quite a day

Appointment with peri today

Checked babies fluid levels & cervix

Fluid looks better

Cervix looks worse

Didn’t get to see babies since they were only checking cervix

Waited an hour to get in

Stayed for almost 4 hours

Monitored my contractions for an hour

Doc ordered a fetal fibronectin test to see if labor is possibly (15-20%) going to start within a few weeks

I declined the test

If it were to be positive they would have me take steroids

I don’t want steroids

I don’t feel like the babies are going to come in the next few weeks

Maybe I should have taken the test

But it’s another internal exam

Each internal is a risk for cervical change

Steroids only last for 1-2 weeks

I’ve been doing too much

That’s why my cervix is worse

I can’t get up now

I’m really bummed

The kids are wrecking the house

Men aren’t designed to run the house and the kids

There is trash on my floor

Are you kidding me

Tomorrows another day

I’m still preggo

My babies are healthy


c-sec chances are slim now unless one flips

interesting post huh?

Belly picture tomorrow. Exciting huh!


  1. What a day, indeed! I think you made GREAT decisions and are glad/sorry you have to lay down now. Will be praying for babies to hang in there...I know that mamas know best, so I bet they will stay put for a while.

    Oh, and thank you for your encouraging words on my blog today about the devastating, faith-stretching news we received about our little babe. I will stand firm in God and trust Him no matter what happens! I know you are doing the same with your babies...

  2. The Lord will bring those babies, when it's time to bring those babies! And the fact that you feel they won't be here early, is a motherly instinct (given to us, by God) and I would go with your gut! :)

    KEEP resting!

  3. What a day my pregnant friends have had. I am holding you both in my thoughts and prayers this evening.

    It's "funny" that you wrote this post in this style. I JUST did the same thing before clicking over to your site but then deleted all but two lines (but it really did go on in short phrases like yours) because I didn't think any one would care to read the thoughts that are rolling around my head as I sit in my quiet house. They weren't nearly as important as what you are dealing with right now.

    You are a strong woman!!! Hang in there!

  4. Every single day that passes with the babies inside of you is one to praise God for. I know you KNOW that! Sometimes it's just easy to forget when there is trash on the floor and everyone is just hanging on. Praying for you.

  5. it must be discouraging to be stuck in bed--i will be praying for you--i KNOW how hard it is to let the husband (even a super involved conscientious one) run the house and handle the babies--but praise the Lord your babies are safe and healthy and right where they need to be--that is far more important and encouraging than a clean house =)

  6. You don't know me but I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I had my twins at 26 weeks and 5 days. And surprisingly enough I did not know I was having twins until I was in premature labor. I thought I was pregnant with one baby and all measurements and weight gain supported that thought. I did have the steroids 24 hours before the came out...so know that you have made the best choice for you now however if things progress further the steroids for their lung development is still possible.

    My girls are now 2 1/2. After spending 80 days in the hospital you would never know physically or developmentally that they were 13 weeks early. You are past the point I was at..trust me I have been reading your stats on the babies to compare.

    They are in God's hands and as I said from day one in my situation "God gives us only what we can handle and he wouldn't give me these twins to take them away from me"

    I believe the same is true for you.

  7. Thinking about you and hoping that you feel encouraged today. Babies will be here soon enough and lying on the couch will be but a distant memory. Rest up sweet mama. :)

  8. You're doing a great job cooking those babies. The housework will get done. Just enjoy this time and relax. In a few weeks you will literally have you're hands full!!!

  9. thinking of you
    i did bed rest for over 2 months
    strict bedrest - did not get out of it - on my 3rd pregnancy.
    I learned not to worry about the house, a huge thing for me to overcome. It was Christmas and wonderful friends came over to decorate. What would we do without friends.
    I did do steriods at 34 weeks --the last week they really could make a difference. Did not do the test for preterm delivery for a number of reasons, but mostly it has such a high false positive. And we do zero testing while prego.
    I will be praying for you and the babies. I know how hard it is. Best wishes.

  10. Oh goodness....

    What a day. On positive notes:
    I think you made the right decision on the test.

    I think you made the right decision on the steroids.

    Both head down is GREAT news!

    The condition of the house is only temporary, though it would drive me to insanity too.

    Hang in there girl, it won't be that much longer, and you have soooo many people pulling AND praying for you!

  11. Praying for you, lovely! At least both babies are head down now, so hopefully you won't need a C-section! And I think you're past the bad point where if they come early, it could be worrisome!! Praise the Lord for that! Hang in there, girl. You're doing awesome!!! :D

  12. Oh my.

    It must be so hard to stay in bed!! Especially when you're used to running the house. (You're right. Men just don't do things in quite the same way that we would.)

    I'm glad to hear the babies are doing well though. And both head down- that's wonderful!

    One day at a time! I'll be praying that they stay put for awhile yet!

  13. I think you are wise to question the steroids, ask as many questions about future influence that you can think of. I have a friend who took steroids during her pregnancy due to incompetent cervix and her daughter was born healthy at full term, but experienced very early puberty. She began menstruating at age 8 and was very physically advanced in every way for her age. I think that her doctor attributed the effects of steroids. Of course, that was 13 years ago and I don't know if advances have been made since then.

  14. Hi Brittany! Thinking of you....my twins were born at 29 weeks although I did have the steriods but they only spent 48 days in NICU before coming home. Now at 13 months old they are doing well.

    I wouldn't worry. You will be fine. Even if you were to have them soon, at this stage in your pregnancy there is rarely any problems for healthy babies.

    Don't stress about the house, rest. Keep cooking those babies. Take care!

  15. Hang in there Brittany!
    You have done an amazing job thus far, and the end is near. Great news to hear that the babes are both head down! Yeah!!!! They are blessed, AND cooperative!
    Thinking of you and praying for your family!

    Take Care!

  16. I'm so glad they are both head down.
    I'm praying they stay that way.
    I can only imagine the horror of having to sit and watch my husband run the house... NOBODY does it like MOM ! :)
    Big hugs and prayers

  17. hang in there! men can learn to take care of the house and kids :) RELAX!

  18. Both head down?! Whoopeee! =) Those little ones are certainly getting prepared huh? Sorry to hear you're on bedrest though. =(

  19. The mood of this post is understandably a bit bummed...bed rest must really suck (can I say that??) but two cephalic bubs is AWESOME!!! I am very excited for you to be heading for a normal delivery...sorry about your messy house...I have no words of wisdom as it would drive me *crazy* So Good luck is about all I can come up with...good luck

  20. I wouldnt of taken the exam either. You are fine.
    Take it easy and as much as it annoys you try not to worry about the mess. I know that be hard on me 2... I let my husband run the house for a day and its trashed ;-) men are just messy most of the times and unorganized.

    Just think you may have a house with... 7 men soon HAHAHA. Praying for you.

  21. Sounds like you need to rest, rest, and rest! As boring as it might be in the next weeks you'll have to be ultra creative at keeping occupied so you don't go out of your mind! And remember that the house might be a mess now but it's for the sake of the babies, so I'm sure it's well worth it! Someday it will be clean again! Don't let it bother you and when it does, just look down at the big belly and say, ah, that doesn't matter, this belly does!

  22. Ah well. It's not fun, but it's to be expected with twins...and it's ALL worth it! I do think you made the right choice. My sister did the same thing with her twins - and as a result she held out longer since she didn't risk cervical change. Hold your faith close and know that He will protect these sweet babies!

  23. I am sorry to hear that your appt was not as you would have liked it to be. I know it's hard to sit down. I would be in the hospital by now if I were you. Your decision not to take the test is just that...your decision. You made it because you do not want to take steroids and that is fine. Those babies are still going to come when they want and the Lord knows what he is doing. Hang in there :)

  24. It would kill me to have to sit all day, but then when you think about the out come I gues I could gri and bear it, it won't be forever and floors can be cleaned right? hang in there.....

  25. I am definately praying for you and the little ones! I think that you made the right decision...sometimes it is better to trust our instincts then go with what the docters say!
    Blessings on you and your family...

  26. God definitely has you and these two little miracles in His hands :)
    Complete bedrest is probably completely maddening, but God knows what He's doing here.

  27. Keep your head up. You are making wise decisions about the tests, about staying on bed rest despite the disarray it puts everyone in, about letting your house fall to pieces for the sake of your children. I know it's hard but God is with you. His plan is perfect. He will give you strength when you cannot find it within. Let God be your guide.

    I remember days like this. They are not fun. But remember this phase of life will pass before you know it. I know it's hard but enjoy not having anything on your plate.


  28. Wow, what a day! Your boys and house will make it through this time. You just need to get your rest now. You will be on the run soon enough:)
    Just rest in GOD's hands!


  29. Focus on the positive! That is great that they are both head down. I am sending positive thoughts your way that everything turns out the way you want it to!

  30. Hang in there! I have had two close friends on bedrest for long periods and I know despite my empathies towards them, I don't even know how hard it's gotta be but you can do this! As my grandma always says, "This too shall pass!" I pray you have peace in your heart today and the patience to overlook the imperfections. Would your kids think you'd lost your mind (not to mention your husband) if you just burst out laughing in your hardest laugh right now? It might be crazy but you might feel a lot better. Laughter's good at breaking tension. Kelly

    p.s. love the playlist :)

    p.s.s. not even sure I've commented before, found you recently (week or two) not even sure how but glad I did :) Kelly

  31. How many weeks are you? Such great news that both are head down....if you're past 33-34 weeks I'd think they are probably pretty wedged by now? I always thought that being on bedrest at home would be beyond terrible. My bedrest was in the hospital so it was a very CONTROLLed environment! :)

  32. Oh! I think you forgot to tell me yesterday that they are both head down now! Wooo-hooo! God is awesome!

  33. Both head down...that's awesome. Just take it easy for a few more weeks (easier said than done I know) and soon you will have two precious new children in the world. Do you have any idea as to who's inside?

  34. Adding my prayers.

    Had a thought: The house is cleanable, now or later (in this case, LATER). You can't re-do this pregnancy, so just relax, dear one. I wish I lived close...I'd come clean your house!

  35. you sweet mama. i wish i could go over and help!!!! i know that's what i would need...even a stranger to walk through the door to help...as long as the stranger was a fellow mommy-blogger! hehehe

    keep your chin up. you made the right choices. i, too, would've held off on the steriods. have fun online...blogging & twittering & dreaming up all sorts of lovely names for your little ones to come.

    have a picnic on the couch with your boys & rent/borrow/steal some cool videos for them to watch so they can sit still for a few minutes... Have a friend's husband take them for a few hours so she can come and clean every week or so! you can give her 'auntie' rights when the babies arrive. ;-)

    well...you're a strong Christian woman...you're doing great.

  36. Yay for both heads being down! I think I would have made the same decision about the steroids. It's so hard to know for sure sometimes though isn't?

    My cousin is on bed rest right now with her baby. She has been on hospital bed rest since she was 20 weeks!! The reason for this is her first baby was born at 23 weeks (and lived, and is perfectly healthy after 9 months in the NICU and two eye surgeries). I haven't heard from them in about two months, so I'm assuming baby #2 is healthy and is still tucked inside that womb (they are in Europe). I can imagine she's going through a difficult time missing her toddler daughter, but you do what you have to do right! :) In the end it's all about making sure the baby, or babies, end up arriving as healthy as possible. Before you know it, bed rest will be a distant memory and you'll have your babies in arm. :)

  37. I know what you mean. Most men really aren't designed to take care of the house and kids. It just isn't the same. I know how hard the bedrest is on you, but you are doing the right thing. Keep it up! And we'll all do our best to keep your spirits up.
    Hang in there!

  38. I'll pray that nothing changes and the babies stay in as long as possible, which will be as long as God intended! And, if I were there, I would bring my two boys over and bring you things on the couch and make your dinner. And chat with you too!

  39. So jealous your babies are
    co-operating!Mine wouldn't and I had to have a C-section!!

  40. That's GREAT that they're both head down!
    And yes, we know best. Sounds like you made a great call!
    I'll be praying that those babies stay in there as long as needed!

  41. So excited for you that the babies are head-down! So NOT excited for you that the bedrest has gone to a maximum. And during school break too! Ak! I'd definitely be there cleaning for you - hopefully someone closeby will come to your rescue!

    - Susie

  42. I bet it is so encouraging to have all this support on your blog! What a blessing for you. Every time I see someone who is very pregnant I think of you. Hang in there!!

  43. Enjoy the time your "supposed to be resting" b.c. in a few short weeks... you'll want nothing more than a moment of rest on that couch- regardless of the trash on the floors!

    Take care mama bear... the cubbies need you to do that the most!

    I hope you have lots of help.


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