Weekly Wrap

No email, no internet, no pictures, no blogging

so instead of blogging this week we did.... not much else! ha!

I had my 14 week appointment on Monday. Yeah! We got to see the babies... boy have they grown already. I mean it's obvious by the vast expansion of my belly but it was really cool to see it on the u/s. Last time you could see both babies at the same time but this time it was only one at a time with a little leg or arm from the other one in the picture. Paul was there and tried to take a video with our little camera but it didn't show much because she was moving it around too fast checking things. I didn't say anything before but at our first appointment my OB was very concerned that our twins might be monoamniotic which is when they share the same sac and placenta. It is very risky. There are high chances of the babies becoming entangled in each others cords since they aren't separated... which leads to malnutrition and possibly fatal. After I left dr. when she told me that I just prayed and prayed and I knew they were fine. Well... sure enough... as soon as she turned the u/s on she saw the membrane. Plain as day... right there... seprated just like they should be. Thank GOD! So everything looks great... they're growing just like they should. We're still considered high risk because they are identical and share a placenta. Plus my past history of preterm labor. So I'll be going to a peri and my ob every other week. I'll have 15 u/s by the time we're done. How fun! I can't wait to see them every other week and I think it will make the pregnancy go by really fast. Okay... enough about that...

The boys have spring break next week and we're heading south to visit family so I've been trying to get everything ready around here. For the sake of my sanity I sure hope Paul finds time to get the jammed dvd out of the dvd player in the van before we go... because 9 hours without a movie might drive me to insanity! Ha!

Oh and how could I forget.... I was just going out my normal daily laundry... washing... drying... but when I opened the dryer I noticed large globs of GREEN, BLUE, RED, ORANGE CRAYON all over my dryer! Oh and don't forget all over 50+ pieces of clothing that was in the dryer with the crayons. Ozzie's favorite Oink baby outfit, my fav pants and tank, lots of boys gap & polo shirts and pants. OY OY OY! The internet was down, I had no idea what to do to clean it off. So... I called my oh so WONDERFUL friend Shelly and she came right over to help. We scrubbed the dryer with goof-off (that stuff is TOXIC) and it did clean off. There is still a faded sheen of color on the drum but it's hardly noticable. And the HUGE glob in the corner is most of the way gone. There are little marks here and there and if I get the energy I may go back and clean it off more. But at least it's not ruined. The clothes however are another story... about half have come clean and the other half... including Ozzie's Oink shirt.... are not looking so hopeful. I've been working on them since Wednesday morning. There sitting on the counter soaking with 'goo-gone' for the 3rd time. We'll see! It's just clothes right!

I went to a jewlery party Tuesday night... it was wonderful... I didn't buy a thing but found a ring I was in love with... just didn't love the price of $84 for a sterling silver ring.

Thursday we went to mom's group and I met Kate for the first time. It's so fun to meet people you met on blog land first... even though she's a long time friend of Shelly's so I knew we would most likely meet one day.

My email is finally working after 2 weeks of problems. Getting to my pictures that are on a different computer is another problem though. So... no picture to share yet. I have lots of Easter pictures oh and a picture of the wonderful wax glob in my dryer... you know... life!

oh & I'm getting a cold... blah! I feel okay other than my nose. I ran out of Calcium lactate earlier this week and what do you know... now i'm getting sick. I just hope I feel better before we leave and that the kids don't get sick. No! No! No!

Sorry for the book! If you read this far YEAH FOR YOU! You may not hear much from me for the next week or so as we'll be out of town. I'm SO excited to get my hubby away from work. Yeah!!! The boys are pumped about tractors and dirt and cousins and warm weather. I'm sure i'll have lots of pictures to share when we get back.


  1. Yay! I am so glad you guys are coming. Sorry you are getting sick. I know how that is. Me and Aaron just got over a cough thing. And last friday Cole was throwing up for no reason. And the crayons in the dryer. Oh my!! I think I would have screamed. I found one of the silica gel in the washer yesterday all over cole's clothes but I washed them again and I think they will be okay. The crayons would give me a heart attack though:) Well I need to get busy. Have a good trip. I am praying Paul fixes the DVD player and soon.


  2. So glad to hear you're doing well! :)

    I appreciate your update. I feel out of touch with all of my bloggy friends, because I've been on hiatus, too!

    we REALLY do need to hang out soon!!

  3. So glad to hear the babies are doing well. How exciting that you get to see them on U/S so often. That is fabulous!
    Hope you can stave off that cold before it hits ya full blown.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Glad to hear the babies are well. Sounds like things are going good. Sorry about the crayon incident. Have fun on vacation!

  5. Yay for the babies! Glad to hear that all is well with them. Sorry to hear about the clothes though... Have fun on your trip!!

  6. Such a relief to hear all is normal with your babies. We went through a scare with Cole. I know that feeling of just waiting to find out!

    I've had crayons in the dryer also. Not that many colors though. I bet it looked pretty! ; )
    Yes, just clothes. Glad your dryer is fine!

    Have fun next week on your drive and time with family!

    We'll be traveling also....

  7. So glad to hear your news on the twins! And how exciting that you get to have so many ultrasounds; I used to get so excited for them! Do they ever do video or 4D ultrasounds where you are? I never got to have one of either of those, but many of my friends have. So amazing!

    Have a terrific trip!

  8. I'm sorry you're catching the crud. I seemed to catch colds more often when I was pregnant. of course, I was teaching back then as well. I have a feeling being around the germ infested cherubs in my classroom might have had something to do with it. lol Sorry to hear about the crayons. Thank God for toxic chemicals to clear that up. Have fun at the farm! PS...the emails I sent you keep bouncing back. I have no idea if you ever got them or not. They might very well be lost in cyber space.

  9. How fun to see the babes on ultrasound. I had tons of them too with my twins. Will you just look away each time the private parts are in view, to keep it a secret. Seems awfully tempting...!

    Enjoy your hubby time.

  10. awe. twins....what a big blessing!!!

    Oh and the whole dryer/crayon thing...been there done that got the shirt! :-D haaa haaa get it? lol Sorry its been a long day! The clothes will fade out SOME after a few washing and dryings but other than that your stuck with them.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation and feeeeel better.

  11. I'm a little bit sad you're on vacation this week, because I would like to raid your brain for some food ideas/recipes. Yes, that's right, I'm going to trade in my donuts and cookies for some healthy options. (I'm really not THAT bad I promise...I do eat healthy foods, I just eat a lot of cookies too!) I've been looking over some of your recipes on this blog, and I'm feeling inspired. When you get back, maybe we could get together and have coffee or organic pomegranate tea or something. : ) You could share all your food knowledge and we could get to know each other a bit!
    If you're e-mail doesn't work, just leave a comment on my blog somewhere, and maybe I'll get your phone # from Shelly.

  12. I'm sorry for your crayon issue. You seem like the type to take things in stride though. And as for the twins, YEAH, that they are diamniotic. Our girls were also. They shared a placenta and around 20 weeks they thought there was TTS going on. So, from then until 37 weeks on the button, we had one and sometimes two ultrasounds every week. A book I found to be really good for pregnancy with multiples is by Barabara Luke, When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads.

    I'm so excited for your family, and love following you on your journey.

  13. Sounds like you and the babies are doing great! Hate to do this to you, but tag! You're it! You can go to my blog to see what's what. Honestly, if you don't feel up to doing it I won't take it personally. =) Just do it if you want to, 'kay? Take care! (I'm horrible with these 'tag' things!)

  14. OMG, OMG! WE WON!! Although its not EXACTLY what I thought we were winning...I thought it was the actual diaper pail, but its just the liner. So you'll still have to buy the pail. But my name was selected to win! Yeah!!! So its all yours. : )

  15. Hey girl, we miss your updates. Hope you're back soon. In the meantime, I gave you a little something over at my blog (on today's post) so come see when you get a chance!

    Hope all is well!

  16. It's Friday...I kinda miss you! :-)
    I can't believe we haven't talked since last Friday! Give the babies a pat for me and tell Ozzie that Ava's thinking of him and she has more hair this week!

  17. Awe . . . so happy to hear that all is well with the babies!

    Have a restful, relaxing trip and take care!


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