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Sorry… no pictures. I have some…. ON MY CAMERA… but hubby took my computer to work last week. Hence why I haven’t been posting. He said he would be bringing it back sometime this week. Ha! I have the upstairs computer but it’s not my computer and I don’t deal with computer change very well. So… what we’ve been up too…


We got a ton (20 inches) of snow on Friday and Saturday. I loved it… it’s was very cool… even though I won’t pretend that is was a blizzard like they said. For goodness sakes… aren’t they embarrassed to say that out loud? Everyone north of us is probably laughing. Anyway… it was beautiful and had I felt good enough to go outside I would have some awesome pictures to share with you. But I had a headache and I just feel BLAH. I swear I’ll feel better soon and I’ll be back to my picture taking blog crazy self. But until then… sorry to be a bore.


My brother tried to fly home in all this crazy snow and he had to fly into Indy instead. I think my parents when to pick him up yesterday. They boys are dying to see him. We’re so glad he’s home!


Paul has been a working fool… he loves his job but there is SO MUCH to do right now. He’s really trying to get it all done so he can slow down in a few months. Good idea. We spent half of Sunday at his office… they boys love going there thank goodness. Plus its right downtown so I get to pick out my choice of dinner (buca is my favorite down there)


Oh and not sure why there are 3 copies of “2 figs” but if I delete the 2 extra I will have to delete comments. Hummmmm!


It’s supposed to warm up, melt 20 inches of snow & rain this week. Kids…dog…mud…black & white tile floor…makes mom not very happy


Well since it’s a snow day and my ‘normal’ quiet time isn’t going to happen obviously, I must go take the white chocolate chips from the 3 year old, find out why the 6 year old fed an entire bowl of apricot applesauce to the dog and find something quiet and entertaining to do with the boys.


Have a great day everyone and I promise to be back soon with much more interesting things.




  1. Oh, that was plenty interesting! Just not visually stimulating, but I can wait! Patiently. Nice to "read" from you again! (Did you really mean to write 20 inches!?!!)

  2. Yum-I love white chocolate chips too. Can't blame him!
    Hope you take it easy despite all the snow and kids home.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one trying to figure out how things end up in odd places and why the cat is being fed cheese... Today has been one of those days!!

    Ok. this week might work! ;) How does Thursday look, for you?

  4. I saw that on our local news. That you guys got 20", and thought of you.
    Hope Spring weather comes next!

    I've been trying to figure out why the newman's cookies were all over our floor with the creme eaten out.

    Buca as in Buca Di Beppo? Mmmmm...
    A double, wait triple, Mmmm for eating out while pregnant! : )

    Have a nausea free afternoon (hopefully)!

  5. School tomorrow, hopefully. Love the snow but I am ready for Spring!

  6. Well, 20 inches sounds like a blizzard to me. Especially considering it all happened in 24 hours. Ca-razy! Enough of the white stuff already!
    Glad all is going well with you and that you are feeling okay.

  7. Enjoy the weather warm up! :-)

  8. You're in that first trimester funk we all know so well. That BLAH, I do not miss. Hope you're through the blah quickly!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh! I'm just catching up on your posts and, YOU'RE HAVING TWINS? And identical at that. CONGRATULATIONS. What a fun journey you're on. I pray you have a fabulous pregnancy...and I pray (not like it helps now) they are girls. If you're not finding out the sexes, are you going to tell us the names you have as options?

  10. p.s. But if they're NOT girls....how fun would it be to have SIX boys!!!

  11. Oh, I don't know. Somehow I think growing two people is interesting enough. Two figs! Awww.

  12. Wow! Did we really get 20 inches? I had no idea! In our backyard, it was up to Ava's waist and Alec's knees...


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