a little bit more about me

I saw this over at Brittany's and thought it looked fun! I like meme's with no rules. {grin}


was born with a full head of multi colored hair... red, auburn & strawberry blond. I still have multiple colors, God given highlights.

have never dyed my hair, i'm afraid to mess up my real color

LOVE winter scarves, bright, stripes, bold prints, LOVE them!

still can not fit into any prepregnancy pants... what's UP with that!!!

am addicted to hershey kisses right now {this might be contributing to the above problem}

ate a footlong veggie sub from subway, pintos and cheese & nachoes from taco bell every day {i worked} for lunch when I was preggo with Grayson

still eat a footlong veggie or tuna sub when we go to Subway

had to research and write a report for my parents when I decided to become vegetarian... I was 10.

skipped school my freshman year with my hubby... then boyfriend... after only dating for 2 weeks. We got caught, had ISR {in school reassignment} and I was grounded for weeks. The reason we were caught is b/c hubby had skipped school before and was on the 'double check' list. When they called his mom, she said, "you might want to check his girlfriend too" Thanks Pat! {grin}

don't like being trendy, if everyone's doing something I sometimes make a point to NOT do it. I like being unique without clouded ideas.

have worn the same 2 toe rings for 13 years

had the song "baby got back" by Sir-mix-a-lot serenaded to me in Junior High

had to drive my parents van instead of the car in HS before I had a car because I called it a "loser cruiser".... it SO was a loser cruiser too!

said I never wanted to drive a mini-van and now I do and love my van {gasp}

still consider myself and my family vegetarian {that eats chicken and salmon occasionally} based on what we DO eat and not what we DON'T eat...

am growing my hair out, hoping it will get down to the middle of my back

There you have it! 16 things about me you probably didn't know about me!

I normally don't tag but i'm going to this time....

now at least a few of you girls will play along.... right!?!?


  1. Wow, that was an awesome list!!! LOL about cutting school and your parents van!!

    I just love your blog!!!

  2. yay! Glad I inspired. That was fun, wasn't it? I love the cravings you had with Grayson... so funny. Veggie subs, from subway, are amazing... i kinda want one now! :)

  3. You know I will. :) I'm always up for random info posts.

    It was fun to learn more about you.

    Oh, and I love my van too. You know, the one I swore I never, ever would get. Ha!

  4. 16 things huh.... :) I'll do my best! Thanks for the tag :)


  5. "have worn the same 2 toe rings for 13 years" ME, TOO!!! They've never left my toes in that time, even when I had surgery. :)

  6. Me too! (About the Hershey's Kisses.)

    (And the pants.)

  7. I feel the same way about 'trendy things'...

    Also said I'd NEVER drive a mini van....

    I'll try to post mine tomorrow!

    It was fun reading random info about you!

  8. I love these and just finished one. Gives you the chance to get to know someone a little better.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi there!

    I just came across your blog from Alicia's blog!

    And here I am dropping by to say I love your photos and your blog! You're blessed with wonderful little ones too!

    I have two little ones myself and I have yet to understand how full one's day can be with 4 boys and 2 twins :)

    Oh, here's my blog http://www.oureverydaythings.com And you're most welcome to come by and visit anytime.



    Our Everyday Things
    - Loving Life with Children, Everyday

  10. brilliant blog! i LOVe it

  11. Oh how can I top this great list?? Too funny that I absolutely know that love you have for Subway veggie subs!!!! I usually get mine with everything that they can't even close it!

    I'll get to my tag today!


  12. I'm impressed the same two toes rings for 13 years! I can never keep mine from braking or falling off for more than a few days :) That was fun reading random things about you.

  13. I'm with ya on the Van....never ever ever thought I would be driving a mini van...but now so glad I do :-)

    Love your blog!

  14. I have to know, HAVE to know. Because I"m nosey. You have six kids, and a mini van which what seats 7? How do you all go anywhere as a FAMILY!?

  15. The 'loser cruiser' LOL!!!
    I guess that might be what my kids think as they age too.

    For what it's worth I drive the same van you do (make/manufacturer anyways) and LOVE it, even better that we bought it in 2005 & paid it off in 2006!!

  16. SO jealous that you have never died your hair. Not fair.

    I like how your parents made you write that report - what a cool thing for them to do. Do you still have it?

  17. That sounds like a fun meme! I just found your blog and thought I would pay you a visit. You have a very nice blog here!

  18. I just stumbled across your blog and its really great....love the name. Your children are precious.

  19. I love your blog. Don't worry about people who are unkind, rude, selfish or the likes. You rock. Thanks for sharing little parts of you.

  20. Girl, you are not a vegetarian if you eat chicken and salmon, even if it is just "occasionally" like you said.

    I am a vegetatian. I do not eat meat under ANY circumstances.

  21. Wow! I agree with you. Some people have their "judgemental" pants on lately don't they? Must be the cold weather!

  22. You are so lucky to have that hair color :)
    Neat post!

  23. Well, snap! Maybe if that girl ate some meat she wouldn't be so crabby! ;)

    My meme is up! Thanks again for the tag, I had fun!!


  24. I used to drive my mother's second-hand (to her) Chevy station wagon... although it was NOT the perfect 1st car it was made of STEEL so my parents felt better about me driving it:)My friends affectionally called it the "grocery getter"....LOL

    Old cars passed down to new drivers BUILDS character:)

  25. Sara, there is a version of the Odyssey which seats 8 (there's a third seat in the middle).

  26. Hiya! :)

    I found your blog on MckMama's

    I love it..you have a beautiful family...

    Baby got back..that brought back some memories...lol

    I was born with strawberry blonde/red hair...now that I am in my 30's some shades of auburn are in there too... I do add some blonde highlights to mine every now and then...

    Nice to meet you!


  27. I've had the same 2 toe rings on now for about 7 years :)I never take them off, they're on all year round and when I got REALLy big while preggo with theBeast I had to stretch them. haha
    I also still call myself a vegetarian even though I "cheat" sometimes.
    I also said I would never drive a mini van and very much LOVE mine :)


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