2 figs

That’s about the size of each baby… a fig 1 ½ inches long. And they are almost fully formed… how amazing is that. Their hands open and close, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under their gums and their bones are beginning to harden. They’re moving around doing acrobatics and I can’t even feel it. I can’t wait until I can feel both of them bouncing around in there. Now that is a once in a lifetime experience. I was looking on ebay to find a fetal Doppler… I had a ‘bebe sounds’ but its piece of made in china junk. I honestly do not remember hearing the heart beats last week… maybe I was too dazed from her telling me there were TWO.


I may have spoken too soon about feeling GREAT… because it really hit me yesterday. I guess there is this think called ‘round ligament pain’ well… let me tell you. It is COMPLETELY HORRIBLE! I’ve never had this before so I don’t know if this is more common with twin pregnancies or if it just depends on the mom. Mine is apparently so extreme because my muscles are stretching faster and further. It feels like I just ran 20 miles, did 10,000 side sit-ups and pulled and strained every muscle in my abdomen. It’s really really grand! I laid on the couch most of the afternoon and this morning I felt slightly better but now my entire back, neck, stomach is tender to the touch. I guess all those extra hormones that are making my muscles relax are doing their job. Because I really over did it. This may have happened anyway… but I don’t think the sweeping and mopping the entire downstairs on Sunday helped. I guess I REALLY need to slow down. I had Grayson at 38 weeks no complications, Vance was born at 36 ½ weeks, Gavin tried to come at 23 weeks and I was on bedrest with daily contractions until he was born at 38 weeks, I had contractions starting at 19 weeks with Ozzie but they only made minor changes in my cervix so I wasn’t on bedrest. I really need to make sure I don’t push my body too far and make these babies come early. I have only the slightest idea of how much different this pregnancy will be. It’s already very different… I can feel the extra hormones and the obvious fast expansion of my belly… but that is NOTHING compared to how it’s going to be in a few months. OH MY! Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant. It’s is one of the most amazing privileges in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And honestly I’ve enjoyed everyone of my pregnancies and deliveries and I’m sure this will be no different in that respect but I think I need to brace myself for slowing down and not expecting too much of my body besides nurturing these babies.


So… I’m going back to the heating pad and sipping water while I watch the boys play until dad gets home and its bed time.



  1. That makes me almost WANT to be pregnant! Even if I'm done.
    It's amazing how God knows just who to place the care his precious souls to. You are so perfect for this family that God has entrusted to you. Many blessings down this new pregnancy path!

  2. Congratulations.....I am with yo...I LOVE LOVE being pregnant. I felt awesome when pregnant. How cool to be having twins. I can't wait to get pregnant again.


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