Weekly Wrap (finally)

So I’ve skipped the last two Fridays… even though I thought about writing my weekly wrap I never actually made it the computer to do so. But today isn’t over yet… So here goes the weekly wrap!

First of all you are all WAY TO KIND… all those ‘hot mamma’ and ‘lookin good’ comments made me smile. Thank you for boosting my mood everyone!

I have no idea where this week went… it just flew by. My birthday was Sunday, Vance’s birthday was Monday, my dad was in town, all the snow and delays and snow day just made this week fly.

As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE snow… I’m really ready to get out outside and get back to our walking routine. I’m feeling so sedentary and blah.

We have our annual small group game night tomorrow night… YEAH! Friends…Games…Food…NO kids!

I have been on a cooking strike lately… and I am SO SICK OF IT! I want to get back into my routine of planning the meals and going to the store every Friday but it seems so daunting sometimes. I really wish the store wasn’t so far away and I REALLY WISH that I had a magical kitchen that cleaned itself. We just keep snacking and making simple meals and it’s getting old really quick. Next week I’m getting back on track.. I am.. I am.. I am. I’ll let you know how that goes. J

Our Aero Garden is growing so fast and we’re about ready to have lots of herbs to use. We have another one that is just sitting there… we need to go buy seeds. I’m getting anxious to get our garden planted… I guess I should start planning it out too.

And… I have a WONDERFUL surprise for everyone next week… so check back!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace out, BC


  1. Surprise? There's only one thing that comes to my mind, but I'm not going to say it. : )

    Cooking strikes sound familier!

    Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

    Cooking strike... I get to do that next week. yay! haha.

    I think Tues or Thurs will work best for our playdate! Let me know! :)

  3. a surprise?! don't DO that to us!!!!!!! anyway, looking forward to hearing!!!

  4. cooking strike?? I thought you were the best wife in the world when it came to cooking!!!! lol. I think I'm going to start following your lead and going grocery shopping on friday for the week, and planning meals. How about you post your list and meals and I'll just copy?? heehee.

  5. Next week is a long time to wait to find out the surprise. Maybe you could tell us on Saturday? Have a great weekend.

  6. Hey lady, happy birthday! How did yo let that one slip by us? Or maybe I missed a post about it?

    I can't believe you have an aero garden just sitting there! It's on my wish list, my friend's makes me want to munch on it whenever I'm at her place.

    I'm dying for the weather to get better so we can be outside. I never realized how used to the sun (and the vitamin D) I was until we moved to the midwest.

  7. Funny, I haven't really wanted to cook lately either...

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    I have a little giveaway going on at my blog if you wanna check it out...

    Catch ya later!

  8. Happy Birthday!
    You love the snow? Come on over to my house! We have plenty for you!

  9. Glad you did another wrap - they are my favorite posts!



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