Jellyfish and sharks... oh MY!

We went to the aquarium while we were there... I SO WISH we had a place like this around here. It was so much fun. I won't bore you will all the pictures... picasa won't let me anyway (OY on the 4 picture limit)

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  1. Two weeks of vacation! Sounds perfect! And you have the gorgeous pictures to prove it. I love the tractor pictures. That would be heaven for my boys.
    My hubby and I are looking forward to taking the boys to the aquarium this summer too. I love those photos!
    Welcome back!

  2. That jellyfish photo is SO cool. You know, for some reason the acquarium by me has a "no stroller" rule. How stupid is that?! YOU try to lug a 30 lbs. non-ambulatory infant around an acquarium. So we just don't go!

  3. No stroller... are you kidding me?!? That's like saying no kids under 5. Ha! Bummer!!!


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