a new poll!

A new poll! Because I've been wondering... why you all read my blog... I thought I would take a poll and see what you would like to see more of.

And because you all know I can not post without a picture... here's O.Z. and Mamma. His exact location every night while mom makes dinner.


  1. Let's see... why I read...

    To hear other mommy stories, to make new friends, yummy recipes, you know more about boys than I do (although, I am quickly learning), and in hopes that we can have a play date (SOON!) :) LOVE the picture!

  2. I read because I feel like you are a really peaceful person, and I love hearing about your life with boys. I can commiserate and rejoice along with you. I also think we have a lot of common interests (health, music, more!). I feel a connection with you, but maybe it's just me! Ha.

  3. i found you through heth at under the laundry pile. looks like a fun blog, our fam has lots of little toes too, and i seem to always be using organic beans and salsa- in everything.
    adorable little guys!

  4. Because I like to know what is happening with my family who I never get to see. Get to know more about them!!:-)

  5. It looks like from the votes, we like every part of the blog. We want to see it all. Is that too much to ask? ;)
    Keep up the good work!
    That pic is adorable!!!

  6. Oh, it looks like Ozzie just loves his view of dinner-making from his crow's nest up there!

    Must ask: is "Ozzie" his name...because you've been writing "O.Z." lately...is his name something different with O and his middle is Z and so you call him Ozzie? I feel like I just gotta know!

    Oh, and I read your blog because I love the way you photograph your family, I resonate with what you have to say about nutrition and health, you inspire me to be even better, you post a lot, so I am usually rewarded with something new when I click over, and we have lots of other little things in common, so it's just plain fun to see what you've been up to!

  7. I read because I love meeting new people and you inspire me to be a better person. That's what I look for in any blog that I read. I'm interested in learning more about healthy cooking (new years resolution) and I love the photographs of your family! So, like everyone else, I like it all, so just keep mixing it up, being real, and we'll keep reading!

  8. i love looking at your pictures and hearing your stories about your boys :)

  9. I read because you're so positive and I love the music, the pics, and the nutrition info!! Hey, stop by my blog and let me know how to add music to mine!!!! Or e-mail it to me.


    Peace and Hugs,

  10. found your blog a few weeks ago.

    i come back for the pics & tunes.


  11. Found your blog last week from WW. Love the pictures. I also like to read Mommy Blogs and mom's with all boys. I have an 18 month old and another wonderful boy on the way!

  12. HI Brittany!
    You left a comment on my blog a while back - you designed my kids' birthday outfits like 4 years ago - almost 5!!! I just looked up your blog again and it's so fun. You are creative and artistic and a fun mom - that's why I check in! I can't believe you have ANOTHER baby! I remember when you had your third. They are all so stinking cute!!!!



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