THE 'studio'

after MUCH anticipation....
THE 'studio'
it's set up in our front room {family room}
before we had SIX kids... I was able to use a bedroom upstairs and leave it set up.
not anymore... but that's okay. it works out well in the front room... it's just a bummer I can't leave it set up.
After setting it up a few days ago I realized that ONE of my lights wasn't working. Not sure what's up. So, I only had 2 set up for the pictures I just took.
There's the main light to my right and then another light on the back left to white out the background
Can you guess what pictures we took after these pictures?

See the Christmas tree behind the background {grin}

The lights I have are Alien Bees.... LOVE them... so worth the money! I have a cheap stand and a 10ftx20ft white canvas background. I also have a smaller black muslin background.
Many of you asked about how I did the cake on the background without ruining it.... I have a white 'shower board' on the floor so it's wipes clean easy easy and gives a smooth look to the pictures.
let me know if you have any more questions!
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  1. Great job on your homemade white space. Lighting is the key, isn't it?!

  2. LOVE IT! Have been waiting a fee weeks for the descriptions. I am asking for lighting for my birthday so we will see how that goes.

    What exactly is a white shower board? I love how there is the shinny feeling under the cake!

    So you use two lights or three but one was burnt out?

    Cant wait to see the pictures and the kids in the pictures that those clothes belong to :)

  3. Wow. The secrets are coming out to your beautiful photos. Although it helps to have so many lovely subjects posing for their mama. ;)

  4. You know, I've been considering alien bees for a while now. Hopefully I'm going to get some soon. Clever thing, that shower board!

  5. Can't wait to see the sucker pics...

  6. I can't wait to the photos from the studio. My BlogFrog says that you have visited my blog recently, not sure if it was you or someone that linked from your site. Hope it was you and come back often.


  7. I love your pictures! Maybe I'm missing it somewhere, but what kind of camera and lens do you use?

  8. WOW awesome! where'd u get the lights?

  9. An Aside... I have your veggie bean pot pie in the oven, very excited! What does the cornmeal/flour part look like when you mix it? Crumbley or thick? How do you put it on top of your casserole? Do you drizzle the honey or put it right in the mixture? You should do a recipe link in your sidebar!

  10. that's great! thanks for sharing your secrets ;) i have alien bee lights too and they are phenominal, I LOVE them! really great idea with the shower board, i may have to do that.

    would you mind telling me where you got the backdrops? I have been using tablecloths and sheets!

  11. I love that you shared this pictures. It was fun to see your "studio."

    Did you take Christmas pictures that time? Can we see them?


  12. Wondering when we will get to see the pictures of your 6 little ones from this preperation pictures!! I saw one on your sons site and loved it!!


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