Veggie Bean pot pie!

Doesn't it look delish? This is one of our family favorites... everyone eats it's it up and Grayson even compares it to real pie. He says it's so sweet it like candy. Now I don't know about that... but it is really good. And it's REALLY EASY!

I use frozen organic veggies, we really like the California blend from Whole foods. We buy a lot of frozen organic veggies, they're easy and they're good. I know a lot of people say fresh is better than frozen and sometimes it is... BUT these frozen veggies were grown organically and then when they were in their peak ripeness and full of vitamins and minerals they were frozen. So they still have 90% of their goodness. Verses buying fresh they've been picked BEFORE they were rip so they haven't had a chance to develop their full vitamin and mineral potential. We DO eat a lot of fresh veggies too but mostly raw. For meals and cooking I buy lots of frozen.

This is where it gets really hard now.... focus... you must get a can of ORGANIC beans, rinse them and dump them in the dish. We like the tri-bean mix of blank beans, kidney beans and pinto beans. If I don't have them I use whatever I have. Kidney beans are the best alone. See I can't just give you the recipe that easy. Now I must tell you why you MUST buy organic beans. Beans are one of the mostly highly pesticide laden foods. Please buy's worth it. And canned beans aren't bad as long as you buy organic, salt free and I dump the liquid out and rinse the beans before I add them. I do soak dry beans but it takes so much "ahead' thinking and that just doesn't fly around here most of the time. I do feel bad for using so many cans because we eat A LOT of beans.

***there was a picture of the beans and soup but apparently I deleted it while typing and my images are too large to upload to blogger outside of picasa and that would require retyping this entire post which i am not doing so sorry***

Next we add Amy's organic mushroom soup... it's full of great ingredients and has a wonderful flavor. PLEASE DON'T USE CAMPBELLS. :)

Then after I've mixed the veggies, beans and soup together... I do this in the baking dish to save time... I top it with this

1 ¼ cups yellow cornmeal (organic and stone ground)
1 ¼ cups unbleached white flour
½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoons honey
1 ½ cups boiling water mixed with 2 tablespoons grape seed oil

Bake at 375 for 45 minutes or until it's browned on top and the cornbread it cooked through.

ENJOY! and sorry I used so many words for such a simple recipe


  1. This is great! Thanks for posting the info about the beans - I never knew. We have a bunch of non organic canned beans in our pantry ~ gasp! Next time I'll be buying organic just because of what you said here. : )

    The recipe does sound REALLY good!
    I will be trying this...

  2. Sounds great, I'll try it out. But what is wrong with Campbell's?

    I don't know if we can even get anything else here. We don't have Whole Foods....

  3. Oh how I wish I liked beans. Julia is the only one in our house who'll eat them. This does sound tasty though. I bought a couple cans of Amy's this week as "just in case" meals. (You know, when I don't feel like cooking or I ran out of time to make anything from scratch.)

  4. Mmmmm, sounds good. Except for the's one of the very few veggies I don't like. We LOVE beans over here. Kidney, black and garbanzo mostly. Yum! I will certainly try some version of your recipe (I refuse to follow recipes...but I love the cornmeal on top of veggies and beans thing!)

  5. Hmmm...what do you do if you don't have any whole food stores near you? I've never even heard of 'Amy's' or seen organic frozen veggies and if I have they are way too overpriced for us. I'd love to eat more' organic' but just don't know how to go about it on such a tight budget. Any helpful ideas?

  6. Mmmmm...I can't wait to try this! It sounds wonderful!

  7. I'm making this tonight! Yum!


  8. i'm going to make this tomorrow! my six year old decided to become a vegetarian when he was 3 and i'm always looking for new recipes like this. i just wonder what size dish you usually use for this?


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