2... 4... 6... the numbers in my head

2 beautiful little girls

4 of the most adorable little feet

6 awesome children

1 amazing husband

1 blessed mama

12 times I’ve nursed by precious baby girls today

18 diapers changed

3 load of laundry washed AND dried

3 loads of laundry NOT folded {grin}

20 hugs and kisses good-night

2 books read

4 books that didn’t get read because the girls woke up

3 baths

1 shower

6 pairs of pajamas

10 toe nails that beg to be repainted

6 blue eyes in the family {unless the girls change}

2 lunches to pack in the morning

9 mouths to feed

72 degrees tomorrow

0 the minutes I hope to wait tomorrow to vote

2 times I’ll be woken up tonight

3 boys went to the dentist today

3 boys have to go back to get cavities filled

2 parents that feel very badly that we haven’t taught our children to floss

1 dentist that didn’t believe we don’t give the children juice

1 dentist that thinks fruit is the problem

40 chicken nuggets eaten at chik-fil-a today

10 months since we started eating chicken

4 cups of water spilt today

0 kids went to school today

12 blocks I hope to walk tomorrow

8 bows purchased

8 bows to return

6 month clothes in the washer

2 chubby girls

12 lb Eliza

13 lb Nolia

1 giggly mama

22 lbs. I’ve lost since having the girls

27 lbs. to lose still

0 pre pregnancy pants that fit

2 hips that are being stubborn

1 tummy that is being feisty

1 slightly annoyed mama

1 hubby coming to bed

1 mama that needs to sign off……….




  1. Wow you've been busy! And I thought I had a busy day...

    Hmm... you've got me thinking about cavities now. My kid does not drink juice (just vegetable juice sometimes) but he does eat an awful lot of fruit. I wonder how young you can start to teach them to floss? At 2 he doesn't even want to brush his teeth half the time but I do it anyways whether he wants it or not... I just tell him "You'll thank me later. This is better then needing to go to the dentist!" :) How do you feel about fluoride? What kind of toothpaste do your kids use? We use Weleda Children's Gel. So far so good...

  2. What a LOT of work. My hat is off to you, dear!

  3. that was a really cool post!

  4. That was a fun way to read your day!
    We're bad with the flossing also...

    22 lbs. that's pretty good!
    I still have 10 to lose! Not really an excuse any more...

  5. that was really interesting. A moment in the life of a family of 8

  6. Such an adorable and fun post! =) Have a good night!

  7. Whew! You made me laugh and get tired all in the same post! I need to keep track of one of my days like that and then when I think nothing has been accomplished I will know otherwise!!

  8. really?

    that's all? my, oh my!

    Isnt' GOD good!

  9. 12 and 13 lbs?! My goodness, Mama's milk is doing good for those girls!

  10. LOVE this!

    My favorite, of course, is the line about the eyes.

  11. Wow - busy! Sounds like my day only with 2 less children but include add physical therapy for Zach 4 times a day! Oh its making tired just reading what we all get up to!

    Beautiful family Brittany!

  12. I love this post :) So many numbers, so many blessings! And I'm right there with ya, 26lb to loose to get to where I want to be. WE CAN DO IT :)

  13. I love it. And how you do it is well beyond me. God is good.

  14. Awww I love this post you did an awesome job on it! and your #1

  15. That was such a cute post. I was a little confused about the 9 mouths to feed though. I thought there were 8 do you have an animal?

  16. Sweet post:) Thanks for sharing your day with us:)

  17. Oh my goodness Brittany! What a post! Hope the girlies slept well and today is awesome!

  18. Wow, and I thought I had a busy day....

  19. that took alot of work doing that post! I have lost all my preg. weight and I still don't have any pants that fit me....things that make you go hmmm....hope YOU are well!!

  20. oh, by the way...I am good at folding laundry if you ever need any extra help!!!

  21. I have two girls and although I lost most of my pregnancy weight, girls seem to widen you out and do things to your body that boys never do! Good luck! Considering your condition post-accident the fact that you've still managed to lose so much weight is great! Chasing all those kids and just looking at the joys of your day will hopefully make the rest drop off!

  22. Hi I am new to your blog! I found it just a few weeks ago...

    This post was too cute! You familiy is adorable!

    You are one busy mama!

    Have a great day!
    Krystal in TX

  23. I love it, what a great post to make us smile. That's sure a lot of fun numbers to have in one's head. Have a great day!

  24. 1 lovely post.....

  25. I LOVE your post!
    Such a busy mamma:)
    But sooo worth it:)

  26. You always have the best post! I love reading your blog.

  27. That was a really clever post Brittany! I enjoyed reading that, and getting a little piece of what a day in the life of a family of 8 is like! And I quote...."Oiy!"

    But it sounds like a lot of fun, all at the same time. I love big families!

  28. What a fun post!! I just loved reading about your day like that! 22 lbs lost is awesome! It is harder to lose that prego weight with girls so I think you are doing FABULOUS!!!!

  29. Phew. Thanks for that. You've definitly done more than I have today. And next time I feel like I've had a busy day, I'll remember that you probably did too. :)


  30. Lovely post.. from 1 lady who is glad it is you and not me!

  31. Just discovered your blog! Love the name, love the pics, love it all...I'll definitely be back!

  32. 2 new friends for Ava...2 more girls for me to pass clothes on to...

  33. That was really fun to read.

    You are amazing!

  34. That was fun to read.

    I should take my boys to a dentist. Hmm.

  35. Ummm...WOW

    ps....still can't wait till it's me hehe

  36. I was never very good at math. :)

  37. cute post!!!!!

    I can send you some baby bows if you want :)


  38. that is hilarious! super creative

    I may have to steal one of these days! =) haha

  39. Oh my, I don't know how you are doing it all, super Momma!



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