28 week BIG baby baby belly

Oh my it's big! There is a good reason though...

Baby A & Baby B both measure 2 lbs. 15 oz.
that's SIX POUNDS of baby

**average twin weight is 2lbs.7oz. & average singleton weight is 2lbs.3oz.**

and a lot of fluid...
baby A has 6.8
baby B has 10.63
SOOOO... my peri wants to see me again in a week to check their fluid again. They should have similar fluid measurements... if one has more than the other it could be a sign of twin to twin transfusion. HOWEVER if that were the case one should measure bigger than the other and they are measuring identically. He basically said "I'm worried about your fluid but I don't know why yet" I *think* that I may just have extra fluid... i've always measured a little big with my boys and with Gavin specifically I measured 42cm at 37 1/2 weeks. I am glad he's keeping a close eye on these babies though. *grin*

and for the fun numbers

28 weeks
measuring 39 weeks
41 inches around
42 lbs. heavier

you like how I didn't crop out hubby's clothes on the bed...

and a smile just for you!

**Oh and if anyone has any knowledge on fluid levels... I'd love to hear. I could not find 'average' fluid levels online**
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  1. You look so young, fresh & full of energy! How in the world...

  2. You look beautiful!! Love that belly!

    I'm glad things seem to be going well, even if you're a little heavy on the fluid ;) It still sounds like all good news.

  3. I think your scale is off!!! no way is there 42 lbs in that little compact space... so I'm thinking they may be off on the fluids too???

    You look great... it's all in your beautiful smile!

  4. What a beautiful baby baby belly!

  5. You look great! Keep up the good work! 28 weeks...another big milestone!!!
    Don't know much about fluid levels, but I would trust your peri! He rocks! :)

  6. Whoa baby! You are so beautiful!!! That baby glow is just coming through! :)

  7. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm a mother of twins (fraternal though). I don't know much about fluid levels (my water broke at 27 weeks, but I didn't deliver until almost 34 weeks). You're pictures are so good. You look great! I so regret not taking any belly shots when I was pregnant!

  8. You sure are good at growing babies! You look great - vibrant and peaceful. It seems as though you are in awesome hands as far as your doctors. That takes a lot of stress off doesn't it!

    Enjoy these last few weeks!


  9. Love the belly shots!
    ...maybe starting with -hydramnios...I had oligohydramnios (low fluid)...you might be able to find the "normal values", but from what I remember there was a HUGE spectrum... like from 8-21 was "normal". DON'T quote my numbers, I just remember that it was a huge span...and mine was a singleton...it just might be different with twins!
    And your peri is on it! SO glad that they want to keep checking in on you!!!

    Take care, and I agree, the scales are broken, you look great, and have no idea where you are carrying that 42lbs! AMAZING!

    Thank you for keeping us updated, and take care!

  10. And you STILL look great!

  11. So adorably cute!!!
    I have no words of wisdom for you, but you look fabulous! I've been reading your blog for a while, but I was too scared to comment, so here I am! :D
    Good luck with everything! You will do awesome as I'm sure you already know!! :)

    Lindsey :)

  12. Hey! When I was in the hospital with #3 for 20 days, my roomie's twins had TTTS.... Her babies had the Baby A with LOTS of fluid and Baby B had NO fluid.. he was a STUCK baby... and there was a HUGE difference in the size of the twins. Now, I had polyhydramnios with my 1st and 4th babies... #1, I did not know until the day I delivered and Baby #4 I knew from early on. He was a big baby which they said he would pee alot.. dont know the truth in that but nothing could be found for the cause. When I was researching, I did find scary reasons as to why my son would have had too much amniotic fluid so I do not suggest googling it. The docs would be able to figure something if it was a big problem I would think! My son is now a happy 7 month old healthy baby! I am glad the docs are following up with everything?? so, these babies arent showing their "junk" on these ultrasounds?? my son was NOT shy! He would force his behind where the peri would be using the wand!
    you look FABULOUS!

  13. Beautiful!! :) I'm so excited for you. You seem so radiant! :)

  14. You and your baby baby belly are so adorable! I've been reading your blog for a while, but have never commented, and just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading about your journey.

  15. I think you look great!
    Those little babes are growing up a storm!

  16. I do not know about fluid levels, but wanted you to know you look great:0

  17. you're still looking as cute as ever!

    when i've watched discovery health i thought i also remembered something about if fluid levels are "dangerous" with ttts then the twins weights would also be different. being that your twins are weighing the same...that is a great sign!!!! :-)

  18. Brittany,
    At the beginning of our pregnancy with the girls they were very concerned at the difference in fluid level, and watched us every week. I contacted TTTS www.tttsfoundation.org and they sent me a big packet that talked about fluid levels and the safe difference range and the concerned difference range. I threw my packet and checked on their site a minute ago but couldn't find it. You could email them. They were a great support.

    Oh, and BTW, you look fabulous! I can't wait to meet these little ones.

  19. Hi there. I love your blog and want to share my friends blog with you. She is having twins and just had surgery for her fluid levels. Her twin to twin transfusion was caught very early and God Bless that it did. Stacie is my best friend and if anything reading her story might make you feel that your identical twin pregnancy has been an easy ride and ease any nerves you might be starting to have. Have a wonderful day. Cant wait to meet your girls when they arrive via your postings. I just know you are having girls.


  20. You look ever more radiant than usual ! :)
    Praying for your family.
    I enjoyed all the pics as usual.
    Best to you.

  21. What are you doing off the couch, missy!? HA!

    You look great as usual. I know NOTHING about the fluid thing but I am keeping you all in my prayers and the babies sound like they are doing great!

  22. You are too cute. You look great :)

  23. You are so stinkin cute girl.

    Fluid levels...hmmmm....I am thinking. I know how they measure it. There are little pockets (I had 4) around the baby that they measure. I think it was like a 1-10 #. But I am not for sure.
    Sorry that wasn't much help.

  24. I just wandered over from ModGirl's blog. I just have to say you are adorable! These belly pics are just about the cutest I've ever seen. I love how you're taking pics of you taking pics. Nice to "meet" you. Kelly

  25. As a mom who has endured a twin pregnancy I think you look great!
    Twins are wonderful.

  26. I had no fluid with my first baby (emergency c-section). I looked into it and I believe normal range is 25 cm units, and anything below 5cm is considered extremely low. But that is at full term, with a singleton.

  27. Just started reading your blog - love it! Our twins were fraternal and in two separate sacs but still had different fluid levels - we had an emergency c-section at 37 weeks, 2 days because Baby A's fluid was at 3. If I remember correctly (it was nine months ago) anything below a 5 is a cause for serious concern.

  28. You are glowing! Love those belly shots.
    My oldest measured small, so they pushed back her due date by 2 weeks- when she was born 5 days late by the adjusted due date- there was no fluid left and she was traumatized by the birth (her first Apgar score was a 2!) They found her to actually be 3 weeks over due!!
    My 4th measured like 6 weeks bigger so they scheduled a C-section- she ended being my smallest at 9lbs 3 oz, I was kind of upset- the others I had done naturally and survived. I could have sneezed her out. >sigh< I guess my point is- while it's good to keep an eye, there is no exact science.

    Good Luck!


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