Ozzie & Ava

We bought a little camera so I could bring a camera along with me in my purse. Plus it takes videos. The pictures aren't THE best but it's the size of my hand for goodness sakes. And I got this picture when normally I wouldn't have brought my LARGE camera along with me. Anyway... last week Shelly drove us all to Rasin Rack and Kohls and the babies were sitting side by side behind us. They absolutely love being together, they smile, hug, kiss, play, tackle and....... hold hands. It gives me a glimpse of the connection twins may have... it's very cool!

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  1. this makes me remember the happy times of my twin girls when they were tiny. even today, at age 8 (especially in new situations) you can catch them holding hands for comfort. seriously, it's the best.

    cute pic!

  2. Aww, that is the cutest thing I've seen all day!

  3. That is so sweet! Amazing actually that they are so in tune with each other at the age of 1 just being friends and all not even siblings! Hmmm...do you ever wonder what might happen in the far, far future? ; )

  4. Ava's mom says, "Yes, Aleah- we've thought about it! It would be nice not to worry about the in-laws!"
    Thanks for posting that Brittany- I was going to ask if it turned out. How freakin' adorable!!!!!

  5. That is the most precious picture! Thanks for the smile.

    Momma to Ella

  6. That is the cutest picture! I noticed my 1 year old was holding his brother's hand in the car the other day. It made my heart melt! It's great you caught the 'moment'!

  7. Awe! That is so sweet.
    And I LOVE the cow carseat. How trendy is he?

  8. Just makes your heart melt, doesn't it. Love the cowhide. I took pics of our two oldest holding hands, back when our second was still rear-facing.

    Anways, I came over here to check out your "new cut." You must have not posted about it yet.


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