all at once...

I think i've hit a new 'high' in multitasking...

while feeding BOTH babies I was also...
reading a book to Ozzie
eating bananas and almond butter
feeding bananas and almond butter to Ozzie
Sharing a glass of water with Ozzie, Gavin and myself
helping Vance with homework
listening to Grayson read a story he wrote on his blog
trying to question Gavin about what he was doing in the kitchen
thinking about what I needed to get at the store 
all while saying 'are you serious... am i doing this' in my head.

Whew! If I could just had 'blogging' to that! {grin}


  1. ummmm...holy smokes batman

    you are the queen of multitaskers today!! I am officially in awe

    Susan ;);)

  2. Holy Moly! I thought I could multi-task, but you have me beat by a long shot! You are awesome, Brittany!

  3. that is talent! I'd say you got some super skills! :D

  4. You accomplished more in minutes (or however long that all took) than I did in my entire day...I think you are my new hero!!

  5. amazing!!!

    I have about that many things to do too... but I just had a MAJOR melt down mommy moment... so I know I'm not doing it very well.

    isn't it great that tomorrow is another day and we can do it all again... and then add whatever we didn't get to today, on the new list! ha

  6. Mothers are AMAZING! Especially you!

  7. I think that's more like "million" tasking, as in doing a million things at once! I don't know how you do it friend!

  8. Oh wow! Sounds like clockwork! Go girl! You show the what Mum's are made of LOL :-)

  9. And why weren't you making dinner and mopping the floor at the same time- slacker! ;) seriously, though- you put me to shame. I can barley keep it together w/just one baby to take care of!

  10. Only a mom can multi-task like that!

  11. So *that* is how you manage 6 kids?!

    I can barely manage my two. You are my hero! :)

  12. Good work, mama! You should be proud of yourself, I know I am.

  13. And you didn't take a picture? Come on Brittany, what is wrong with you! lol! It is funny how with twins you do reach a whole new level of multitasking.

  14. Wow to help 6 kids, but what did you do for dad??? hahaha

  15. Wow! And I thought I was crazy when one time with my twins I was breastfeeding one, bottle feeding the other and pumping the "free side" at the same time.

    I am amazed!

  16. tee-hee! Good for you!!!

  17. Hi sweetie,
    Will you please send us Grayson's blog address? The boys, and I, would love it.
    Love, D

  18. That is one crazy afternoon!

    It does make you feel good though when you can do all that at once!
    After the fact. ; )

  19. Whoa, Nelly! I am exhausted just reading that! ;)

  20. Whats grayson's blog named??
    u are a multitasking mama!


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