Tired belly, 60/40 and busy weekend

Great title huh? I'm feeling really creative today... can't you tell. *grin* I GASP didn't take any picture this weekend... despite the fact that I did have plenty of fun things to take pictures of. It may have something to do with my big/little tired belly.

Oh how I ache. I hesitate even saying anything yet because I know this is NOTHING compared to how I'm going to feel in a few weeks. This past week was really hard... I have to start slowing down. And I am... but it's HARD. I have been wearing a belly belt, or whatever you call those things. It really does help, but oh please, I won't be wearing it out in public and my tanks are much to thin to hide such a contraption. So... home I am, trying to let my body catch up. I really think I'm so uncomfortable because my belly is growing so fast and I'm doing too much while they are stretching. Plus i've been having daily contractions... we'll find out next Monday if they are doing any 'damage'. SLOWING DOWN SHOULD BE FUN... but very well worth it.

60/40 and girls are in the lead. You all have some HOPE! HA! I know you all want to know now... and you can not believe we are waiting to find out. I should say... it isn't exactly easy not knowing. But it is SO WORTH it in the end. The surprise after 8 months and delivering TWO babies will be AWESOME. Plus if they are boys... I really don't want to know now. I am so in LOVE with them right now I would hate to have ANY little bit of disappointment. As soon as we see our little boys we will be head over heels in love with them all over again and there will be no room for disappointment. Am I making any sense?? Ha! God knows the perfect plan for our family and I trust in him. Boys or Girls they will be AMAZINGLY awesome and fit into our family perfectly.

Busy Busy weekend... My father came into town for a 'surprise' visit and we had a grand time hanging out, going out to eat, buying a patio set & having fun. Paul had to 'work' Sunday and Monday setting up a house for the Muirfield tournament. He's working there today too... boo hoo.. big house on the golf course with food and beer. He IS working too. :)

I FINALLY got a new card for my camera that holds more than 20 pictures at a time. Yeah! I can not believe it took me 'er' Paul this long to get a new one. So hopefully i'll have LOTS of picture to share this week. That is if my belly doesn't get in the way.


  1. Take care of your self and slow down girl. I know, easier said than done.

  2. Wow! I only had singletons but that belt helped me too :) Take care of yourself girl.

  3. So glad to hear you are able to be honest about feeling TIRED and in pain with your cute little tummy! We are here for you!! I am sorry it feels awful and I am so happy you think you'll be able to take it easy some. Praying that your contractions haven't ripened your cervix at all.

    I think your reasons for not wanting to find out are PERFECT! THanks for sharing...makes total sense. Again, love hearing you be honest. And, SO true that when they are born if they are two perfect little boys you will be over the moon and have ZERO room for disappointment!! What a great way to look at it. It's win-win this way!

    This whole time you've had a tiny camera card!? You poor girl. I am SO glad you have a big one now. Snap away!!

  4. I can just imagine how tired you are. Tired of being sore, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, tired of eating. Are you to the point yet where you finish a meal and feel the need to eat just as you're clearing your plate? I know you already know it, but it will be over sooner then you think...and then you'll miss it. No matter how much you say you won't during those last few days. (That's how I felt.)

    What do the doctors say about delivery? ETA? Vag/Csec? I know it's a little early, but I'm curious.

    And...lastly....Muirfield? As in the famous Jack Nicklaus' Muirfield?

  5. After hearing your explanation for not finding out I can completely understand. You are a genius!
    Please slow down. I know how hard it is. People were always telling me that post baby. I didn't listen and ended up getting really sick. Your health is vitally important right now. You MUST slow down!
    Hope you get some down time and are feeling better ASAP!

  6. I don't know if I could not find out if I were you, but you do make a great case for it! ; )

    ONLY 20 pictures? That's insane these days girl - good thing you got a new card!!

    Take it easy, ok?

  7. Hang in there girl! It is so impossibly hard to slow down when you are chasing around 4 other little men....I understand that totally! :-)

  8. My sister has twins...so I know something of the exhaustion that comes with carrying TWO babies. But, she only had one kiddo to chase after at the time! I'm glad you're recognizing your limits and slowing down, as hard as it may be!

  9. It's tough to slow down - I know I always had issues with that. My husband would just roll his eyes every time I promised I would take it easy :) But, we're runners of the household - we can slow down, but the house sure doesn't!

    I've seen those belly belts before... "contraption" is a very good choice in words ;)

    Rub that belly once for me!!


  10. SLOW DOWN it's so worth it! It is very very very hard (I had to be on bed rest for all 3 of my pregnancies)

    What does Paul do?

    Sounds like you had fun. Yippy for surprise visits from family. My parents came up too and it was very last minute. I'm sooo glad they came!



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