You guessed who's who!

too easy... pictures date themselves so well! poor picture quality... Grayson. Little Grayson in the picture... Vance. Chubby, chubby... Gavin & last lil cutie is Ozzie

So many of you got it right... even though they DO look very similar as babes.

and just because I love sharing links!... all of you who guessed correctly... in order. {grin}

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**** OY!!! My links got messed up and I am sorry but I don't have the time to redo them... sorry... i tried!***

LOVE my adorable boys!






  1. If it makes you feel better I did have a tough time with a couple of them : )

  2. I'll be honest, I was pretty sure on Grayson because of his handsome red hair. And also, Vance because of his little/big brother at his side.

    The other two...took a few seconds to decide.

    But fun game.


  3. Oh yea! Can't believe I guessed right! :)

    That was a fun game!

    Happy Sunday! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  4. WOW... they sure are growing!

  5. This was fun, Brittany!

    I could totally tell Vance by the signature dreamy look in his eyes, which I recognized from more recent pics of him.

    And Ozzie with the pillows...that was such a "new"-looking picture.


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