I'd love to... but I can't...

I love comments {don't we all} and I love responding to your comments... either you ask a question or just say something sweet and I love being able to write you back. I've met quite a few wonderful friends this way too. {grin}

So, the problem is many of you don't have 'show email' enabled on your profile so when you comment I can't respond without hunting down your email from who knows where. And I just don't have time for that... no matter how much I want to write you back. So if you asked a question and I never responded... that is 'probably' why. I am NOT super woman so I do just not get around to responding sometimes either but I try.

I thought I would tell you all how to set your comments up so I can reply... because I would just LOVE it if you did! :)


Go to your blogger dashboard, next to your profile picture click 'edit profile'

Third line down: Show Email Address: Make sure there is a check in the box.

Further down, under Identity: Email Address: Type in your email address.

click save and you're done!


and now I'll be able to email you back when you leave a comment! Yeah! I'm so excited! Are you excited too!? {grin}

..i know i "{grin}" too much but I just can't help it... I'm a grinning type of girl!..


  1. I love it! I cant tell you haw many times i have wanted to reply to people but havent been able to find them. Ahhhhhhhh it is very frustrating as i am a Thank You kind of Gal.

  2. your are soo stinking darling... I love that you posted this post! Just shows the kind of person you are... amazing!!! love those blue eyes below! beautiful!

  3. OK, here's a comment and a question from someone who's never commented before....
    You have the cutest family! (Yeah, I know you know that...) Treasure every moment, time does not slow down, how I wish there was a rewind button....
    And my question....now that those girlys are so obviously growing and healthy, how's Mama? I hope you're all recovered from the accident and pain free.

    Thanks for sharing your family!
    Prayers from a stranger/friend

  4. ok, I just copied you! =) Thanks...I was trying to figure out why sometimes I can respond to people can sometimes I cant...so THANKS!!

  5. I don't remember if mine is enabled, but I think it's written out IN the profile... hmm, I'll have to go see.


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