Weekly Wrap

School's out for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy. Just in time too... no more hurry up, get ready, get the kids ready, make breakfast, pack lunch, get in the car, drop off, come home, unload, clean the kitchen.... i'm tired just thinking about it. I would LOVE to homeschool at some point. I am still praying that if I am supposed to that God will lead the way when it's time. Off topic...

It's been a slow adjusting week.... but we're doing it. My wonderful friend Shelly has offered to make us a meal once a week and is organizing getting some other mom's in our mom's group to help too. God put this woman in my life for a reason. *grin* I just hope that I will be able to bless her and her family the way she has blessed ours.

Paul is on a short leave from work so that will be wonderful.... isn't it fun when God answers your prayers quickly... if only all prayers were answered so fast. :)

My in-laws are coming for the weekend... the boys are super excited to see them again so soon. Maybe this time i'll get some pictures... from my new perspective.

It's HOT HOT HOT.... i'm not a whiner but I may be by the time this summer is over. Oh my! It was 93 yesterday. I LOVE AIR CONDITIONING. It's really not the heat, it's the humidity.

My goal next week is to enjoy lots of time reclining on the patio on our new patio set while watching the boys play in the little pool. Oh summer fun! Hopefully with dad home we'll get to do a few things out and about... I can sit in ANY chair. *grin*

have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  2. Oh, I hate hot, too, but we could use some warmer weather up here. And a new patio set! Yeah! We don't have one at all, and I need a few of them:) Have a great start to your summer...SO glad Paul is off for a bit and that you are getting some help. Maybe you can sit on the edge of the pool and put your feet in. That's one of my favorite things to do!

  3. Amen to school being out sista! I am RREEAALLY looking forward to easier, non-rushed mornings at home. I'll bet being on bedrest is hard with other children, but thankfully it sounds like some help is on the way! Peace - Merranda

  4. I don't know how close you are to Nebraska, but if the humidity where you are is anything like it is here, I hear ya! Today was the first nice day (following storms again) in I don't know how long.

  5. I was pregnant last summer with a singleton and I was HOT. I can't imagine carrying two...is it different? Also could you stop by my blog and help me out? Thanks :)

  6. OH My goodness your boys are all gorgeous. I found you through a comment link on another blog and I am so taken with your family. I only have twins and am much older - I can't imagine having 4 boys first and THEN having twins. Wow. I will keep you and your babies in my prayers and know that it will all work out the way He means it to. You clearly see your blessings and I am so impressed by that. I hope you can keep writing!

  7. Wish is was that warm here. It feels like early fall here and I love nothing better than temps in the 90's. Hoping you are taking it easy.

  8. Yes! Sitting on a chair in your yard sounds perfect. With your feet up! And a pillow behind your back! Resting!!!
    Lots and lots of rest!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  9. Okay first of all, LOVE he Patsy song...
    And sit down, crank up the AC, and relax.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I'm with ya on the Husbands-staying-home bit. I would love for my husband to be a SAHD with me. Oh, shoot, who would pay the bills then?

    And a new patio set. I can imagine how relaxing that is...but not if it's 93 degrees out. I think 70-75 is a perfect loungin' temp.

    I'm glad to hear your friend is helping out. I often look back--alot lately since it will be a year this 25th since the girls were born--and thank God for the wonderfully giving people he sent me during my major time of need. Oh...I really, really wish I could help you out.

    Glad your still looking at things from your "new perspective."

  11. I guess there are different definitions to 'bed rest'. I thought one of the main reasons for bed rest was to get pressure off your cervix. Don't you actually have to be horizontal for that? Please be careful.

  12. The only thing worse than being prego in hot weather... is trying to nurse your babies in hot weather! Yeah...A.C.

    I'm happy for you that you'll have people bring you meals... that will help.

    take care of you and yours!!!
    It won't be long now.

  13. We're having record cold temps for this time of year over here!

    It's amazing how things work out like that (Paul having time off)!

    Enjoy the little pool! ; )


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