test subject...

Tomorrow's the day

2nd annual CAKE pictures!

After all of the kids were in bed I set my 'studio' up in the front room
{I'm going to take a picture, I know you've been asking to see it}

then I realized I had NO test subject{s}

"Oh Saaaaddddiiiieeeee"

She plopped right down and was quite the obedient subject

... wonder if the 2 TWO year olds will be as easy tomorrow

... thinking NOT!

She looks just plain MEAN in this picture...
I caught her in the middle of a yawn

oh sweet puppy again...

those are GUILTY eyes
she ran her little butt off today when the boys took her out!

Thanks Sadie for being my ultra sweet test subject tonight!

{these were Straight out of the camera, no editing, they are a little 'red' hued but it's night time and it will be different in the morning}
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  1. Cute, cute pup! Which lens did you use here?

  2. Okay, that's about the best homemade "white space" I've ever seen. How did you construct it?

    Sadie is beautiful. Now, I can't wait to see the cake photos.

    The spiderman inflatable punching bag... I'm pretty sure that it came from Wal-mart and probably costs no more than 5 or 6 dollars.

  3. Awww! What a cute test subject!!! :) Looking forward to seeing the cake pics tomorrow!!! :)

  4. She is SO beautiful. It's the exact dog my husband wants so I won't dare show him these pictures :)

  5. The second picture is hilarious!!!!

  6. How do you set up a white space like that in your home?? Please share!

  7. Sadie looks like such a sweet little girl.
    ~ Lacie

  8. Awww....that was a great test subject!!!! Cute!

  9. how do you do or what do you use for a white space?

    Looks great!

  10. Do you have a studio in your home? And you have officially made me want to go out and get a replica of Sadie. She's a CUTIE!

  11. cute doggie! are you going to show us your 'setup'? Please!!

  12. I second or third...or I guess 5th for that matter the what did you use for white space question :) They look great and I cannot wait to see the pictures!! I also cant wait until I get brave one day and do some of my own cake photos...such a great idea- enjoy!lol.

  13. what a great test subject and the pictures are amazing.. cant wait to hear how you set up the white in the picture! so fun

  14. Aww. What a good girl! So cute. :)

  15. I was wondering whose picture you were taking late last night! :)

    -your neighbor

  16. I'm laughing out loud again at that mean face! Too funny...especially since I "know" her!
    Thanks again for today, the cake ones sure are cute, but oh my, that one in the red hat!!! I'll be all over you to order those...get ready for the harassment! :-)

  17. I love the look in her eyes in that last one!

  18. I wish my dog would cooperate for pictures like Sadie! I have pretty much given up on getting him to pose ... I have to work with candids!

  19. What do you use to make your white background? It looks so professional. I have tried using a white sheet, but it always looks wrinkly.
    Isn't it just Ozzie turning 2, why will you have 2 two year olds? just curious, can't wait to see the pictures.
    by the way, where did you end up finding the cute patterns tights?

  20. what type of dog is she? She is so pretty and looks so easy going


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