late Weekly Wrap

It's March, it's still cold, it's muddy & i'm REALLY ready for spring.

So is Ozzie... he wants to go outside so bad, he gets his yellow boots and is ready to go. He keeps watching out the window or the back door. It's really very cute... but I really wish we could go out. I guess we could but it's just so WET and blah and cold and yeah I'm complaining. I'll stop. So anyway...the BOOTS are adorable!

I'm starting to realize that I may need a triple stroller????? How can I walk the boys to and from school with 2 infants and a 20 month old. I mean I can wear one or both in the begining but as they get bigger that's not going to work. I found the double stroller I want Yeah it's $589... we'll see about that.

I've had a headache for over a week.... I don't know if it's the hormones the weather or what. I've stayed away from all forms of msg & soy. I'm starting to think my body can't tolerate hydrogenated oils... which we stay far away from anyway. BUT I did by the boys a treat at the store on Wednesday *cheese-its* and they have hydro-oil and I ate them. OY!!!

I entered a giveaway here I never enter giveaways because I never win. But I figured I'd give it a shot. It would be really nice to have a carrier that Paul would wear too. In fact this might be nessesity. :)

Oh and Jamie gave me an award! Yeah! I need to go save the image to put it on my sidebar.

My cell phone is still missing in the house... 3 months now. OY!

Paul is still working 80-90 hours... it WILL get better. :) Oh they are putting together a pool at his office. Voting on boys or girls and when they'll come. Ha! I think everyone is thinking boys.

My brother is finally home boot camp and tech school. We're SO GLAD to have him home!

This week I promise I'll take a new belly picture AND a new 'as seen in' is coming.

bye for now!

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  1. Are you guys still coming for spring break? The weather is nice here and the boys can go outside. I have been going to the park a lot. My house is a wreck and the laundry is piled very high and my washing machine is leaking but oh well. The sun's out!


  2. That expensive stroller just might be worth it! Ya know? I'm so used to Annie's cheddar bunnies, that I think cheese it's are WAY TOO SALTY!! Can't wait to see new belly pics!

  3. I agree - cheez it's are really salty. We stick to "hop-hop" crackers around here too.

    I can't wait to get Julia outside in her puddle boots soon (once the 5 inches of snow we're getting today melts). She had to wear her winter boots when we were out last week because one of her puddle boots was in the shop. (aka at Grandma and Grandpa's) getting a hole repaired. Poor thing fell on her face twice as well as in deep puddles many times, but couldn't get enough of the fresh air. It's going to be a busy summer with two kids running in opposite directions. How do you do it?

  4. I was thinking for a little while there that I was going to have to buy a triple stoller. But then I remembered that Eve will be in kindergarten and I will only have two to take on my walks. Remembering that made me want to curl up on the couch and cry.

    I hope you win in the giveaway! I am of the party that believes one can never have too many carriers - we have them coming out of our ears. I had my mom make a moby wrap for Daniel this time. That way he could wear Eliza and still be manly ;)

    Hope your headache goes away and you figure out what it is that bothers you!
    Yay for your brother!! Where is he off to?

  5. Good luck with the giveaway -- and the headache.

    A friend of mine just got a double stroller from Baby Planet. I don't know the ins and outs, but do know it's an organic, eco-friendly, chemical-free company. And I know she didn't spend $500+. So maybe that helps? (Though, when you're going to have 6 children, including 2 infants, I vote for whatever makes your life easiest!)

  6. I like that stroller! In red too, very nice!

    You could do a double stroller and then wear a child carrier on your back (Kelty, etc.).
    I had to work it that way when Ella was born.
    I'm sure you'll get plenty of comments either way you do it! ; )

    Debit card missing in the house here. Finally just went and cancelled it.

    Good luck on the give away!

    And I hope the sun comes out for you SOON!

  7. Oh,oh, oh the boots and oh my the cute diaper bootie! It's all SO cute I can't take it!! AHHHH!

    I never even thought about how you would stroll 3 kiddos at once - OY! is right! ; )

  8. Get the bumbleride! I never got ONE really GREAT stroller for my twins and I always get stroller envy when I see great ones. THAT one ROCKS. you may be able to get a stomp-pad for the back for the 20 month old to stand on...? Or bumblerides even have this cool seat that attaches kind of up-high in front/above another. If I can find it I'll send you a link. I spend way too much time day-dreaming about strollers. They're dreamy!

  9. Headaches are just a plain old pregnant thing for me. Hope yours goes away soon! I hate headaches. Also, I know you said you already know what stroller you want (and it IS so cute), but have you looked into a Phil&Ted's? I have their E3 and it is SO great. Seriously. A narrow footprint since it's above/below or back/front instead of side by side. Anyway, I LOVE mine and it can accomodate 1, 2, 3, or..yes...even 4 kids. Trust me, I've done it. Anyway, looking forward to a new belly pic!

  10. Annies has a bunny cheese cracker that my kids looove. Maybe those would suit you better?

  11. That stroller looks awesome! I think you wear one of the little one's as long as you can, then Ozzie can probably walk by the time one of the babies is too heavy to carry. A triple stroller would probably be more difficult than ever!

  12. boys... boys... boys...
    love the boy bloggers!
    Praying your headaches go away soon!

  13. Hi! I came by from Jamie's blog. I love the picture with the boots!

  14. What a cutie! Love the bumgenius.


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