our love story...

I didn't know Paul when we were young... we were hundreds of miles apart... but God brought us together. It went a little bit like this...

I was 14 and he was 16. He had just transfered from a private school to the local school I had been attending since Kindergarten. He say me first... in gym class. We sat in alphabetical order and I sat a little ways up from him. He said he saw my hair. Then he started dating my best friend... it was very new and I hadn't met him yet. Apparently I came storming over to my friend in my bikers black leather jacket and jeans and starting rambling about someone, something, ya know HS drama. I didn't even notice him... but he noticed me. He told me he thought I was a senior and must have been really popular and important. He was too afraid to ask Emily about me so he just kept quiet. It didn't take long for me to start noticing him too. After a few months they broke up. During the time they had dated we had talked a few times and started to get to know each other but not really. One night he decided to stop by my house to see if I could go with him to look at a new dirt bike. I couldn't... I had to watch my brothers while my parents had their bible study group over. But my parents said he could come back later and maybe we could go get something to eat. He said he might. He did... and we went out for coffee.. i hate coffee... did then... still do now... but i drank it. Well some of it. After we talked for a while he took me home and we sat in the driveway for what seemed like an hour... probably wasn't. Finally I leaned over and kissed him, picked up my purse and got out of the truck. He lived about 15 minutes away and in about 14 minutes flat my phone was ringing. It was him. We talked for hours.

To me he was the 'bad boy'. He had the black truck, he raced dirt bikes, he skipped school, he was cool, and exactly the type of guy my parents would want me to date. ha! No one seemed to be too overly happy we were together... or rather that we were together all the time. That only lasted 6 months before his father took a job in another state and they moved 8 hours away. We were advised by all parents to end it and start fresh. We were too young and it was too far away and we would just get hurt.

See... we just couldn't do it. We couldn't bare the thought of not being together so decided we would make it work... long distance and all. And we did... he drove up to see me all the time and we racked up some really expensive phone bills. We got to know each other very well over the phone. We had our ups and downs and we both dated a few other people but we always made our way back to each other.


  1. You have a wonderful story together. What beautiful boys you have and you are certainly blessed.
    I had to laugh at reading another post about dinner. Last night I had the same problem so we ate eggs and frozen waffles (which are about like eating a candy bar) for dinner. Nothing like nutrition from a frozen box. Oh well. We can't be good all of the time. Have a great Valentine's!

  2. Have you ever heard the song "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain? I know it's a little cheesy, but your story reminded me of it. So sweet.

  3. Ahhhh! That was SO great to read! Seems everyone ended up doing a love story of how they got with their Valentine today. I just LOVE your story, Brittany!

    I esp. love the photo of little girly you. You were adorable!!!! And I can see even more how your boys look like you!!

  4. I luv those baby pictures!! Aren't you two adorable!! :-) Wow, you had some hair!!! :-)

  5. Such a nice story you have, and I love the photos! :)

    My husband and I started dating when we were 14/15, and have been together since!

  6. Hi, I'm just having a look at your old blog posts and I just wanted to say this post is amazingly sweet. You two look very very happy together. I really liked your blog before but now I love it. Since reading your older posts I feel like I know you a little better. If we ever come over to America for a holiday, I will contact you to take some photos. Natasha x


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