love my blog...

ahhhhh... remember the Divine Caroline "love this site" contest I told you about a while back. Well... it's in the final day on Sunday and I need your votes! {grin} The winner in each category receives $250 and... well... it would be a blessing to say the least.

With that said I would LOVE it if you took a little trip over to Divine Caroline and put a vote in for me, my blog, and my family. And if you do go vote I would love it if you leave a comment here too so I could thank you!

We're 146 votes behind... hmmm... how many of you are out there?
Now... how was your thanksgiving!? We had a beautifully wonderful day with my family and I didn't take ANY pictures. I'm kind of bummed... i wanted to but I never did. But we had a delish meal, watched charlie brown's thanksgiving and had lots and lots of fun!
hope you all had a wonderful day too....
and don't forget to check out Mama Speaks holiday guide... it's full of awesome gift ideas and TONS of giveaways!

:: Glad to hear i'm not the only one who didn't get any pictures on Thanksgiving... we do really need to take a family picture though. Maybe week. :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I took 2 pictures...and really wanted to get a family picture of us but it didn't happen...

    More tights! Cute : )

    Off to vote for you...


  2. I voted for you a few weeks ago! :-)

    We had a lovely Thanksgiving with lots of food and family, and sadly there are no photos to remember it by either...oh well.

    Love the tights! So sweet!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I should have had my camera--but left it at home--when my husband and I went on a long T-day hike through the mossy forest...and then I didn't take any pics of our meal, either...but sometimes it's okay to forget the camera because the beauty is there in our heads.


    Love the tights too!

  4. I am in love with your site...(in other words...I voted too).

    I love your little girls...and their little tights....yet another blogs that makes me want to have more kids...and hopefully a little girl!!

  5. I voted and my fingers are crossed!!

  6. Voted! :) Have a great rest of the weekend!

  7. Don't even know how I stumbled across your blog, but have been lurking and enjoying your photos and entries for a few weeks now. Just got done voting. Best of luck on winning, but let's face it, you're a winner with the great family you have!

  8. seeing those adorable tights always makes me smile!! you've got my vote:)

  9. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

  10. I voted and put it on my blog for others to go and vote!!

  11. I voted, hope that you win!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! you've got my vote- really hope you win!!

  13. I voted for you. Good luck, I hope you win!

  14. Yeah, for some weird reason, I NEVER take pictures on Thanksgiving! And I always regret it...

  15. Voted! You inspired me, started my own blog a few weeks ago, I love it! Come visit sometime!

  16. Sorry girlie, every time you post about this I try to vote again and it just wont let me keep voteing :)
    I love those sweet little legs!

  17. YES...I love your blog!!
    I think I was vote #200 :)

    Good luck!

  18. I voted! Hope you win.
    I didn't take pics either. We only took pics while cooking in the kitchen. Oh well.

    How is your little Ozzie doing? Been thinking of him and hoping he is healing. Take care. :)

  19. tried to vote don't see how you do it.


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