Oh me! Oh my! What a day!

It’s been a day…. That’s for sure. After thinking and thinking and probably thinking to much I decided that I DIDN’T need to go see my OB today and have the test done… I could easily take the test next week at my regular appointment. Well… they weren’t having that… in fact she said if I did NOT come in today she would NOT continue to see me. So after tears, stress, contractions & wonderful friends prayer we (hubby, Ozzie and I) headed off to the OB for the FFN test. Had the test, then heard the speech.

If the test comes back negative it’s a 99% chance that I WON’T go into labor within the next 2 weeks. If the test comes back positive there is a 15-20% chance that I will go into labor within the next 2 weeks. Here lies the problem…

If it’s positive my OB will admit me to the hospital for 24-48 hours for observation AND have 2 doses of steroids. IF I decline the steroids my OB will not continue to see me. At 30 weeks preggo with twins she will drop me like a hot coal… after 7 years of seeing her…. Delivering our boys… and now she just doesn’t care. *** I know she DOES care and it just doing what she feels is best, it just hurts to be somewhat bullied into doing something i'm not sure on, especially after knowing her for so long and feeling like we had a 'relationship'***

I know many of you have asked WHY I do not want to take the steroids and there are MANY reasons. I am NOT dead set on not taking them but I’m leaning that way. I am still researching, talking with our holistic chiropractor and praying about this. I’m putting together a post on steroids right now… I’ll post in a few.



  1. I honestly don't think its that she doesn't care. I just think she is really worried. Actually she has probably invested so much time, that it would go against everything she knows not to have you take the steriods, and she couldn't face that.

    I am really sorry you are going through this, and I wil pray for you.

  2. Just a thought - could you contact a midwire? She might be a good resource....

  3. they are there for you, but with most of the medical community, they are scared of liability. What if you do not get them, the babies deliver and have very bad lungs, you can hold him liable . Even though you said no, he is the Dr and should have known better (according to the courts) Why not get them if the HELP the babies. The babies are safe with them. If they are born with premature lungs, they will be on the steroids anyway. Several doses a day for weeks through their IVs

  4. Rebecca- mom to 4 boys & twin girls7/10/08, 3:49 PM

    I'm so sorry you're going through this, Brittany. You shouldn't feel bullied into making decisions regarding the health of your babies and yourself. Your doctor should have found a better way to handle the situation. She's probably thinking of the worst case scenarios while you are thinking of the best case (and being optimistic is so important!). I'm praying that the FFN comes back negative, no need for hospitalization, and restful times for you.

    As far as a previous comment about seeing a midwife- I was seeing a midwife through my pregnancy with the twins, but I was also under the care of a perinatalogist. When I went into PTL my midwives were no longer able to care for me, but they were still with me along the way for moral support, and would have been with me at the birth if I had gone to term. You might be able to find a midwife who will care for you for the remainder of your pregnancy, but still have an OB ready for delivery.

    Continued prayers.

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  6. This must be so disheartening to hear that from a person whom you obviously trust, since you have been with her for so many years...

    I have a suspision that she is trying to play it safe for herself in the first place, making sure she does everything by the book, so her back is covered...

    But at least she is honest with you and not trying to play games like my OB did when I tried to have a VBAC and she had a vacation to go on...

  7. Oh I am so sorry that this is all happening. I am praying right now for you and those sweet babies!

  8. as a person that had unexpected crazy things happened at the end of 2 out of 3 pregnancies...i would be prepared for the worst. if they would come early, you may kick yourself later for not making a different choice.

    however, that being said...go with your gut...my gut told me that there was something wrong with my pregnancy even when the doctors said it was ok....a half emergency csection proved to me that to ALWAYS go with your gut when it comes to being a mommy.

    Good luck in your decisions!

  9. Wow. That is amazing. I am betting she is threatening this because she DOES care so much, and knows that you will sway her way if she threatens to drop you. Not that her tactics make you feel loved or cared for, I doubt she means to come off the way she is.

    Keep praying! You and those babies are being cared for by a higher power that steroids and doctors can't even come close! I'll be praying!!

  10. So when do you find out the results? I thought they would be immediate. No? Grr.

    I really don't think that she would stop seeing you because she doesn't care. I think that she would stop seeing you because she wants to take care of you and those babies the best way she knows how and would feel unable to do that. I think she really doesn't want anything bad to happen to you or the babies on her watch, so she would rather not be there at all if she couldn't do exactly what she thought was best. ??
    I don't mean to defend her. I completely see your side of it too.
    More prayers headed your way. :)

  11. Hi Brittany - Sorry to hear that your OB had to take such a crazy-strong stance about this...

    From a personal opinion point of view - I think steroids is a pick-the-worst-evil issue. But I'd personally take steroids for the babies, because the risks with them seem less than without them.

    Several of my friends had to have them. One friend had them at 31 weeks when she was in premature labor, but they managed to stop the labor. Her son's fine, a normal kid, even though he didn't need them in the long run. Actually - it's Christina at christinataylorfamily.blogspot.com if you wanted to talk to someone who's had them. She may have had them with her 2nd, but I'm not sure. She went into labor at 31 weeks again, but made it to 36.

    Hope you are able to make a decision that you and your hubby are comfortable with.

    Praying for guidance! - Susie

  12. First time for me to really comment on one of your posts, but I feel so strongly about this that I will come out of lurkdom for you! :)
    Do not be bullied! I know it's scary and I know you're hurt. With my last pregnancy I left my OB at almost 5 months along. I ended up going the route of a midwife. I'm not saying that's what you need to do because that is your choice. For me, I was not happy with the care I was receiving so I went elsewhere. It was my choice.

    You aren't the first person to leave an OB mid to late course and I'm quite certain you won't be the last (if that's what you decide to do). I didn't have twins and wasn't at risk for preterm labor so I can't really factor that into my decision, but I can say that you "hired" your OB when you went with her. Fear mongering seems to be a favorite pastime of the medical community and a tactic used to force you into their will. I was told I was high risk because of my age (37 at the time - I'm expecting again at 39 - now I'm decrepid I'm sure) and when I balked at their tests and suggestions they didn't like it. I took matters into my own hands.

    God knows His plans for you and I know that He will give you the peace you and your husband need to make the right decision. Hang in there and know that you have a lot of people praying for you.

    Wow. That was long. Brevity is obviously not my forte! :) Have a blessed day!

  13. MAN... talk about a ride!

    To drop you just like that - is she afraid of a law suite or something?!

    Yes, I'll be praying for a big fat N.

  14. I agree with Kathryn...I don't think she drop you after 7 years and not because of a lawsuit. That's absurd...you couldn't file a lawsuit when it was your choice to do or not do something. So I'm guessing she is really looking out for the best interest of you and your babies. Great job looking up information and keeping yourself informed but it really sounds like your Dr is pretty on top of things too.

  15. So sorry for your frustrations.

    Just my two cents on the subject matter...

    As a woman with a severe arthritis condition, both of my pregnancies (past and current) have involved taking strong steroids during the fetal period. You're correct in that there are risks, but there are great benefits. My quality of life is better. In a perfect world, our pregnancies would be as natural as possible. If only, right?

    As a mom of a former NICU baby, I've seen the difference steroids can make...the difference between breathing without assistance and being on a vent. And the second time around pregnancy-wise, I'm sort of prepared to expect the unexpected.

    Sorry for this novel of a comment.

    My prayers are with you and fingers crossed the test comes back negative.


  16. Oh my. I can't believe she said she wouldn't continue to see you. I mean of course I believe you but wow.
    i understand that she may have your best interest at heart but I think she is handling it the wrong way. I'd probably have said, "YOU can't FIRE ME !!!
    I'M FIRING YOU !!! Lol. But seriously.
    I am praying for your FFN results to come back negative.
    Big hugs to you

  17. I am so sorry to hear of the frustrations and fears and concerns you must be going through. I can't even imagine what your heart must be feeling. Before I start my ranting and raving I should disclose that I am Anti-OB and pro-midwife. I understand the need for OB's in emergent situations. However I really don't feel like you are in an emergent situation.
    You know what is best for you and your babies. Trust in the Lord, trust in your motherly instincts that He has given you, that have proven their credibility time and time again. Trust in your body, it knows what it is doing. Don't let your self be bullied into ANYTHING. It is extremely unprofessional for that doctor to ever put a patient in your position. She is causing just as many potential problems(i.e. putting you through this UNNECESSARY stress) as she is trying to fix.

    Physicians have the obligation to serve their patients not themselves. Fear of liability should never be a reason for "dropping" a patient. I am a nurse and know there is plenty that a doctor can do to "cover" their butt if you refuse something they think you should have done. And informed consent is a joke with most OB's. They tell you just enough to get you to do what they want you to do. YOU still have a choice. You know your body, she is just assuming she knows your body based on tests, that by the way could be totally wrong.

    I really urge you to completely weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on anything.

    I highly recommend "The thinking womans guide to a better birth" by Henci Goer to every woman. It is eye opening to think that many of the "problems" woman have during pregnancy and labor are actually a direct result of Doctors so called "medically necessary interventions".

    I am praying that you and your husband do exactly what the Lord leads you to do either way. He knows what you need right now.

    I will continue to pray......


  18. Firstly I think its terrible that she has bullied you into the test but she must think its for the best....

    I also find it weird that you have to wait for the results. I had the FFN test done when pregnant with my twins and got the results in 10 minutes. My test came back positive and I was admitted to hospital delivering 4 days later at 29 weeks. Although my waters broke first and thats probably what started labour, I'm not completely convinced that I would have had them so early if my waters didn't break. (Also I had an emergency c-section due to cord prolapse.)

    I really hope you test comes back negative. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you....

  19. I don't know your OB so I am going to try to refrain from stating what I think about her saying these things to a very pregnant woman with twins I :
    As far as the steroids, pray on it. I know you don't want to know what you are having but I have always heard boys lungs develop slower than girls; if they are boys, you may want to weigh the options with your ped; she'll know more than the OB on this.
    Regardless, I will pray the test is negative. You don't need this crazy stress right now :)

  20. Don't let them force you to do what you feel isn't in the best interest of your babies!!! I agree with the above comment...go see a midwife...since both of your babies are head down..i'm sure they would deliver you..

  21. I agree with everyone that it is your choice to decide what to do. However I would like to defend your OB and say that I doubt it was a threat to you, and simply a statement -- if you elect not to do this, that she could not continue to see you. It isn't a personal thing with you, I am quite sure the response would be the same for any patient in your situation - it's a legal issue for her, as well as a way to illustrate how strongly she feels about it. Just as it is your right to refuse a treatment, it is her right to refuse you as a patient.

    Best of luck with everything, and may your pregnancy result in a pair of healthy babies.

  22. In defense of your OB too...I'm sure she wanted to make sure you knew how important this was. You were to be on complete bedrest..correct?? and by the sounds of you have been pretty busy or maybe not. You seem to have some "fragile" pregancies towards the end and if you've been with her through them all she's probably thinking in your best interest.

  23. Wow, I'm sorry about this added stress. I've lifted up some prayers for you. I know I'll be reading soon that your test was negative.

  24. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all this! I just wanted to let you know that I'll be praying for a negitive!!! Please let us know when you find out!

  25. Hi Brittany,

    I have read your blog off and on for a month now. This is my first comment.

    I would just like to say that despite your relationship with your doctor, if she is willing to drop you like a hot coal because you don't want to take one of her services, AS A CUSTOMER, then I would have to drop her like a hot coal! I realize how much insurance companies play a part in the decisions of a doctor, but she could always have you fill out a form stating that you refused the steroids and that if anything happened to the babies because of your refusal, you would not hold her resposible. I absolutely hate how doctors basically have their hand forced by insurance companies. Insurance companies are the lowest of the low! Bottom line the customer is ALWAYS right and has every right to refuse a service that is not wanted.

    I see from your latest post that the test came out neg., so that is great! God is Great!

    God bless you and your family!



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