PROOF... in case you wondered

we all do eat these recipes... including the kids... I know beans, veggies, weird stuff.... they eat it and they love it. Because I've always fed them this way. I wanted my kids to pick healthy over junk without the blink of an eye... when they're older and they are out with friends they will know and they won't have the cravings or the taste for fast food, crap food, junk food, bad food, processed food... they'll love and enjoy WHOLE food.

Don't forget.... you ARE what you EAT!


  1. You're inspiring me to get back on the bandwagon. I feel so much better physically and definitely mentally when I am eating and feeding my children good chow! Been off for a while, but I'm starting again! I'll be checking for more recipes!


  2. Hi there:)
    Just stumbled across your blog, gorgeous. Love your photos and your four boys, I have four girls :)
    I'll be back, Hay
    The Secret Life of Us

  3. You are such a smart mumma! My boys are great eaters. Their favs are fruits and veggies. Just love them. Like you said, if you start them young, they don't know any better.


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