Weekly Wrap

Yeah It's Friday again! I love Fridays because it's the end of the week. We can stay up tonight and relax and enjoy our family without having to rush out the door to school, work, ect. in the morning. I love just being with out family... no other plans... just us.

I'm STILL missing my cell phone... it's been almost 2 weeks... I know it's in the house... just don't know where. If you've tried to reach me... and obviously didn't... send me an email. I'm sorry. To be honest it's been slightly nice not having a phone. :)

It's been cold and wet and cold and wet all week here.. i'm really missing walking to and from school.

We started our Aero garden last Friday and we have 4 sprouting plants. yeah! We're so excited to start growing herbs and veggies.

Oh so sweet Sadie is losing her 'sweet'. Well... I guess she's still sweet but she's been a little bit of a brat. She stole food off of the counter twice. I'm so annoyed... I don't deal well with dogs that steal food. If it's on the floor... it's hers but if it's not... it's NOT hers.

We went to Goodwill AGAIN this week... it's pretty much without a doubt we'll go to Goodwill each week. I've said it before... I have an ADDICTION. But I found a pair of Birkenstock footprints green leather boots for Vance or GW... they fit both of them really. They're AWESOME! And I found a pair of like new Born black leather dress shoes for Paul. Wahooo! I love thrift stores.

Somehow my hair decided to stop curling like it used to after my hair cut. And it's really ANNOYING! I know it will grow out and start to curl like it used to but...... hurry up already! It's slowly re curling but S L O W L Y.

So many new people stopping by and leaving comments... I love it! If you're new... YEAH i'm so glad you're here! and I hope you keep coming back. I try to respond to my comments but if you don't have your email displayed with blogger it does show up and I can't respond to you. So if you didn't hear from me....... I wanted to... I just couldn't. :)

I think that's about it! Have a great weekend!

peace out


  1. Okay, you've inspired me although you don't know me, to try more organic with my family which holds 3 young boys! I'll let you know how it goes!


  2. LOVE that picture of your wee man, those PJ's ROCK! :)

  3. Oh, LOVE the photo of Ozzie! (Those are totally not PJ's, right?) And REALLY love your windows. Wow. So jealous. Our last home was old...built in 1875! Loved it. This one: the 60s. Bah. Oh, well...property and yard are great...sweet wood floors...but it's just not an old house. And I love old houses!

  4. i'm here through kathryns blog...and, could your boys be any more gorgeous!!! wow!!

  5. Sorry, thought they looked like PJs. My bad. Like it anyway :)

  6. Hi! I've visited you a couple of times. I'm a mom to one little boy and two girls. Love your phtotos--your boys ARE so cute!

    Visit my fam at www.intheirowntime.blogspot.com

  7. Yeah - I lost my cell phone. Somehow it disappeared between the car and the house. So what did I do? I rewarded myself for my bad behavior and bought an iphone. I'm a sick, sick woman.


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