Happy 5 months girls

Oh my dear Eliza & Nolia... how can it be that you are 5 months old already. Since you still don't have a baby book I thought I would 'document' what you're like at 5 months here so i'll never forget!

you are so alike in so many ways... yet there are many small things that make you-you.

you both...
smile and giggle
hold hands ALL THE TIME
have blue eyes
suck your thumb
sleep in the same crib
wear large bum genius diapers
wear 6-12 & some 12-18 month clothes
wear 0-6 month pedipeds
roll over from tummy to back
try to sit up
play in the supersaucer
sit up in the bumbo seat
take showers with mom
nurse at the same time
take 1 long morning nap & 2-3 shorter naps
smile every time you see your brothers
try to lift yourself up if you're the 2nd one to be picked up
let mama rock you to sleep for all of your naps
study each others faces
eat each others fingers and hands
wear the same thing 98% of the time {mama is relaxing a bit lately}
look exactly the same with a hat on {tricking even mama & dad}
are incredibly happy and easy going

Eliza you...

stick your tongue out a lot
suck your bottom lip in
make a funny raspberry noise
have longer hair than your sister
have a ringlet curl by your ear and a swirl on top
fall asleep first {1-2 minutes}
wake up more than your sister at night {1-2 times}
sing to me in the middle of nursing
reach for your sister for her to hold your hand
17 lbs.

Nolia you...

have wispy, fuzzy hair, it's growing in
suck your thumb while nursing
sleep through the night - early morning
squirm a little more than your sister
hold on to blankies
sing la-la {sounds like liza}
hold your sisters hand a lot
17 1/2 lbs.

it's so amazing to watch you girls together... the closeness... the connection... it's a gift, an amazing gift that I am so blessed to be able to be a part of!

I LOVE you girlie girls!!! Happy FIVE months!!!

** they look VERY different to me in these pictures... it's funny they look identical one second and not the next. It depends on their facial expression a lot**


  1. I love it, thanks for sharing this with us all and not just recording in a baby book :)

  2. They remind me of Julia at that age in the clothing size they wear.

    Happy 5 month birthday sweet babies!!!!!

  3. They are so gorgeous! Can't believe it's been 5 months! They look identical to me, although I think Eliza has the bigger cheeks :) So cute!

  4. I cannot believe that they are 5 months already! They are so precious and have grown into such beauties. Not that they weren't beauties before...you know what I mean!! Thank you for sharing them with us. So neat to watch them grow. And I think this is the PERFECT baby book {grin}

  5. So so sweet. I don't have a baby book either. I mean really...who has time for such a thing :-)

    Your post reminds me so much of my boys. They like to hold hands too.

    Happy 5 Months girlies!!!

  6. They are so sweet and cute...I love those cheeks!

    Happy 5 months girls :)

  7. Could they be any sweeter? I think not! ; )

    Thanks for the update on your girlies. I don't know how you keep them straight. I would HAVE to dress them differently!

    Have a great day Britt!

  8. It's been FIVE MONTHS already!? It seems like they were just born!

    They're gorgeous - but of course, you already knew that.

  9. What beautiful pictures! And they look identical to me. I would have to dress them differently all the time to tell them apart.

  10. 5 months went by too fast! They are so sweet! I love this post!

  11. They are absolutely beautiful!

    NO~ I don't believe they could be any cuter, more adorable or any more LOVED!

    YES~ I believe you are blessed beyond measure to be their Mommy!

    Not only Happy 5 Months Girls but Happy 5 Months Brittany!

    p.s.Don't feel bad about not having started a baby book for twins, neither of my girls (9 & 5 years old) have a completed book. I can't even tell you where they are.

  12. OH WOW! Are they really 5 months old? WOW. I am amazed. They are little beauties. I wonder how many babies I will have to have, to have a girl?!

  13. what pretty babes. happy fivemonthday!

  14. My heart is just melting! They are so dang adorable! Happy 5 months girls!

  15. Happy 5 months Eliza & Nolia! They are just beautiful.

  16. They're just beautiful! Such sweeties! I love what you documented about each one. How precious!

  17. Happy 5 months to your girls!!!!

    My boys will be 5 months next week. It's gone so fast, hasn't it?

  18. Congratulations! They are so beautiful! 5 months is such a fun age!

    On a different subject, I noticed your girls wear bumgenius diapers. I am pregnant and planning on using cloth with this baby but I am overwhelmed by the choices! Do you use bumgenius exclusively? What do you like about those diapers as opposed to others? What kind of detergent do use? Have you ever used prefolds? I hope you don't mind me bombarding you with questions! If you have a chance to email me I would really appreciate it! Thanks! laurensnellings@yahoo.com

  19. your girls are beautiful.

    i have 19 month old identical boys. it's absolutley amazing to be bombarded with their alikeness but then see differences pop up here and there, isn't it?

    everyone always asks how i tell mine apart, and i also say that it is their facial expressions.

  20. Happy 5 months Nolia & Eliza! You two girls are so aborable and it's so much fun to be able to watch you grow into beautiful little girls!

  21. So precious!
    I always wanted twins.

  22. I am nearly drooling at the incredible cuteness. I just can't believe the sweet chub! :) They are big girls!! :) Such sweet little qualities you documented

  23. They are so sweet. Happy 5 months!

  24. OH NO I just got the twinge! What's one more, right? LOL What a beautiful post! With stunning pictures of your too precious for words baby girls. Happy 5 months!

  25. I'm thinking ahead to a post when they are 16! How much alike they will be and how different and how we will all be standing ready to fight any boy who thinks they have a chance. They are beautiful!
    Happy 5th Birthmonth!

  26. the girls are beautiful! you are truly blessed with a wonderful family.

  27. Oh, they are just the sweetest babies! You are a good momma too doing this entry!

  28. Wow, they are really changing Brittany.

  29. They are so beautiful...they make me want twins! =P

  30. you must have cream for your milk..they are so chuncky and adorable!!!! Happy 5 months!

  31. So sweet Brittany! They are just beautiful and I can't believe their weight. Ethan is 18.6lb and I thought that was big for just him, but twins at that weigh, good job mama! :)

  32. this is such a sweet post! thanks for sharing glimpses of your sweet girls and our sweet God through them!

  33. this is such a special post! I can't imagine how blessed you feel to have the two cuties! It's so incredible how they hold hands and suck on each others fingers, etc. I enjoyed reading it so much! and it's so cool that you are recording how they are different and alike! I LOVE this pics and your right they do look different! SOOOO SWEET!

  34. Awww they are getting so big. So alert now. And precious. Nice photos and I love thinking oh how they will be alike and so different in the months and years to come.

    Thanks for sharing.

  35. They're so cute, I could read this stuff all day! With the pictures of course.

  36. Oh, they are SO precious! I love the little fat rolls...now is the only time those will look good. haha! I love the pictures of them as well!!!

  37. Oh my those pictures are adorable! I love them! They are so cute!!

    Happy 5 months!! :)

  38. oh MAN are they cute!! and what chunkers...I love it! =)

  39. Oh, I have little tears...You are so deserving of these two treasures! I love my Ava so much I can't even imagine twice that; my heart would burst! Those pictures are incredible; did you set your stuff back up?

  40. They are beautiful. My 16 month old is in the same size clothes though she has about 5 pounds on them!

  41. HAPPY 5 month birthday girlies!!!

  42. Oh they made me laugh outloud. They are just PRECIOUS and I know you must kiss them constantly and thank the Lord for such wonderful gifts. I can't stop it with Ivy!


  43. So sweet. I enjoyed the photos too. You have such a beautiful family and seem like a wonderful mom.

  44. even though my munchkins are only two weeks old I can relate already so much to what you are saying...

    your girls are gorgeous, I can see how much you are loving having daughters.

    happy five months girls!!


  45. They are gorgeous! Love the dimensions part...my 18 month old is till wearing 12 month clothing...but she barely outweighs them at 22 lbs. So funny how each little one is so very different and unique!

  46. Green with envy! They are absolutely adorable!

  47. Oh what sweet babes they are!! I can't imagine how blessed you must feel, having TWO sets of chubby cheeks to kiss!!! I know I can't stop with the one set I have.
    They are just precious. I love seeing what they are doing. My 4.5 month old isn't far behind them at all.
    Lovely, lovely, lovely girls.

  48. They are absolutely beautiful. THank you for sharing them with us.

  49. Soo beautiful! I can't believe it's been five months already! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous girls with us!

  50. Huggable, delicious, gorgeous, beautiful girls! You are blessed! :)
    Tricia :)

  51. Adorable! Happy 5 months, girls!! You were born beautiful and still are!

    Brittany - what's your twitter address? I wanted to add you to my list but can't find it on your site...

  52. Those have got to be the cutest chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen :) Wow, the girls get cuter every time I see a picture of them.

  53. Such beautiful little baby girls! I just love their squishy little cheeks. :-)

  54. I can't tell which I love more - the poems or the pictures. Both are equally priceless!

  55. It's funny that you say they look very different in these pictures. They look indistinquishable to me. I love that.

    Happy B'day 'liza and Nolia.


  56. I just found your blog today through a friend's (www.desperatelyseekingshelly.blogspot.com) and your kids are ADORABLE... I'm jealous of your photography skills... and I enjoyed the reading!

  57. I've just realized that I still can't believe you have twin girls!

  58. adorable...and individually created by God. :)

  59. Happy Birthday Girls! Both of mine hold hands every chance they get too. I love it!

  60. Happy Birthday Girls! Both of mine hold hands every chance they get too. I love it!

  61. I can't believe how different they look from a month ago when I was there. Wowza! Cute pictures!! We are tooooo far away.

    Auntie Karen

  62. great photos. have you thought about doing the photography thing freelance? you'd be great

  63. What a beautiful Family! I love the pictures you take. What kind of camera do you use? I also am the mom to 4 wonderful guys and we are waiting on our daughter.

    Are you a professional or expert hobby photographer?

    stop by and see me sometime...


  64. Happy 5 Months!! They are so precious and doing so well, wow already 17 lbs.

    I had to laugh because with my ID twins its hard for us to tell who is who with hats on also! There heads are shaped differently.

    Your doing a great job Mom!

  65. Oh I Love love love the pictures! They are beyond adorable! Melt your heart sweetness!

    Happy 5 months girls! :)

  66. MAN O MAN are your girls beautiful! What a lucky mama you are!
    I just checked out the random picture challenge. Was fun. check it out!

    Thanks. Can't wait to do it again.

  67. Beautiful little girls...the pics are amazing! Thanks for sharing all the things about your babies with us...great entry!



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