today is the DAY...

September 23rd, 2008
40 weeks
our baby girls were due today
it was a beautiful day... the sky was bright blue
... the sun was shining
... the trees were rustling in the breeze
... a beautiful day
... just like the day they were born



{Eliza} {Nolia}

It's hard to believe they are 5 weeks old today
... that they *could* still be in my belly or only a few days old

I guess it's REALLY time to take my ticker down now {grin}


  1. Hooray!!!! I am "first" to comment for the "first" time ever!!! lol!!! :))

    I LOVE your pics of your BEAUTIFUL baby girls!!!! They are simply PRECIOUS!!!! :))
    I especially like the "foot" shot (w/little strawberries)! Too cute!!! :)

  2. Hah...and I am second!!! gosh we are sad if this gives us such a thrill!!!!

    Great shots of your beautiful daughters...are you dressing them the same all the time??
    I have bought a couple of matching outfits for mine but cannot decide if it will be a conscious thing or not...

    Susan :):)

  3. And they're perfect!!

    I love their little polka dot outfits! (Carters?)

  4. Oh man, I'd never get anything done with those two around...and four gorgeous little boys, as well. God bless you, Brittany.

  5. They are simply beautiful! Don’t you just love pink ;)
    I have to ask, how are you feeling? I’ll keep praying for a quick recovery :)
    Love the pictures of your precious girls!

  6. They are SO adorable. You enjoy those babies.

  7. AAAHHHH!!! they are SO perfect! seriously. I am in awe of how gorgeous they are!

    and I thought WE made cute babies! =) haha

  8. All of that pink! I pray I see pink someday! ;)

  9. Oh they are SO cute! I am already missing that stage =(

    These pics are beautiful !
    Eliza and Nolia are beautiful !
    Has their hair gotten lighter or is it the lighting ?


  11. P.S. You can do whatever you want with that ticker, just as long as you keep posting pics :) .

  12. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! How do you find time to do anything but look at them and kiss on them!

  13. They are just beautiful!! I don't know how to react with all the pink :)

  14. Just look at all that pink! I love it!
    They are just gorgeous!

  15. I just can't believe how beautiful they are! You are truly blessed!

    By the way, I have that same sleeper with the strawberry hanging in a closet waiting for November ;)

  16. Wow, it is hard to believe that it's been 5 weeks already!

    Aren't you just loving all the PINK!? ; )

  17. They have such great skin. Oh..they are precious!

    BTW, have you told us how much they weighed and how long they were when they were born?

    And what their numbers are now...5 weeks later.


  18. Beautiful baby girls, gotta luv em! I only had 2 boys before I had my 2 girls, so I can only imagine how thrilled you were to buy PINK!!! (and yes, I think it's time to change your ticker)! Take care and enjoy those babies! (and the boys too!!!)

  19. I see we have changed our mind on pink. I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking:) I think it's about time for me to meet them.

  20. Well,
    Happy birthday again Eliza and Nolia. :))
    They are adorable.

  21. They are so beautiful, Britney!

  22. They are so beautiful!! I'm really shocked that with all the babiness in Blogland right now, I'm not getting baby fever! lol.

  23. I have "lurked" at your sight before but never commented. I was sad to hear about the accident but so glad your babies were delivered safely. I know the feeling of not having things go the way you had hoped they would go. It's okay to grieve for what would have been, even while you're thankful for what is.

    I love looking at your pictures - you capture things so well. And you have such beautiful models! I thought I was done with 4 but then I see your baby girls and I start wondering. I have 4 - an 8 yo son, 6 yo daughter and 19 mo boy/girl twins. I miss that baby stage but am lovin the crazy toddler stage, too!

  24. They are just too beautiful for words. SO precious! Thanks for posting more pictures.

  25. You are SO blessed! You have such a GORGEOUS family... congratulations on the birth of your twins. I'm slightly.. jealous. ;) (okay, very..)

  26. one day away from the birth of my twins...

    they are perfect! just, perfect!

  27. Oh my goodness! Look at all the pink! :) What beautiul girls!

  28. Ooh my goodness, I just want to reach into the screen and kiss those beautiful faces!! They are the cutest little girls! I just found your blog on another lady's from here in Perth and I am sitting here 'oohing and aaahing' over your adorable children, wow,
    6!, I had to call my hubby in and show him your family. I did it one at a time, starting with you and your hubby and going up through the children - his face was priceless when we came to the twins! How do you manage with so many little ones!!? although I see you have your life firmly planted in the blessings of the Lord! I hope you don't mind if I read your blog - just too much sweetness to pass up!
    Take care sweet Brittany and May the Lord bless you and all your family soooo much!
    Much love from
    Jenny in Perth, Western Australia

    ps - you are an amazing photographer!!


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