You asked it... part II

Oh the questions that have been stacking up… and I’ve been so bad at answering individually. I think I've lost a few of your questions in my inbox too. Oooops! So back to the ‘group’ answering session.

Q: What vehicle do you drive that you can fit 6 kids and 5 car seats?

A: We have a new Honda Odyssey that seats 8 and THANK GOODNESS because I honestly do not think there is any other option besides a full size fan. Which I DO NOT want to drive. *grin* We can fit 3 car seats (2 britax boosters & a britax roundabout) across the back and the 2 infant seats in the captions seats with Grayson in the middle

Q: What is your new blog name going to be?

A: I’ve played around with a few names but I’m just not sure yet… I’m just going to wait now until the babies are here.

Q: Are you done having kids now?

A: Well… I have no idea! We are just thinking about adding two more right now… no thoughts past that.

Q: Does your husband like to eat like you?

A: I am SO LUCKY… he does. He is also very health, food conscious and he is very thankful for all the time and energy I put into making our family healthy meals. He NEVER complains about the food I make.

Q: Are you REALLY not going to find out what the babies are?

A: We are REALLY leaning towards not finding out at all… even if that means looking away during the ultrasounds. We LOVE the surprise and know God is giving us the perfect little babies for our family.

Q: Are you nervous about having twins?

A: Not one bit! God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle *with him*. I know this is his perfect plan and it will all work out. Now I’m not naive… I know it will be challenging at times but the blessings will FAR out weigh the stresses.

Q: Do you watch your weight while you are pregnant?

A: No… I eat what is good and YES I do have treats here and there… Bananas dipped in melted dark chocolate with peanut butter is my favorite. I have never dieted and never will… I just try to eat healthy and eat as much as I want.

Q: Are you & your husband from large families?

A: Not really… I have 2 brothers 7 &9 years younger and Paul has 1 sister 3 years older. Neither of us have a ‘same sex sibling’ which is part of the reason we wanted to have a large family… among lots of other reasons.

Q: Lots of you asked about the supplements that I take so here is the 'run down'

A: Folic Acid, Calcium Lactate, Ferrofood (Iron) & Cardio Plus are all from Standard Process. I buy ours from our Chiropractor but you can also purchase them online.

Clarks minerals are liquid minerals that we add to juice. It's a great way to get some extra minerals in. You can find there info here

PhytoMatrix (multi-vitamin), Phyt-Aloe (fruit & veggies plus) & Ambrotose (cell to cell communication - immune support) are all from Mannatech. These are the BEST BEST BEST you can find. I will never stop taking these.

Living Fuel Super Greens is a wonderful green mix you can put in smoothies. It is FULL of awesome stuff. It's a great company too.

So instead of waiting another month and losing most of your questions I thought I would do this a little differently this time. If you have a question leave it in the comments and I'll answer them all together in another post. You know you can't wait to ask that burning question you've had. So get too it... Anything is fair game. *grin*



  1. Obviously there are a lot of things that you cannot/are not eating so what do you and your family eat? I would like for us to eat healthier at our house so I am partly just looking for some suggestions on how to do that! ; )

    Great answers to these questions too!

  2. That's a good one...Elaine! I would love some suggestions as well.

  3. Uhem...not that you'd have diet anyway...uhem... ;)

  4. Still enjoying your blog Brittany. I have a feeling we would get along well! =) Our son just turned one and he got a birthday cake made with garbanzo beans and agave nectar (instead of flour and sugar). HAHAHA.

    I do have a question though...speaking of supplements, do you give your boys any kind of vitamin? Is there one you would recommend if you do?

  5. You're boys are darling! Congrats on the twins to come! You're right - there's nothing you can't handle with God.

  6. I got goosebumps reading this post. I grew up on Mannatech. Not many people have heard of it. Cell to cell communication is not exactly mainstream info (at least from my experience)

    I sure wish an opportunity for your Honda Odyssey to travel to Minnesota would present itself. I would count it an honor to meet you in person.

  7. ok, my question for now is about plastic. I know 7 is horrific for you (among others) but is it only horrific if it's heated in the microwave and/or cleaned in the dishwasher? Or should you not even drink cold out of it and wash it by hand?

  8. I am so surprised there aren't more questions... I guess I've already satisfied your wonderings. :)

  9. Thanks for the info on your supplements! I've been looking for a new multi to try. Quick question, you called it "living fuel super greens" but their site calls it something else. Same thing? :o) I hope that made sense (mama to twins brain here)... Becca

  10. Any advice for someone who might not be able to afford supplements? How do I know which ones are right for me and my family? I feel so overwhelmed and confused with some of this stuff. Where do I start?


  11. I posted (or thought I did!) this questions last week but I don't see it. Did you ever have to "break in" your husband? My husband eats moderately healthy when I serve it to him, but does so kicking and screaming (not in front of the kids of course!)

  12. Oh, and I have another one. Did you always know you wanted to have a big family?


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