tagged again

I was tagged again by Kristan

most of the tags that go around I've seen before... but I haven't seen this one.

Go to the 6th folder in your pictures folder and pick out the 6th picture.....

{the most adorable little Ozzie this past June}
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  1. what a fun game:)
    I played along in both!
    Also, what a cute lil picture:)

  2. Oh I did this one the other day and thought it was alot of fun!!!!
    Cute pic!

  3. I see that I can finally post. I know you've been to see. Thank you!!

  4. Ha ha the 6th picture is one of me, I'm glad it's a decent one :) I'll post it later. :)

  5. This is cool. I finally posted my #6 pic if you care to see.. :)

  6. love this random idea... checked out what mine was and it gave me the laugh i needed this week so i wrote about it... my grandma died on wednesday and i've been down... this gave me a pick me up... thanks!


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