21 week baby baby bump

I was informed by a few of you that my 'wordless Wednesday' post, which included my belly, wasn't in fact my weekly baby baby bump post. Picky Picky aren't we. *grin*

So... I give you my 21 week baby baby bump... it doesn't always go as well as you'd think. ha!

Hi Sadie!

Ummm.... there are 2 little boys in front of my mirror!

At last hubby came home while I was trying to get a picture and snapped a quick shot. Not too bad...


  1. You look SO cute :)

    Did you guys make it to the arts festival? We walked around a bit. It was a tad chilly today!

    Have a great week!

  2. You are such a beautiful pregnant lady. i cant believe thats a 21 week belly shot tho. blessings to you for carrying twins!! did I tell you we think our next will be twins? HAHA! long story...

    my greatest fear with twins is the results carrying them would have on my body (I know thats selfish.. but I cant help but wonder) and having them to early.. I had both my boys early so I can imagine id have twins early and be on bedrest.. resulting in lots of weight gain and depression LOL!!!

    but shoot you make it look easy!!!

  3. Ahhh! I LOVE how the babies are GROWing!! Wow. You look FABulous, of course. Great shots, love them!! Are people asking you if you are due soon? ;) I bet you get lots of fun comments in public! You look so great!!

  4. You are truly a beautiful pregnant woman! Way to go to your hubby for such a great shot.

    Is your dog a doberman? We are thinking of getting a dog sometime this year and that is a possible one on our list.

  5. Drea... I used to say twins would be cool but "no way, it would be so hard and oh my gosh... I can not imagine what it would do to your body" HA-HA!

    I already have stretch marks and I've already measured 43cm with #3... so I don't have too much further to go. I am slightly worried about getting a hernia. (I guess it's semi-common with twins) However if I do insurance will pay for a tummy tuck. :)

    MerrandaVK... Sadie is a doberman and she is SO SWEET... she is awesome with the kids, loves attention and would LOVE to be a lap dog. ha! She is very protective too.

  6. So very very cute! It's hard to believe that you still have a while to go! MAN OH MAN!

  7. You. Are. Fabulous.

    Good job Brittany. Truly.

    (P.S. Wanna hear a secret? I had a tummy tuck after my twins. Just sayin.)

  8. You look awesome! Keep up the great work.

  9. Could you be glowing any more?! You look beautiful, happy, and perfectly natural. Happy 21 weeks!


  10. Hi I just love your pictures!!!Can i ask you witch camera you use???i have seen it is a canon but that's it...thank you very much.
    from a family in zürich.

  11. You look radiant! What a beautiful pregnant women you make! Your boys and these twins are lucky to have you as a mama.


  12. You look wonderful!!

    I havn't commented before but I've been following your blog since you found out about the twins. I came over from my friend Andrea.

    I am 27 weeks preg with #3 and we are very excited also. You have your hands full but I absolutley love your attitude about it all. Your right, God gives us what we can handle and it's all a gift from Him!

    You look wonderful!

  13. You look great!! My "baby" is turning 1 this week (Yikes!!) and I am just starting to miss pregnancy, especially seeing your pics! :-)

  14. Such a cute pregnant lady! :) On a completly random note....you look so much like an old college roomate of mine.

  15. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! =)

    And Sadie and the boys aren't looking too bad either. ;)

  16. What a great bump. You look so pretty in the last one!

  17. Fantastic pictures! I love the one your hubby took, but you aren't smiling like in the ones you took of yourself :) BTW now you look pregnant!

  18. I looooove your pictures!!!!! You are so cute!!!! :)) Hubby didn't do to bad, either!!! :))

  19. I do love to see that growing, healthy baby bump, I admit it!

    I am curious - do people ask if you are having twins or do they just assume you are farther along than you are? urious minds want to know...ha!

  20. Good to see the twins are growing. I scrolled back to last week and what a difference a week can make ha? I bet that green and white flowered shirt doesn't fit anymore ha? I keep walking by the bag of clothes for OZ and wondering when I can get them to you. I hope the summer is not already over.

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  22. Some honesty comin' straight at ya---

    We had your Veggie Enchiladas tonight. YUM! Seriously Brittany, you need to write your own healthy cooking recipe book.


    I bet...I just bet...you won't even need a tummy tuck.

  23. You are looking wonderful! Hope you're feeling great still too. I've had a question lingering for a while now so I figured I'd just come out and ask... you've mentioned before that you guys buy a whole lot of canned stewed tomatoes, and I know they are very healthy but what about the BPA in the cans? From the research I've done, the only company that tries to avoid BPA in cans is Eden Organics, but their tomatoes still contain BPA, it's just their beans that don't. What are your thoughts on this? http://ecochildsplay.com/2007/10/08/canned-food-and-bpa/

  24. You look soooooooooo good you go girl:)I did not look that good with twins!

  25. First of all, you look fabulous. I think your hubby's picture is great!

    Second of all, thanks for putting the pic of Sadie in. Our 12 year old dobie just past away Saturday and we're still reeling from loosing her. Dobies are fantastic pets - as you know. =0) McKee always wanted to be a lapdog too...

    Merrandavk, I'd move Dobies to the top of your list. And I'm not biased at all, nuh-uh!

  26. So Sweet Brittany! You are positively radiant!

  27. Oh my gosh, you are SO cute! Are they moving a lot yet? I wanna see a foot or an elbow (or two...!) at mom's group on Thursday!!

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    PS you look way better than I did pregnant with one!

  29. Those babies have grown so much since your last belly shot!

    More cute pictures of you also!

  30. You look so great! I asked my husband how far along he thought you were and his guess was 38 weeks, but I failed to mention that you are carrying twins! So, his guess was skewed.

  31. you are so pretty & look so good pregnant...W/ TWINS!!!!

  32. i came across your blog via another and i love it!! who created your layout?? very cute!

    you are such a beautiful and glowing pregnant woman! many blessings go out to you and your family


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