mama to rock you to sleep
are 18 lbs.

{written February 19th... published March 19th}
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  1. Happy 6 months, you two sure are adorable!!! my how fast you have grown!

  2. Holy cow Brittany! They have gotten SOOOOO big! They are absolutely gorgeous! I am glad you are back and feeling better! I was starting to miss you!
    Happy 6th Month Birthday, Nolia & Eliza!

  3. So sweet!

    And how my heart aches for twin girls.

  4. Happy half birthday girls!

    It has been a joy to watch you grow up. Can't wait to see if more curls appear. :)

  5. My little guy was 6 months old about two weeks ago!! Your girls are so cute!! I love the curl by the ear!!

  6. Happy 6...and now 7 months, girlies!

  7. Just look at those beautiful little ladies! My, how time flies.

    *sniff, sniff*

  8. So wonderful and chubby and kissable.... haha sorry that's all my pent up mothering instincts coming to the forefront... :P


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